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Vocabulary lesson 7 word list

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Vocabulary lesson 7 word list

  1. 1. Vocabulary Lesson 7
  2. 2. Copy word, definition and part of speech. • Carnivorous: (adj) flesh-eating. • Centrifugal: (adj) moving away from a center or axis. • Fauna: (n) animals collectively, especially those of a particular region or period. • Flora: (n) plants collectively, especially plants of a particular region or period; a treatise describing the plants of a region or time. • Granular: (adj) containg grains or granules; grainy
  3. 3. Copy word, definition and part of speech. • Metamorphosis: (n) a transformation achieved by magic; a dramatic change; change in the form or function as a result of development. • Sector: (n) a part or division of something; the portion of a circle bounded by two radii and one of the intercepted arcs; (v) to divide into sectors. • Sparse: (adj) thinly spread; not crowded; scanty. • Stagnant: (adj) not flowing; foul from standing still; stale; sluggish. • Upheaval: (n) a sudden violent change; a forceful lifting up from underneath.
  4. 4. Greek and Latin Roots – Lesson 4 (H/CP only) bell War Belligerent, bellicose alt high Altitude, altimeter, altiplano anima, anim Life, mind Animal, animated ann, enn year Annual, perennial, bicentennial aqua Water Aquarium, aquamarine, aquanaut arm Army, weapon Armory, armament arbitr, arbiter To judge, consider Arbitrator, arbitrary, arbite art Craft, skill Artist, artsy, artisan aud To hear Audience, auditorium, audible bell War Belligerent, bellicose