Medimar International Hospital


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Medimar International Hospital has expanded to include a new outpatient building and improving their existing technical resources and health.
So set a new space leading health Alicante private medicine and consolidates 25 years of professional experience in the service of our society.

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Medimar International Hospital

  1. 1. Providing health care for you and your family, day after day
  2. 2. Medimar International Hospital, with an established presence in Alicante for over thirty years (previously known as the San Carlos Clinic), is one of the private hospitals which has invested most in state-of-the-art medical technology. Thanks to the technological expertise of our professionals, we can offer a wide range of high-level specialities comparable to the best Spanish hospitals. This capacity makes us a centre of national and international standing for patients seeking quality medical care, both in the areas of prevention and treatment.
  3. 3. Provide a high level of comfort. Be a general hospital providing all services, in which patients can trust and which has consolidated those services for which there is most demand, such as gynaecology, paediatrics or the emergency unit. Offer a wide range of medical specialities and specialists, enabling free choice. Possess the facilities necessary to resolve problems; intensive care units, laboratories, etc. Be technologically advanced. Have powerful information and communication systems. Operate efficient clinical management and quality control systems. Our hospital is based on these premises. Our team of more than 300 people, including doctors, nurses, auxiliary staff and technicians and covering all medical specialities, guarantees you will receive good health care. In our opinion, a good private hospital should:
  4. 4. State-of-the-Art The Centre, which was launched with the aim of providing high quality medical care, has constantly invested in the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, in a sustained endeavour to offer patients the latest state-of-the-art technology.
  5. 5. Equipment and Services The Medimar International Hospital is a benchmark for medicine in the Region of Valencia, due not only to its prestigious and renowned medical team, but also to its entire service infrastructure and its advanced technological equipment, which is constantly being updated to provide cutting edge health care.
  6. 6. Excellence and Professionalism An excellent professional is not only one who enjoys an outstanding reputation, but also one whose professional career has been oriented towards research and innovation, who has shown a continued interest in improvement and who has earned the respect of colleagues and patients alike. This is exactly the kind of professional who works in our hospital.
  7. 7. International Department This department was specifically launched to provide excellence in services to patients from overseas. Created to cater to foreign patients in their own language, it provides interpretation and translation services, ensuring culturally sensitive, accurate and confidential communication.
  8. 8. Care and Support Our principles are to ensure the best doctor-patient relationship and to provide quality, personalised care and first-class human and scientific resources. We encourage the active participation of patients and their families in the care received, and provide the emotional support which is fundamental to achieving this goal.
  9. 9. The new building, which is adjacent to the two pre- existing buildings, houses the Davó Institute of Oral Medicine and Maxillofacial Surgery, a fully equipped department which brings together the different techniques for diagnosing and treating oral disorders. With extensive experience and prestige in the field of implantology, and a European benchmark in this field, the Davó Institute now boasts specialists in paediatric dentistry, orthodontics, dental engineering and temporomandibular joint disorders among its human and technical resources, in an environment specially designed for the care and comfort of patients.
  10. 10. A new Department of ​​Paediatrics and Paediatric Medical Specialities will occupy a large facility in the new centre. The Hospital's Paediatric team has been strengthened through the addition of specialists in paediatric cardiology, endocrinology, neurology, allergy, gastroenterology and nephrology. Furthermore, the department has been designed with particular attention to the needs and comfort of young patients.
  11. 11. A new Psychology Unit will also be located in the new building. Attending both adults and children, services will include addiction treatment and speech therapy, treating individuals and groups in facilities that ensure privacy and comfort. The Medimar Ophthalmology Department has expanded its facilities to include a section specifically designed to address vision disorders. Technology has been combined with a human touch, enhancing the capacity to provide a rapid response, building on the team's multidisciplinary focus and incorporating the latest technological advances. State-of-the-art refractive surgery, paediatric ophthalmology, glaucoma, retina, strabismus, optometry and diabetic eye units are some of the areas covered by this section.
  12. 12. A new Cognitive Disorder Unit: because preventing and treating dementia is now possible, we have launched this multidisciplinary unit, which combines neurology and psychology. Here, patients with suspected cognitive decline are given a full evaluation and are offered modern brain rehabilitation techniques. Physical therapy for musculoskeletal disorders has become more sophisticated in recent years, with the emergence of new techniques such as radiation, hydrotherapy and axial therapy, etc. For this reason, we have equipped the new Physiotherapy Unit with the most up-to-date equipment for the care of postoperative or trauma patients and for those who simply need special care.
  13. 13. Department of Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine. In spacious surroundings, with a layout designed to ensure privacy and endowed with the most up to date equipment in the field, Biyó's mission is to offer beauty, health and well-being. Treatments include non-invasive techniques, laser, mesotherapy, ultrasonic, peeling, acupressure, radio frequency and anti-ageing therapies and plastic and reconstructive surgery, all brought together with the aim of making our patients - in other words, our friends - feel better.
  14. 14.  66 beds  4 Intensive Care Unit cubicles  10 day hospital cubicles  8 operating theatres  600 births  200,000 visits per year  10,000 interventions  120 specialist doctors This is a general hospital that covers all medical and surgical specialities except cardiac surgery and radiotherapy. 17,000 emergency cases of which 6,000 were paediatric The Medimar International Hospital in figures: :
  15. 15. All these new units share a common feature: they are all located in a hospital setting, which gives them undeniable added value in terms of quality of care and patient safety This is the Medimar International Hospital's new contribution to health care in our community. A commitment to quality that marks the difference and gives our health care that extra edge which endows it with a distinctive character and makes it really special.
  16. 16. Legal Information © Hospital Internacional Medimar Avda. Denia, 78 - 03016 Alicante - España - Tel. (965 162 200 - 902 373 737 Providing health care for you and your family, day after day