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Orphans around world 3-earth


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Please help us in this great cause. We are all so blessed - let's share with the one who needs it the most....100% we collect goes to
Islamic relief orphan program.
Please Help make this world a better place for 143 million orphans around the world.

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Orphans around world 3-earth

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  7. 7. "Islamic Relief’s fine achievements bear witness to the energy, dynamism and selflessness of our British Muslim community." <br />HRH The Prince of Wales<br />18 December 2009<br />
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  9. 9. WHERE WE WORK AND SERVE<br />Niger<br />Bangladesh-Bosnia<br />Yemen <br />Jordan<br />United States<br />Turkey <br />Chad-China-Chechnya- Cambodia<br />Afghanistan –Albania-Algeria<br />Pakistan-Palestine<br />Egypt -Ethiopia<br />India-Indonesia-Iraq<br />Malawi-Mali-Morocco<br />Kenya-Kosovo<br />Somalia-South Africa-Sri Lanka<br />Lebanon<br />
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  11. 11. Orphans Projects<br />In addition to one-to-one sponsorship, Islamic Relief supports orphans through housing projects, summer school and vocational training.<br />Islamic Relief supports over 27,000 orphans in more than 20 countries worldwide. <br />Sponsorships ensure that orphans complete their educations and <br />have enough money for food, healthcare and household necessities.<br />CurrentCampaigns<br />Japan Disaster Relief<br />Alabama Disaster Relief<br />Libya Humanitarian Relief<br />Middle East Humanitarian Crisis<br />
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  16. 16. 143,000,000 Orphans around the globe<br />So Many Languages…<br />One Message…<br />Orphan is a WORLD Problem<br />Let’s do our share<br />Please Help Orphans<br />لطفا راهنما یتیم<br />בבקשהעזרהיתומים<br />Please Help<br />It’s our TEST<br />Bitte um Hilfe für Waisen<br />الرجاء مساعدة الايتام<br />They Need Us<br />孤児を助けてください<br />कृपया अनाथों मदद<br />We are Blessed<br />Prosím, pomozte Sirotci<br />براہ مہربانی یتیموں مدد<br />请帮助孤儿<br />Por favor, ayudar a los huérfanos<br />S'il vous plaît aider des orphelins<br />
  17. 17. ALL RELIGIONS<br />ONE MESSAGE<br />Do not mistreat or do violence to the stranger, the orphan, or the widow. (Jeremiah 22:3b, NASB)<br />And (remember) when We took a covenant from the Children of Israel, (saying): Worship none but Allah (Alone) and be dutiful and good to parents, and to kindred, and to orphans <br />They ask you (O Muhammad SAW) what they should spend. Say: Whatever you spend of good must be for parents and kindred and orphans and AlMasakin (the poor) and the wayfarers<br />Do not take advantage of a widow or an orphan. If you do and they cry out to me, I will certainly hear their cry. (Exodus 22:22-23, NIV)<br />"Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive." - Buddha<br />Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world. (James 1:27, NIV)<br />"What's done to the children is done to society."- Buddha <br />