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Beyond the 'Buy' Button


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Speaker: Iyad Kamal
AmmanTT: e-Commerce Edition

Published in: Business, Technology
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Beyond the 'Buy' Button

  1. 1. Beyond the ‘Buy Now’ Button @iyadkam
  2. 2. ?- How many of you bought something online?- How many here owns an ecommerce site?- How many here would like to set up an ecommerce business?- How many here know what to do to set up an ecommerce site?
  3. 3. The eFulfillment Process?Front-end Fulfillment Back-end Fulfillment Transactions Managing Order update Tracking & Measure & orders notification Transportation evaluate Success of an on-line store requires critical back-end order fulfillment and management
  4. 4. Traditional vs. eCommerce Logistics Traditional Logistics eCommerce LogisticsShipment Type Bulk ParcelDemand Style Push PullAvg. Order $ More than $1,000 Less than $100Destinations Concentrated Highly dispersedDemand Stable, consistent Highly seasonalSource: Forrester Research
  5. 5. The Amazon Package Journey
  6. 6. The Amazon Package Journey1. Placed order on amazon.com2. Order notification received with tracking details3. Order picked, packed at Amazon fulfillment Center in Kentucky4. Pick up by UPS, shipped to Atlanta Hub5. Atlanta hub shipped to JFK overnight6. Packaged received at Aramex JFK hub7. JFK captures order details (Supplier, weight, contents)
  7. 7. The Amazon Package Journey8. eMail triggered to me that package received9. Package loaded in container10. Flies to Brussels on a freighter11. Connects on flight from Brussels to Dubai12. Received at Aramex Dubai hub13. Connects on flight from Dubai to Amman14. Clears customs15. Received at Aramex Amman operations16. Iyad SMS notified that package received and charges17. Package delivered and money collected
  8. 8. All in 4 days!
  9. 9. What to considerwhile setting up anecommerce site!?
  10. 10. Let us setupwww.AllofUShere.comNote: this domain is available on for $9.99
  11. 11. What to Sell?(Actually What do People Buy?)
  12. 12. 1. Apparel2. Electronics3. Books4. DVD/CD5. Shoes6. Bag/Case7. Mail & Magazines
  13. 13. Retail Stores vs.Online Purchases(Don’t worry there is huge potential for online business)
  14. 14. Growth in Online Retail• Regional online spending currently represents around 5% of total retail spending. Estimated at $3.5 billion a year. – In US around 15%; Europe, 17%• But, while offline retail has grown 4% annually the last two years, growth in online spending has exceeded 10% annually
  15. 15. Where to Sell?Largest ‘e’ SnS Markets are: Kuwait Saudi UAE & Rest of GCC Levant (Must be REGIONAL)
  16. 16. Direct Ship or Free Zone vs. Non Free Zone(How to replenish, where to stock)
  17. 17. InventoryAccuracy +Real Time
  18. 18. COD(The most popular payment method)
  19. 19. Customs Duties &Formalities
  20. 20. CSYou have to be on Social Media, Live Chat, Call Centers
  21. 21. ReturnsManagement? A key component whether to buy froma site or not and are mostly to residential addresses
  22. 22. PackagingNot only for branding but to make sure the product gets there in shape!
  23. 23. Customization (Built to Order)
  24. 24. What does this mean?
  25. 25. Conclusion 1: What do eClients Demand?• A ‘PERFECT ORDER’: – Nearly immediate delivery! – Complete order flexibility – Ability to track orders online – Powerful and flexible return policies – Great customer service
  26. 26. Conclusion 2 It is COMPLEX!!! BUT Very much doableWith Huge Opportunities More to come……………
  27. 27. Thank