Amy Willett

                              Shot-by-shot Analysis of Signs (short film)

Shot     Description             ...
Amy Willett

12      Wide shot of the office, from the man’s point     Music continues, and office     4sec
        of vi...
Amy Willett

29       Medium close up of the man in the                  Music continues, laughter is       8sec
Amy Willett

43      Wide shot of woman at a desk through the           Music continues, and stays       3sec
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C:\Fakepath\Shot By Shot Analysis

  1. 1. Amy Willett Shot-by-shot Analysis of Signs (short film) Shot Description Lyrics Length 1 Close up of man laying in his bed without his A constant beeping sound 8sec shirt on with piano music in background 2 Close up of man getting up out of bed Beeping sound continues 2sec along with music 3 Long shot of the man moving the covers off of Previous sounds continue 6sec him and sitting up in bed facing the window 4 Close up of man doing his tie in the mirror, he Piano music gets a bit more 4sec looks depressed and tired solemn. Beeping stops 5 Long shot of man at breakfast table, eating Piano music is still very sad 4sec cereal, mood is still very sombre Scene 1: This scene sets the story, and sets the mood of the main character, Jason. He is sad, and unhappy, it is easy to tell because he is slow to get up and the rooms are dark and cold looking. The music is sad and slow. 6 Long shot, man with others on a train, he is Music continues and the 3sec standing with his head down, showing his sounds of the train moving upset are also noticeable Scene 2: This scene shows the Jason’s journey to work; the mode of transport suggests that he is a normal, office type worker. The mood is still cold, also suggesting that he is not happy about going to work. 7 Long shot of man and others on escalator Music continues, there are 3sec sounds of other people within the scene 8 Long shot of a woman that the man has seen, Music and sounds continue 2sec on the other escalator 9 Close up of the man, he is looking in the Music and sound continues 4sec direction of the woman, then glances away before looking at her again Scene 3: this scene shows another part of Jason’s journey to his workplace, again there are many others in the shot, suggesting he has an ordinary working lifestyle like many others around him. However, by his glances towards the woman, I can see that he could have other things on his mind, such as a relationship. 10 Medium close up of the man walking through Music continues, the sound 4sec a crowd of people changes to people walking and talking Scene 4: This is the third and final part of his journey to work, still portraying his unhappiness and average place within the working community. 11 Long shot of man entering his office and Music continues in the 4sec standing still to look at the room background, and the sounds of phones ringing and typing take place
  2. 2. Amy Willett 12 Wide shot of the office, from the man’s point Music continues, and office 4sec of view. People are on computers and a type sounds take place over woman walks across the shot the top 13 Close up of the man walking off the shot The music and office sounds 2sec continue 14 Close up of the man sitting at his desk As above 4sec 15 Close up of the man, he looks to his left, then Music and office sounds 4sec turns back to his desk continue Scene 5: This scene shows us what a normal day at Jason’s workplace consists of. He seems fairly isolated from the other colleagues as he doesn’t speak to them. His mood is still sombre and depressed. 16 Long shot of the man standing at a printer, Music continues, and the 2sec looking down at it sound of the printer becomes prominent 17 Extreme close up of the printer, we can see The sound of the printer is 3sec what is being printed out, shot zooms in slightly louder and the music slowly to get closer is still noticeable in the background 18 Close up of the mans face, showing he is The music continues, and the 4sec sombre, the shot zooms in slowly again sounds of the office are towards him more noticeable Scene 6: This scene shows more of his daily activities. The image of the copier printing out hundred of the same sheets suggests that it is monotonous, like his life is. 19 Long shot of the man on a bench looking at a Music continues 3sec woman eating opposite him 20 Close up of man watching the woman Music continues 2sec 21 Medium close up of woman, over the Music continues 3sec shoulder shot, she is eating, then looks at him 22 Close up of woman, she walks towards the Music continues, and can 4sec man, and you see him smiling hear the sound of her walking toward him 23 Long shot, woman walks straight past the Music continues, the sound 3sec man, his face drops of the woman walking can be heard 24 Long shot, woman puts her rubbish in the bin Same as above 2sec 25 Close up of man’s face, he is upset Music continues 3sec 26 Wide shot of man sitting on the bench, profile Music continues 3sec 27 Wide shot of man sitting on the bench, shows Music continues 3sec him from behind Scene 7: Again, he is looking at a woman, suggesting that he still wants a relationship, or someone to call his own. It is apparent that this is what is making him so down. 28 Long shot of a boardroom full of people with Music continues and the 12sec the ‘manager’ walking past the doorway managers voice
  3. 3. Amy Willett 29 Medium close up of the man in the Music continues, laughter is 8sec boardroom with others, all laughing around heard over the top him. He then joins in with the laughter, half- heartedly Scene 8: This scene suggests again, Jason’s isolation from his colleagues as they are all laughing at the ‘managers’ joke and he doesn’t seem to understand it. 30 Medium close up of man walking down the Music continues 3sec same street as earlier 31 Long shot of a couple kissing on train, with the Music continues, sounds of 7sec man sitting behind them the train moving can be heard Scene 9: This scene shows his journey home, whilst on the train he see’s a couple kissing, which obviously makes him upset. 32 Close up of answer machine Music has stopped, the 3sec sound of the answer machine can be heard 33 Medium close up of man looking at the Sound of the man’s mother 6sec answer machine on the answer machine 34 Wide shot of the man watching the Sound of microwave and the 3sec microwave answer machine still playing away to itself 35 Wide shot of man sitting at table, eating Sound of answer machine 8sec 36 Long shot of man sitting on his bed, getting Sound of answer machine 7sec undressed continues 37 Long shot of man getting into bed and laying Sound of answer machine 10sec down, he turns off light ends and it is silent, the light clicks as he turns it off 38 Black out Silence 1sec Scene 10: This scene shows the end of his daily routine, he cooks a microwave meal which makes me think that he doesn’t have the time to cook; it also suggests the need for a woman to help him with these things. The answer phone message is from his parents, they are talking about how they hope he is enjoying his life and how much fun he is having. It is ironic because he feels the complete opposite, he is away from home with no friends and feels alone. 39 Long shot of man sitting on the train with Music begins again 4sec others 40 Close up of man on the escalator Music continues 3sec Scene 11: This scene shows his journey to work again, he is still unhappy. 41 Close up of man in office at his desk looking at Music continues, office type 4sec the computer screen sounds can be heard 42 Extreme close up of the mans face looking to Music continues, and it lifts 6sec one side, out of the window slightly, it suggests he is slightly happier
  4. 4. Amy Willett 43 Wide shot of woman at a desk through the Music continues, and stays 3sec window, she is working at a higher pitch 44 Close up of the mans face from profile, looking Music continues 4sec at the woman 45 Medium close up of woman at her desk Music continues 5sec drinking water Scene 12: This scene shows someone new has entered his life. We can see he is interested in her, because he is staring at her. Later on in this scene she holds up a note saying ‘Take a Photo’, Jason looks embarrassed and awkward, until she holds up a second note saying, ‘I’m Kidding!’ This now shows that they are both interested in one another.