Business presentation - Toy Companies


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The Presentation shows how Andy is suitable as a Toy!

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Business presentation - Toy Companies

  1. 1. Andy – the new ageRobot toy
  2. 2. AndyA Robot Powered by your Imagination
  3. 3. Andy’s UniquenessAndy harness the power of a Smartphone to be a verysophisticated RobotIt is a movable device on wheels .Andy can run multiple robotic applications using all thefeatures of a Smartphone e.g. Wi-Fi, touchscreen, GPS,Telephony, blue tooth, compass and many moreAndy is extremely versatile & highly affordableBeing built on Open Source Platform (Android & OpenSDK) Andy is a very powerful educational & learningsystem.
  4. 4. Customer TargetsChildren of age 12 years and aboveStudents of Robotics & OtherEngineering StreamsEducational Institutions that haveRobotics in Curriculum
  5. 5. Children Use caseAndy can be your runaway alarm clock – catch him ifyou can, sleepyhead!Andy can be your personal 007 with its Spybot featureAndy can play ball with youAndy can act as your personal flower and cake deliveryboy in your school canteenAndy can help you connect to your grandparents faraway over the Robotic VideoCall mode
  6. 6. Why is Andy different ?Andy is a very versatile and intelligent toyAndy’s is continuously developing so it gets moreintelligent with more capabilities over timeAndy enables children to understand technologyin a more fun and engaging mannerChildren can also actually “develop” their ownAndy apps and share it with friends
  7. 7. Team & Advisors Abheek is Andys creator and oversees the development as well as the business of Andy. Abheeks mechanical engineering andAbheek Bose (Creator/CEO) software development roots are responsible for the Andy body design as well as the base software. Abheek also manages the overall business growth of Andy and looks into new partnerships, markets and users. Abheek when not hacking on Andy, loves to play around with gadgets, listen to music and recently taken a liking to reading Dilbert! Abheek is also a big foodie and loves trying out new places to experiment. Sanjay is Andys Mentor. His role is to guide and mentor Team Andy towards the successful development, launch andSanjay Prasad marketing of Andy. As a serial entrepreneur, he has(Mentor/Advisor) successfully rolled out and exited four ventures in the past in Retail, Manufacturing, IT Services and Communications. When he is not involved with Andy he is at work on his next passion which is culinary arts and carries a strong desire to someday revolutionize the world of fine dining.
  8. 8. Thank You +9199000.92158