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Preliminary agenda. smart city amsterdam


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Preliminary agenda. smart city amsterdam

  1. 1. Preliminary agenda Infrastructure and design of a modern city. Smart city Amsterdam. Time Agenda Location/ Organization26 February10 – 13 h Public Facilities in the smart city Government of  Amsterdam Smart City project overview, key points of Amsterdam development 2009-2012;  Sustainable public space: Climate street – test of innovative technologies on shopping streets; - energy saving lamps that can be dimmed during quiet times at night; - recycling; - eco-tram stops; - solar-powered BigBelly waste bins with built-in garbage compacters; - logistics optimization etc.  Sustainable Mobility - Moet je Watt - electrical battery charges; - charging stations;  Sustainable Living; - Onze Energie (Our Energy) - supplying 8.000 households with renewable energy, e.g. windmills;  Sustainable Working - Traffic regulation; - Drop-off stations;15 – 18 h A Smart City in Practice Amsterdam  open data: Innovation - – crowdsourcing, interaction Motor with civilians; Co-founder of - Apps for Amsterdam - safety, mobility, vacancy, the Smart City energy, tourism & culture and democracy. Amsterdam  West orange – new energy management system for project households;  TPEX - TelePresence Exchange International;  Geuzenveld - Sustainable Neighborhood – smart meters for energy control and energy efficiency improvement27 February10 – 11.30 h Smart building Accenture  ITO – smart building technology; coordination of international systems and automatic adjusting of energy in office and consultancy
  2. 2. administrative buildings (ITO Tower); firm, Amsterdam Smart City strategic partner12 – 14 h  Best practices of smart city administration; Ministry of the  Living, Building and Integration; Interior and  Integration potential between energy, transport and Kingdom ICT; Relations, Amsterdam15.30 – 17 h Electrical transport and domestic generation of clean energy Liander  Smart grids - intelligent electricity network, computer Co-founder of and sensor technology management of energy usage in Amsterdam households, municipal buildings, bridges, harbors, Smart City charging systems; projects  innovative local energy generation technology  CO2 emission reduction;28 February9 – 10 h Transfer to Almere10.30 – Almere Smart Society project Economic14.00 h (EDBA citys primary agency that plans and executes strategies to make Development Almere (and with it the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area) a complelling Board Almere (inter)national hub for businesses and investment across key economic clusters. Partners of the project - Cisco, IBM, Liander, Living PlanIT and Almere, Philips) Amsterdam Metropolitan “Almere smart society” project envisages smarter area, 34 km deployment of ICT, people and resources in urban from management and development. Amsterdam city  Smart urban management; centre  Intelligent digital infrastructure;  Exchange of information, services and applications between all municipal departments in areas, such as public safety, traffic and mobility;  Social cohesion instruments;15.30 –  Health-lab – digital health developments; joint Almere17.00 h collaboration of professionals, scientists and entrepreneurs together with end-user in seeking solutions; creation of innovative technologies;17.30 – 18.30 – transfer to Amsterdam