Using review sites to market a restaurant


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This presentation shows us how to use review sites such as Yelp and TripAdvisor to best market a restaurant. An important use of new restaurant marketing tools, this should be in every restaurant owner's restaurant marketing plan.

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Using review sites to market a restaurant

  1. 1. Win WinMarketingHow To Use Review Sites toGrow Your Restaurant BusinessOrHow your customers answer:Where will I dine tonight? Written by Teresa Pabst +33 6 45 86 92 86
  2. 2. The following summarises insights gleaned from theLondon Restaurant Show’s 2012 Consumer Trends panelsponsored by OpenTable.Panellists included: Paul Reich, Yelp; Polly Vincent, TripAdvisor; John Paasonen, American Express; SimonHuesser, OpenTableFor the full check out How to Use Review Sites to GrowYour Restaurant Business Part 1 andHow to Use ReviewSites to Grow Your Restaurant Part 2.
  3. 3. 1. Understand how your customer makes decisionsToday’s 2. Consider the technology that is involvedAgenda 3. Discuss the importance of trust 4. What actions you can take now
  4. 4.  Before the internet decision-making was fairly straight forward with a reliance on editorial resources  With the internet a post-purchase phase has developed and now customers can help promote your restaurant PRE-INTERNET CURRENT Awareness AwarenessDecisions, Consideration (consumer advocates)Decisions Consideration Purchase (editorial) Enjoyment Purchase Advocate
  5. 5.  It all begins with the experience a customer has at your restaurant Food & Service Experience  This current customer then shares his experience with others Experience Shared by Actual CustomerBack to  Based on this current customer’s commentsRestaurant and how much he is Experience Communicated byMarketing trusted, your potential Potential CustomersBasics customers may decide to eat at your restaurant New Customers Decide if want to Experience  It all comes down to good food, good service
  6. 6. Trust builds customer loyalty for your restaurant. This loyalty inspires advocates.Trust, A Advocates positively promote your restaurant.CriticalSuccessFactor for Ultimately your restaurant sales increase.yourRestaurant In other words, your current customers are influencing your potential customers…
  7. 7. …and technology has not only amplified but also accelerated their voice. Communication Reach Web-Tech enabled Social PhonesEvolution Networks • Trustedfor • Friends & communities for specificRestaurants Computers family • Friends of topics Friends • Email exchange • Internet search Technological Evolution
  8. 8. So howcan you build trust in this new world?
  9. 9.  Your customers are now everywhere and have information about your restaurant at their finger tips  Make sure it’s easy for customers to get the information when, where and how they want it1. Take a  Look at your restaurant’s website on every digitalDigital Look format you can think of:at Yourself • A desktop & laptop • An iPad • An Anroid phone • An iPhone….  If you cannot see it - fix it
  10. 10.  Activate your free restaurant account on the prominent customer review sites  To get you started try: • TripAdvisor2. Join • YelpCustomer • Google PlacesReview • SuperPagesSites  Be sure to include your restaurant overview and photos
  11. 11.  Let your customers know that their opinions matter and respond to every comment made about your restaurant  It’s best to send responses privately to build trust with3. Respond your customersto everyrestaurant  Only respond openly if it:customer • Corrects a mistruth about the restaurant • Demonstrates you have proactively addressed a greater customer concern  These simple interactions will strengthen your relationship and encourage customer loyalty to your restaurant
  12. 12.  Reveals conversations you didn’t even know were being had about your restaurant  It’s easy to do: • Go to Google Alerts4. Set up • Enter your customer name in the ‘search query’ boxGoogle • Select what you want to know, how often, etc.Alerts • Provide an email address for results to be sent  Be sure to promote the positive and address the negative
  13. 13. Remember… Good food and service are most important to your customer Your potential restaurant customers listen to your current customers The growth of social networks allows your customers’ opinions to be heard far and wide Web-enabled phones allow all customers to make real- time decisions about where to eat
  14. 14. To discuss a completemarketing plan for your restaurant, please contact us at:How toReach us or on +33 6 45 86 92 86