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Active camps manage

  1. 1. The #FutureOfCamp is……bright.It has been my experience that parents are increasingly looking fora camp experience which matches their own. They want their kidsto come home with dirt under their fingernails, scrapes on theirknees, and stories of adventure and friendships. The bad news isthat it is getting a bit harder to provide that kind of experience withall of the regulations (most of them good regulations), new healthconcerns, child abuse prevention best practices, and the counter-trend of hyper-safety consciousness. The good news is that whenyou figure out how to balance all of this stuff without taking youreye off of the ball (the ball being a truly traditional campexperience), then your camp fills up, your staff comes back yearafter year, and you fill your own scrap book with great memories.- Thad Gifford Smith, Executive Director of YMCA Camp Combe
  2. 2. Managing Campers
  3. 3. Managing Campers Pre-Camp During-Camp Post-Camp
  4. 4. Meet Debbie Director a driven camp director who is passionate about making her summer camp a safe place for children to learn and grow through their experiences.
  5. 5. Meet Rick Registrar a coffee-loving registrar who has many responsibilities. He is often overwhelmed and works long hours, but is dedicated to the camp and its mission.
  6. 6. Meet Betty Bookkeeper a detailed and organized bookkeeper in charge of camp finances, yet compassionate and understanding if parents can’t pay on time. If a camper can’t afford camp or the budget is tight, she’ll find a way to make it happen!
  7. 7. Meet Cody Camper an enthusiastic camper who is accident prone, allergic to peanuts, and is not used to being away from his parents for more than a weekend.
  8. 8. Meet Pat Parent a very involved parent who frequently calls into camp and likes to “check in”. She may seem demanding, but it’s because she wants to make sure her child is safe and happy.
  9. 9. Pre-Camp Betty Needs to Collect $15,000It’s a month out before start of camp at CampLike-A-lot and Betty has over $15,000 inuncollected camp fees and now she is wonderingallowing parents to pay later was a good decision.  Custom Filters  Auto Billing  Online Account
  10. 10. Pre-Camp Rick has 27 new voice mailsIt’s 2 weeks before the start of camp and parents arecalling and emailing…Rick has 1,100 campers this yearwhich means hundreds of requests around activities,cabin assignments, allergy notifications etc.  Internal Data Fields  Assignment Center  Buddy Requests
  11. 11. Pre-Camp Debbie needs to talk to the parents…ALL OF THEM!A week out from camp and things are crazy, didparents get reminders on what to pack? Aremedical forms all in? Waiver forms? What about thepermission slips for the campers attending justweek 3?  Communication Center  CRM tab in Data Center  Reminder Tab
  12. 12. During-Camp Cody has lost his flip-flopsDay 1, Cody lost his flip-flops, day 2 broke hissunglasses, day 3 rips his only swim suit , day 4runs out of t-shirts…Cody needs to visit the campstore but doesn’t have money and Betty needs away to track the inventory.  POS Integration  Data Center  Online Account Access
  13. 13. During-Camp Debbie has a medical emergencyDuring a field trip to the Nature Park Codyconvinces Dan to trade deserts but the peanutbutter on the cookie starts a severe allergicreaction.  Online Medical Forms  Report Center  Text messaging
  14. 14. During-Camp Pat wants to know how Cody is doingThis is the first time Cody has been away fromhome for more than a week. Cody is feelinghomesick and Pat is desperate to know how he isdoing.  eCamp Photos + Emails  Communication Center  User Reminders
  15. 15. Post-Camp Debbie says good-bye to everyoneIt’s the last day at Camp Like-A-Lot and althoughexhausted Debbie is sad to see them leave.Wanting to build on relationships established atcamp, Debbie hopes to see Cody again next year.  Online Registration(last day of camp)  Coupon Codes  Deposits w/ Auto-Billing
  16. 16. Post-Camp Rick wants to do it better next yearThe campers are gone and Rick is looking towardsnext year thinking how they can better theexperience for the kids and parents while makinghis job more manageable in the process.  Online Survey Forms  Communication Center  Coupon Codes
  17. 17. Post-Camp Betty needs money to build the new climbing wallBetty is trying to increase revenue for morescholarships and also wants to help squeeze thebudget so Camp Like-A-Lot can build a climbingwall for next season.  Donation Forms  Online Store Sale  eCamp Sale
  18. 18. Questions? Next…BUILDING YOUR CAMP!