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140 Super Awesome Content Marketing Twitter Accounts Every Marketer Should Follow

It seems as if everyone's talking and tweeting about content marketing, and it's no wonder as pretty much every organisations realises it's the best way forward for achieving marketing results.

Here we've put together a definitive list of the 140 people who we believe have the most important comments to share on the topic on Twitter.

It's a global list, featuring people and organisations ranging from those with hundreds of thousands of followers to those with only a few hundred. But what they all have in common is that anyone involved in content marketing will be able to learn something new and useful from following these Twitter accounts.

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140 Super Awesome Content Marketing Twitter Accounts Every Marketer Should Follow

  1. content marketing every marketer should follow
  2. 'i‘“**"' (Uli‘i‘JIhl| .‘ iaiiii V’ Group Editor Award-winning Group Editor at @Pos| ovniMediji and Customer magazine coilec tor; European editor of CCO Mag by (rjcrriicontent
  3. Michael Brenner @BrennerMichael Head of Strategy Nevx/ sored Head of Strategy @New. -gored. Former VP of Marketing and Content Strategy @E. AP. Speaker, Author and Blogger @)B2E'»MKTC1|I'ISidCI’.
  4. Susanna Gebauer flmmnamm Founder Exp| oreB2B Dog| over. Founder https; //exp| oreb2b. com also writing on http. //blogthesocialms. corn/ New book http: //www. amazoncom/ dp/ BOOM74B92U w
  5. Marcus Sheridan @mamsmm Founder The Sales Lion l3a: :.s: i<: )riately writing. C(; )rl. ‘]lJlllFlg. and spealmng on all things Inbound & rjontent rnarl<eting, l: )u: —.IrieE. s, :3: life Also the beat dang Speaker you've ever heard‘ ) W
  6. Jay Acunzo @Jay_zo Director NextView Ventures Director @Ne><tViewVC. Created @BostonContent, http/ /BostonTechGuide. com & flTech| tFwd. Ex—Google, HubSpot_ Some say I'm sarcastic. Others say that's accurate.
  7. F‘ ; ., ‘Tl: gr (aiJr. iil: :t: iiiliIiIl'l I European Content Manager . ¢l European Marketing Manager @DSSRecycling, Vice Chair @ClM_Wa| es. The 1 — @Pau| Tambini. Equa| ity/ Kindness/ Peace. ‘
  8. Jeff Bullas @JeffBulIas Writer/ Blogger Jeffbu| |as. com Social Media Marketing Blogger. Strategist& Speaker, Forbes Top 50 Social Media Power lnfluencer 20l3,| —|utfington Post Top lOO Business Twitter Accounts W
  9. Erika Heald @SFerika Head of Social Media & Content Marketing Anaplan Writer. editor, career development coach, locavore, blogger, home baker, MMOPPG player. Head of ffsocialmedia & flcontentmarketing @anap| an BZEIIIII
  10. Mael Roth @Mae| Roth Content Marketing PM Park7 l/2 French I/2 German #ContentMarketing Strategy and H| nboundMarketing PM with secret dreams of changing marketing [I tweets 95% ENG ll Here for the dialogue
  11. l » I _ -: . _ . - «ll . I . Y 4 . ('. ili"-llIIl“-| Ilil‘«lIIt‘-ill'if Tactition Content Marketing Tactician of the Year 20l2. Last name sounds like ma><—i—mu. Work @Lattice_Engines_ predictive apps for marketing and sales. ‘Mil
  12. W r it e E’ 8: Speaker Content Marketing Institute 'b. ;r/ (@CM| Content) and Content / Marketing World ficmworld. Author. / Epic Content Marketing. florange https: //p| us. goog| I JoePu| izzi
  13. Todd Wheatland @ToddWheatland Marketing & HR Speaker King Content Author, Speaker, Marketing & HR. I work @king_content. I post photos @blogpic. I like hats NEIIIII
  14. Michelle Killebrew @she| |kiI| ebrew Business Strategy Program Director IBM Global Marketing, IBM Social Business I Digital Marketing Maven (B2B & B2C), Web Analytics User. eCommerce Junkie, Tech Geek & dog lover. Opinions are mine. w
  15. Helping marketers be storytellers I Chief Strategist @ CMI I Author Managing Content Marketing I Analyst @ Digital Clarity Group I Speaker I Troublemaker
  16. Pamela Muldoon @pame| amuIdoon Content Strategist Audio Content lrAudioContent Consultant (@ALJCI| C)kCC)l”ll’OI”lI I Podcast Network Director @CMlCorItent I Content Strategist I Audio Production I Podcaster I VOICC Over Talent E
  17. Carla Johnson @Car| aJohnson President Type A . . Communications President, Type A Communications, B2B Marketer, Content Marketing Strategist, VP—Thought Leadership for BMA Global, Storyteller, Author, Speaker, Traveler W
  18. Shelly Kramer @She| |yKramer Marketing & Brand Strategist V3 Marketing/ brand strategist. idea generator. digita| content magician, scribbler, information junkie. Luv Mi| kDuds I Beer. Member of Oversharers Anonymous. Film!
  19. I K? ’ V2,, .‘ gx . IN: ‘. /I (illI'Il= Il3l= I¢: IIi'IIIllII' CMO 8: Head of business dev fllrish woman in NYC I Global htCMO @Siege| Gale I Forbes Top 5 CMO on Twitter @HarvardHBS ttBrand h‘Marketing h‘B2B r‘tStartups #Simp| icity (Tweets by me)
  20. Douglas Burdett @ArtiIIeryMarket Marketing Strategist Artillery LLC IIBZE’. rI‘Iarkel, IrIg ac; r:: rI«. ;v prirIr; Ir_. ».: Il. tor In er art Illery otlirier. Ma<’li'2.or’I Averri If. ‘- acl mar I, ‘~; ~.t_aI"I-: :l—I III <: orrIe-: IiaI“I, l_I<_—. ted on Tc: -r_» ’: »I; j'I BZB lVlaII<etIrIg Intluer‘Icr; t-r*; . on Twitter. mam:
  21. /‘~" I -9.27 , / I‘ C l"Il O CMO @BitTorrent, Startup adviser. Agile Marketing practitioner. Dad of Fan Of Pocket squares. Author Growing Up Fast
  22. Chad Pollitt @ChadPoIIitt Writer Huffington Post Web Traffic Controller. Author. Speaker. Top 20 CMO lntluencer. @HutfingtenPest & @Guardian Contributor. Ce—teunder @R’e| evance and Former Army Commander UEIIIII
  23. i . _ i ‘ i ("IIIFII ': w=r; fiitiziizi W r i i: e r Chieftain of the blog {grow} & social media bouncer. Consultant, educator, author of Return On Influence, Born to Blog_ Tao of Twitter& Social Media Explained
  24. Glen Gilmore @GIenGiImore President Gilmore Business Network FORBES . ‘3oc: ia| Media TQDSO TIME Man of Action Ll hiitp/ /gC)Q. g|/ ADM| D| GlTAL #Mar| <eting VID http/ /googl/4do4M8 AUTHOR’ hitp/ /gC)C). gl/ Z ILQMN Edl. JC<3tC)f
  25. Shane Snow @shanesnow Founder & Tech Journalist Contently Tech journalist and cofounder of @Content| y. Author of http. //sha. ne/ Smartcuts. Admirer of pizza, science. and stories. Latest work at http. //shanesnowcontentIy. com WIJIIII
  26. Montse Cano @Montse(ano Multilingual Marketing Specialist Club Espeng Spaniard enjoying digital, fiecommerce, Iftech & all that jazz. Curious. but sensibly adventurous. Good food & music lover too. WEIIIII
  27. Gerry Moran @GerrvMoran Head of Social Media & Content Cognizant Global Head of Social Media & Content at Cognizant, social selling coach, builds B2B marketing programs from scratch, Springsteen & craft beer IRA geek. UEIIIII
  28. Neal Schafler @NeaISchaffer Founder_ _ Max. Social Business Author, @MaxYourSocia| l Founder @msocia| business I Trilingual Social Media Strategy Consultant. Coach, and Speaker Dliml
  29. Th-:1 F-if: -i-iricl-: ::-r C)l lVl<: i'»nurrir: :nI: .:‘il ’? .l‘iitt tut: -«? i«. il’iirig rn. :irl<. eteri. l‘ic: -v~. / tc: - gel ri-1; I’: lay tar~: ;;c- ting a riichr; so l: l’ir: _=y r. .:in If‘ grow their busirie': .': ._ attracl: srriart 7‘ talcrrit SE1 ri>'v«: i>i"i ': ..? ivnf: ~ a city
  30. Vince Koehler @vinkoe Marketing & sales expert Sales Benchmark Index B2B marketing & sales expert on lfleadgen, ffdemandgen. ffsales & fimarketing alignment, sales process and benchmarking
  31. ju. ‘ i (ii) l'. lHl| ..llll[ll~' ‘I: 9 L 1 VP of lviarketin 44" VP of Marketing for Copyblogger Media. Founder of Primility. Have you gotten your wristband yet? http: //Drimi| ity. com
  32. Eric Wittlake @wittlake Marketer & Strategist Babcock & Jenkins Focus Digital Media, Marketing and Strategy for B2B. Belief: Marketing should serve and respect the audience. Work: @BabcockJenkins. Co—moderator #b2bcha
  33. Carlos Abler @(ar| os_AbIer Online Content Strategy Leader 3M Leader — Online Content Strategy, SM. Saving the world through Content Marketing, eLearning, eCulture, User Experience. Thoughts are MINE MINE MINE!
  34. Chris Ducker @chrisducker Founder Virtual Staff Finder Author of tfl Bestseller ’Virtual Freedom’. Founder of @VStaffFinder and the flTropica| TT Conference. Serial Entrepreneur, Speaker. Blogger & Rodcasterl
  35. /= ¢;- (iiiii-Jilli Illllill '2' Journalist 8: l‘»'iarl<e'i: er Actionable Marketer shares practical advice on social media, marketing & life. Also. professor, journalist & speaker.
  36. -Ieac! of Global Social Media Head of global social media at @Citrix Author. Productivity—nerd. Fitness. Foodie. Dog lover. Red Sox, Patriots & Celtics fan
  37. Ann Handlev @Mar| ietingProfs Head of Content Marketing Profs Head of Content here at ‘Profs. I'm waging a war on mediocrity in content. annhandley. corri DKIIIII
  38. Scott Stratten @unmarketing President UnMarketing 4th book LJriSelling ciut now‘ Also a big deal on fairly irrelevant social media sites which inflates my self-importance. Lesser~ha| f of @l-JnAlison
  39. .-t~ . ‘J l 3. . . 4;, » . ‘ r , '~. ’ ~ ‘i »! .‘_; '1.‘/ ' lit a I .4125‘ ‘. (4 II | iil'l: }:, ‘[; l:fx‘l 1» Sr. Director of Content iViarl<e'cing= Sr. Director of Content Marketing at @Kapost. Overseeing content team responsible for driving audience, leads & opportunities. Also tweet about my dog. .
  40. Kristina Halvorson @Halvorson Founder _ Brain Traffic Founder, @BrainTraffic and @ConfabEvents. Author. Content Strategy for the Web. Mom. Minnesotan. Also, sassy. EVEIIIII
  41. _lonathon Gebauer @WMWWH Founder Explore B2B Founder exploreB2B, viral publishing network for B2B and professional use http; //exploreb2b. com (Very few) ads are marked as *ad, see; http; //buyse| lads. com
  42. Jay Baer @javbaer President Convince & Convert NY Times best selling author. marketing consultant. keynote speaker. President of Convince & Convert (http: //wwwconvinceandcorivert. com ) BZEIIIII
  43. Ardath Albee @ardath42l Conten_t Strategist _ Marketing Interactions B2B Marketer. Content Strategist. Writer. Storyteller and Author of eMarkel: ing Strategies for the Complex Sale — Helps B2B companies turn prospects into buyers
  44. Jason A Miller @JasonMiIlerCA Sr. Social & Content Manager Linkedln Sr. Manager Content & Social @Linkedin Marketing Solutions, Blogger, RocknRoll Photographer, amateur comedian, aspiring magician. Opinions here are mine. W
  45. Doug Kessler @dougkessIer Creative Director & Co-Founder Velocity Creative Director & Co—founder of Velocity, B2B marketing agency to the stars. I tweet on content marketing, B2B copywriting, social media, tech marketing. W
  46. Karen Webber @webber_karen Marketing D_irector Axonn Media Mum, marketer & social media lover. Creativity, equality and justice. Once get stung in the face by a scorpion. Other half of @c hrisweb ‘ N999. Own opinions. w
  47. V . - (ill _ll| lllLl. ’T§: Ill| l|l‘U[: VP of Digital Strate VP. Digital Strategy — design of experiences to help businesses rediscover value of premises and its effect on relationships I culture ~14 ‘l
  48. _Rebecca Lieb @lieb| ink Di_gita| Anal st Altimeter roup all media, all the time — @A| timeter Group analyst covering digital advertising, media & content nvann
  49. Shannon Doubleday @Shhh Group Sr. Content Marketing Manager Euromoney 9-5; Content marketing and content strategy. 5:Ol—8:59s Swim, bike, run. I think my own thoughts and eat lots of vegetables IVEIIIII
  50. Ian Cleary @lanCleary Blogger _ Razor Social Award Winning Tech Blogger on Razor Social, Social Media Tools Guy, Contributor for Social Media Examiner, VentureBeat etc Prof Speaker, Kick Boxer‘
  51. Ben Harper @be-nharper8‘I Co-_Fou nd er Datify Co-Founder @Datifyuk. Tweet about social, search. data & start ups
  52. tee Odden @Ieeodden CEO TopRank CEO @TopRank Online Marketing. Author, Speaker & Consultant for B2B Content Marketing, Social Media, PR & Search. Proud Dad, World Traveler. Foodie. Beardie. EVCIIIII
  53. Mitch Joel @mitdiIoel President Twist Image Speaker. Author. Media Hacker Blogger and Podcaster of Six Pixels of Separation. New book — CTRL ALT Delete — out now! President of Twist Image. Marketer.
  54. Brian Clark @briancIark CEO/ Founder Copyblogger Founder/ CEO Copyblogger Media, evangelist http: //rainmakerp| atform. com , publisher http. //yourboulder. com Husband, father, Broncos fan WEIIIII
  55. _Jonathon Colman @icoIman Content Strategist Facebook Content strategy a I @F. _acel3c: .-c: »l<. Wel: »by Award WI ririczi. lc>y Fro l; c:- [:1-i: .u: ‘il<i‘i>r . F e rriiriis I1. f’c: :vwei‘e<: l by coffee Pi rid (<: i)ri’i hi I fi ta BIEIIIII
  56. Bas Van Den Beld @basvandenbeId Founder State of Digital Keynote speaker, strategist. trainer and publicist on Online Marketing topics. Founder of sl: ateofdigital. com(@stateofdigita| ). WEIEIII
  57. Lauren Pope @laJooe Content Strategist Brilliant Noise Content strategist @Bril| iantNeise, feminist. adopted Brightonian, slow runner. DZEIIIII
  58. Hannah Smith @hannah_bo_banna Content Strategist Distilled Content Strategist at Distilled. Moz Associate. Writer on Medium. SEO Chicks & State of Digital. Speaker. Daydreams about owning a book shop. UEIIIII
  59. Sharon Flaherty @ContentPRlover MD , BrandContent Content, PR & Social lover I MD of BrandContent. Was MoneySuperMkt. confused. com, ft. com DJIIIII
  60. Mi? ‘-iI| ’0i"-i"f('-ii , , I'm a big fan of eCommerce, cmarkcting, Obusinoss, & selected other words beginning with 0. v Digital Mai'! «<e ring E‘ I
  61. Maxine-Laurie Marshall @Maxineb2b Editor _ B2B Marketing Editor for the award—winning B2B Marketing magazine and a bra—wearing feminist DZEIIIII
  62. EncEnge @stonetemp| e President _ Stone Temple Consulting Direct Marketing Excellence Practitioner Technical person who has turned into an entrepreneur BZEIIIII
  63. r / ‘ 3,, .. _ Ir ”’ ‘ll , Q l'~l‘. :‘ "H. M 7 ii -r‘; V3_g_'_‘i _ 1:‘ I r r ‘X. ‘l—'‘f‘-’' «- y I in Mrrizi .21‘! _: i' T ‘ .137‘ f? f,_/ »?r‘ §' '/ //IE1‘? 5.‘/ .15.’? S i‘ h D. ‘ ' 5.2.»; eaic ‘ | ieCLOi Search Director @tecmark. SEO geek. Manchester resident. social media—er, content marketing advocate & bloggerl Tweets are my own. Formerly Cavanagh.
  64. Nathalie Nahai @Natha| ieNahai Blogger/ Speaker The Web Psychologist Author, speaker. Web Psychologist. Foodie. dancer. adventurer. fascinated by psychology, tech and human behaviour. @MarketingWeekEd @Ogi | vyChange E
  65. Kelvin Newman @| relvinnewman Founder and MD Rough Agenda Organises fibrightonseo lfcontentmarketingshow fimeasurefest & fibiddableworld helping digital marketers meet, learn and do theirjob a little bit better. w
  66. Dave Chaffey @DaveChafl‘ey Editor _ Smart Insights Editor of @Smart| nsights. author of Digital Marketing: Strategy. lmplementation and Practice. I enjoy sharing the latest tools and tips for h‘Digita| Marl<eting. DIEIIIII
  67. v v MD. The Drum Works content marketing arm of @thedrum, exec committe member @BlMA, IAB content marketing council member, previously editor New Media Age
  68. Kieran Flanagan @Sea+rchbrat Marketing Director Hubspot Marketing Director (E MEA) @hubspot and general marketing nc: -rd. I tweet on content marketing, Inbound rr‘iarkI: :-ting, growth ha<: l<ing. WEIIIII
  69. Chris Brogan @dirIsbrogan CEO _ Owner Media Group NYT Bestselling author & leading authority on owning the game you most want to win. Courses: http: //OwnerMag. com/ store, contact: http: //chrisbrogan. com/ contact UEIIIII
  70. ' i i . . 3 V‘? . ‘T N; . , __. ." ii Ill ‘ ‘ J V I I I ‘,2;/ . I W”-lll-l! lIl'r'l-l ‘Xi gr Au "t h or Author ‘Brilliant B2B Digital Marketing’. Trusted marketing advisor @BDBmarketing. Speaker. blogger for hire. Husband. Dad Marketing Assassin. EEC JFT96
  71. Rachel Lovinger @rIoiIinger Content_ Strategy Director RazorFish Soul of a hippiechick, spirit of a cyberpunk. Content Strategy Director at R’aZortish, lilelong lnlovore, S u pe r powe r Spotting celebrities. WEIIIII
  72. _Ian Anderson Gray @iagdotme Co-Founder Select Performers I‘i‘socialrriedia Consultant. co—founder of select perforn‘iers— @select. blogger (lfsoz: ialmediatools), web developer, geek, christian, freelance baritone, husband, dad EVEIIIII
  73. Alex Hisaka @alextiisalia Content Marketing Manager Linkedln Content Marketing Manager at @LInked| n. Previously at @Desk and @Salesforce DJIIIII
  74. Gemma Davies @gdavies2 Account Director _ The Marketing Practice CIM Women in Marketing Fast Track Marketer of the Year 20'l4 I ficustomerobsessed #b2bmarketing & ffsocialselling Love shoes & Coffee. WEIIIII
  75. Maria Pergolino @inboundmarketer VP of Marketing Apptus VP Marketing @Apttus (Previously @Marketo), Passionate abt Demand Generation, Online. & Content Marketing. ttB2BMarketer. Friend to @Salesfor<: e. Also love wine‘ IVEIIIII
  76. Steve Farnsworth @steveo| o9v CMO The Steveology Group A Forbes Top 50 Social Media lnfluencer. Demand Generation Content Marketing for B2B High Tech and Chief Marketing Officer at The @Steveo| ogy Group
  77. Ahava leibtag @ahava| President Aha Media Group Content Wizard. Author of The Digital Crown: Winning at Content on the Web. Still totally fun. Sign up for our awesome enewsletter: www. ahamediagroup. com DZEIIIII
  78. _Trish Harriss @trishharriss Joint MD and Business Development Director Direction Group B2B marketing thinker and planner in delightful agency just West of the Big Smoke. Loves: family, fine wines, skiing. good books. working with great clients. w
  79. Caroline Constable @(L_(onstabIe SEO _Consultant Caro| ineconstab| Ir‘I<: lI: fiprj‘rIr: lc>nt . »‘r"f. lEO <i<: >nsI. I|t. :int. fii. frIr’Il: rf~r‘it, H-r. i:Ir‘ialrriedia IE; 'lTF. IlTlllFIlfiC' i*n. ?.Irl<<’: Ir~r. ft”: -l, ll"li"lI"‘l' of tzjie-iji res. I‘rIi&‘Ir‘Iv<’igI. Ie & lf: “(? (I]l. JI’T str i. iII”Il‘i<: II ll’ til -lrrr ac-I -‘. "-. /Oi’ fifliiogl -i’Ivrf~I‘ tr'lvlarath«: ‘Ir’Il«. 'Iinr“IeI'
  80. Da_wn Anderson @dawnieando Digita_l Marketing Strategist Move it Marketing Digital Marketing strategist, Lead gen affiliate, Dynamic content. Wordpress Drupal Data junkie I proud geek mum figlasshalffull #SEO move—it—marketing. co. uk
  81. Jodie King @. IodieI(ing59S Content Marketing Manager SEO Traffic Lab I am the Content Marketing Manager at SEO Traffic Lab. My role involves creating insightful, entertaining and educational content for our own marketing strategy DIEIIIII
  82. D_avid Sargant @DavIdSargant Digital Marketing Consultant davidsargant. com Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant helping businesses across the world to utilise PPC. SEO. Social Media & Content marketing. enqs@davidsargant. com
  83. III I ‘~’<~; ;‘-_ f r: ;_". ._ 4,-. ' «a V I . ‘ I (rillIijfilziliriiighiii PPC Account Executive I PPC Account Executive I Digital Marketing Content Provider I — Addicted to reading. Wish I didn’t have to waste time sleeping!
  84. Adam Gray @agsocialmedia Client Social Engagament Lead Oracle EMEA at Oracle I Bestselling author of Pearson's Brilliant Social Media I Speaker I Adviser opinions are mine (OR STOLENI)
  85. Danielle Fish @daniellelfIsh Marketing Manager Tax Assist UK Marketing Manager @TaxAssistUK / / Marketer / / Geek / / Here to share useful marketing tips for small businesses and to get to know the local biz community. Hi‘ IVEIIIII
  86. Lizzie Maldonado @lizonomics Sr. Manager of Social Media Radioshack Chicago transplant to Texas (still coping). Sr. Manager of Social Media @R’adioShack. I make Internet for dollars. DIEIIIII
  87. Christoph Trappe @Clf3DD€ Digital Branding & Content Strategist Medtouch Tweets on digital branding/ storytelling/ WordPress. Work at @medtouch. help hospitals w/ content marketing. @lMA_Network international executive council member. F
  88. Brandie McCaIlum @Ittlewvs Community Manager Lttlewys Consulting Community Manager I1C. a|IGurlinNY & i‘fBewbLuv my journey with breastcancer NEIIIII
  89. Ehsan Khodarahmi @elisavs Founder SMX chat Say what you mean, mean what you say. Work in Brand Communications. Founder @SM><Chat HSM><Chat @SMXShow h‘SMXShow UIEIII
  90. Jennifer G. Hantord @JennGHanford Owner & Operator Type A Social media & blogging freelancer. Coffee lover. ji Media (@jp| ussocia| ) owner. SteamFeed & Tweak Your Biz contributor @B2MediaLLC Com munity Manager.
  91. Mike Volpe @mvoIpe CMO Hubspot CMO @HubSpot / EISHUBS ~ growth marketing, startups. entrepreneurship SaaS, B2B, VC and angel investing, golf. Patriots. Red Sox DIEIIIII
  92. Tim Ash @tim_ash CEO SiteTuners CEO of SiteTuners, Author of the bestselling book Landing Page Optimization. Chairperson of Conversion Conference
  93. Rachel Foster @CopywrIterl0 Freelance Writer Copywritertoronto. com Toronto—based freelance copywriter who helps B2B technology marketers get more leads and sales. Loves Lindy Hop, Pilates and F rench macarons. IVEIIIII
  94. @Ekaterina Evangelist Spnnkh @Sprinklr Evangelist I Author. WSJ bestseller Think Like Zuck I Co—author The Power of Visual Storytellingl International Speaker I I tweet w/ European accent Ekaterina Walter UEIIIII
  95. Ruth Burr Reedy @RuthBurr SEO Manager OPUBCO SE O, data driven iTiar| <OtOr and grilled choege Sr3F]dWi(: h orithussiast living in Norman. OK UEIIIII
  96. Thomas Armitage @ThomasJArmitage Content Specialist Site-Seeker Inc. Digital marketer. PR professiorial. Social media dude. Likes sports. Loves cake. Obsessed with punk rock and 905 rap. Lets keep it real. BZEIIIII
  97. Andy Crestodina @crestodina Co-Founder & Web Strategist Orbit Media Web strategist and Co—founder of Orbit Media (@orbiteers). Speaker, content marketer, environmentalist and author: www. orbitmediacom/ contentchemistry DZEIIIII
  98. Mike Brown @Brainzooming Founder _ Brainzooming Strategy. innovation, creativity. & social media ideas at www. brainzooming. com
  99. “:1 . ' 5 : / '“ ‘« : Vt, Q; ‘X 7‘ 13‘ ‘ J’ , 1 j _Founder V I make data sexy. I oversee analytics and all reporting efforts for our clients. I love what I do. I-iiil. :I~'l: . rniiiiiriiii
  100. Tom De Baere @tomdebaere Founder Happfibh Founder of HappiFish, into meaningful marketing in a digital world. Shares fresh ideas on #B2Ei fiinbound til‘/ iarketing. #Social tfcontent and #Communication.
  101. _Tristan Lavender @TnslanLavender Content Marketing Manager Raet Content marketing manager at Raet I NIMA Online Marketing I Blogs at Marketingfacts I Shoots pictures DKIIIII
  102. Joe (hernov @jchernov VP of Content Hubspot VP of Content @HubSpot. Advisor to @getlitt| ebird & @trackmaven. Content Marketer of the Year. More here: linkedin. com/ in/ jchernov w
  103. John Watton @iwatton Marketing Director Adobe h‘Digita| h‘Marketing, @Adobe. TopRank UK Marketing lntluencer, IDM B2B Marketing Council Member. Shoes & views my own. I get musical at morningmusicshuffletumblrcom UEIIIII
  104. Eric Ingrand @EricEVGEurope VP of Content Marketing EnVeritas Group Born travelling, still travelling! Happy Dad. VP Content Marketing @enveritasgroup. com flgrowthhacker ficontentstrategist tfecom merce ffdigitalnative fftraveltech w
  105. Martin Bryant @martir6FP Editor in Chief The Next Web Editor-in—Chielat The Next Web member of Manchester Digital council. l say ‘Yes’ a lot. IVEIIIII
  106. Will Stone @wiIlstone_UK Managing Director Stone and Co Creative Comms I MD @stoneandcouk I Partner @ShortcutMedia I Managing Editor @| FPTA Journal I Marketing AnywayCorpI #OWNTl-IOUGHTS
  107. CEO 8: Co-Founder CEO & Founder of SEO & Content Agency; Verve Search. Founder of search blog SEO- Chick. cem SEO Lover. Conference Speaker. Business Mentor. Mum. Ninja.
  108. Jonathan Mildenhall @MiIdenh‘all CMO Airbnb I have the pleasure of being the CMO of Airbnb. I believe that a world full of greater humanity and creativity is a better world for all. Airbnb fuels both. WEIIIII
  109. Pritesh Patel @priteshpatel9 Digital Marketing Consultant Pritesh Patel Digital Marketing Ltd. Digital Marketing Consultant (Freelance) helping building product manufacturers improve their online marketing and website performance. Host of @CMpodcastUK
  110. Aleyda Solis omwm Foqnder Orainti International SEO Consultant, Entrepreneur Speaker. Founder of @Orainti. Tweets about Digital Marketing. Search, Social & Mobile in English & Spariish. EVCJIIII
  111. (IITITIIIILIIILIIL J Client Str‘: 'tegv Director Tweets Organic Digital Marketing & SEO, ttSEOMusic. cookery & assorted other stuff. Client Strategy Director @theMediaFlow. ‘Av
  112. Danny Denhard @dannydenhard Consultant dannydenhard. com Freelance Consultant. Trainer & Adviser. Former Head of SEO w/ I2 years in SEO & 7 in social media & content marketing EVCIIIII
  113. David Meerman Scott @dmscott Marketing Speaker/ Author Davidmeermanscott. com Marketing & Sales Strategist. keynote speaker, and bestselling author of IO books including The New Rules of Marketing & PR and Newsjacking
  114. Ross Webb @Ross_Webb Co-Founder Mindway Media After 18 years in online sales and marketing I love how the two disciplines are finally coming together. Enjoy teaching people how to be great at both. DZEIIIII
  115. (NI . |llW‘-l’7l‘lIIIl? lTl| ll DiIgi'tal_Business _ _ 8: iviarketing Consultani: Digital business & marketing consultant / analyst, obsessed by the creation of business value through customer value. Learning every day.
  116. Emma Leech @EmmaJ70 Director of Marketing Lough_borough University HE marcornms professional with an interest in anything and everything to do with universities. social media, life. the universe and everything Views are my own. E
  117. Nichola Stott @NidiolaStott Founder The Media Flow Founder of TheMediaF| ow. Award- winning organic marketing agency combining creativity with technical excellence. WIIIIII
  118. Brianne Carlon Rush @BriannelRush Content Marketing Director Kuno Creative Finding the overlap of journalism. marketing and PR. #ContentMarketing Director @kuno. Writing enthusiast and animal lover. too. BZEIIIII
  119. Maria Jose Serres @mjserres Demand Generation Manager PEE RI Demand Generation Manager at @PEEPi I Involved in the latest technologies related to Internet I Distinction on MSC Digital Marketing @ Southampton University
  120. Ammo Singh @Amm0_Singh Digital Marketer Conversionsmatter. com Direct/ Digital marketing guy. Web Analytics & Conversion optimisation junky, Major LFC. Supporter, & purveyor of interesting content. All views my own
  121. And now a few to follow on IVIIIIII
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