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Why you should date me


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Why you should date me

  1. 1. Why you should date meA presentationauw yisget ready yalldrum rollllllllllloh god im sorry
  2. 2. Im perfect?? ¿!• Im goodlooking (yes)• Im super smart (no numbers tho)• Im hilarious (smarm 4 days)• Kind of athletic (????????)wooooou ready 4 this
  3. 3. looksOk honestly I might have over stated this sorrythis is real this is meok but 4real I take some nice selfiesaccept my flawspls
  4. 4. Intellect wait no omg stahpThis is definite yes I promiseBut I don’t do math ok my strong points areliterature and film I will correct u even if ur cute sorryI know a lot about everythingGreat convos auw yisgot dat fire brain
  5. 5. hilarity• Ok im actually proud of this• Im fucking hilarious• yES nvr leave my house lolIm extremely clever and wittyHalf of my humor is saying random things I apologize 4 this
  6. 6. Athleticism??????????????????????• I might have liedOmg but I promise I used to be olympic material Iswear okI’ll be a cheerleader soon???????
  7. 7. Other• I will actually leave my house so cmon help yagirl out• Ill make u food sometimes• There is no upgrade after me js• Itll be the best thing ever• Im a girl so yeah theres that
  8. 8. Conclusion• pls