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redcross 2.0


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Social Media at Austrian Red Cross Communication.
Background information and best practices.
Presentation for the 2010 Return Delegates Week at Austrian Red Cross

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redcross 2.0

  1. 1. redcross|2.0gerald czech, thomas marecek | returned delegates week | dec, 14 mmx
  2. 2. Social Media Revolution Marketing und Kommunikation 2
  3. 3. Transformation of media landscape of media habit „news kind of comes to me“
  4. 4. Some more statistics… More than 400 million people worldwide are active on Facebook In the US alone more than 30 billion online videos are watched Every minute more than 24 hours of video are uploaded on YouTube
  5. 5. Some more statistics… In Europe practically every household with kids has an internet connection In countries such as US, UK, Germany and Austria between 80-100% of all teenagers and young adults visit social network sites
  6. 6. Media Habits Time young people spend in consuming media is increasing Time young people spend in reading newspapers is decreasing Time young people spend in watching TV-news is decreasing
  7. 7. Consequences… All kind of information for a young audience has to happen online as well Engage users by enabling them to share content, comment, rate, add, give feedback Provide them resources to get further information
  8. 8. Pakistan-Floods 2010 Online Communications Marketing und 8
  9. 9. WebpageStart of in the morning of Aug, 09 Establishingkeyword „Pakistan floods“ at and donation via mobiletexting. Facebook NiN- -campaign Start of Web-Activities First Team Campaign-day Start NiN goes to Pak Marketing und Kommunikation 9
  10. 10. Webpage31 News aboutPakistan until Sept,10th. Marketing und Kommunikation 10
  11. 11. GalleriesProviding up2dateimages for journalistsand interested web-users online.Totally about 125pictures online, mostof them in highres-quality for media. Marketing und Kommunikation 11
  12. 12. Podcasts, OTs The telephone-system provides digital mailboxes for recording. We use this feature to establish a phone-extension for our delegates to phone in any time and leave a message for podcasts and soundsnips.Mp3-Services forradiostations andinterested internealand externalaudiences. Marketing und Kommunikation 12
  13. 13. Banner, PostersAs a service for people, who want toparticipate by organising donationsfor Pakistan, we put online-Bannersand digital Posters online.An own page (in German) informsabout any possibility to providesupport for those in need in Pakistan. Marketing und Kommunikation 13
  14. 14. going social Marketing und 14
  15. 15. BlogpostsThe redcross mission blogprovides information aboutongoing redcross-missions inAustria and all over the globe.Our delegates write abouttheir situation, about lifeabroad and about all thechallenges, they face abroad. Marketing und Kommunikation 15
  16. 16. TwitterOur twitter-channel(@roteskreuzat) is another web2.0 channel for informingabout Austrian Red Cross and its activities. Marketing und Kommunikation 16
  17. 17. Facebook Marketing und Kommunikation 17
  18. 18. FacebookStarted Jan, 14th, today: 14.299 fans Marketing und Kommunikation 18
  19. 19. Facebookroteskreuz.atNovember, 30 2010 2% 55+ 5% 45-54 11 % 35-44 27 % 25-34 44 % 18-24 11 % 13-17 19
  20. 20. Facebook Fanpage or facebook.roteskreuz.atcampaign We called for changing profile pictures to the redcross‘ Pakistan sujet to improve the awareness about the ongoing floods in Pakistan. More than 150 people changed their pictures. Press-release Marketing und Kommunikation 20
  21. 21. YoutubeThe youtube-Channel ofAustrian Red Cross is used forpublishing Federation (andICRC)-Videos (sometimes withGerman synchronisation) andour own videos. Marketing und Kommunikation 21
  22. 22. AdWordsStarted in the middle of august.. Most effective ad: CTR up to 3 % 250.000 Impressions Marketing und Kommunikation 22
  23. 23. Austrian Red Cross: May 2010Facebook 10.583 fansStudiVZ 2.243 membersYoutube 55.555 hitsXing 518 membersSumme 69.275 contacts Marketing und Kommunikation 23
  24. 24. Marketing und 24
  25. 25. our strategyand tactics Marketing und Kommunikation 25
  26. 26. social media? Marketing und Kommunikation 26
  27. 27. 360° communication strategy being available at many channels with relevant information (for the target audience) at the right time Marketing und Kommunikation 27
  28. 28. 360° communication tactics Strategic Objectives are in focus and determine Channels and Message. Integrated communication strategy without iron borders between Media-Relations, Online- Communication and Marketing. Using New Media to add enrichment to the messages: Videos, Photos, Podcasts, Graphics, Music & Links. Marketing und Kommunikation 28
  29. 29. What about me? Marketing und 29
  30. 30. Use Your Networks Use Facebook as a tool to stay connected Use Facebook to show pictures about the situation in the field Use Facebook as a tool to tell about your job and get in dialogue Marketing und Kommunikation 30
  31. 31. Calling home Is there anything interesting, unexpected, funny, … happening abroad you want to tell the world? Call +43 1 58900 600 We use your Voice to create Podcasts and we will serve the media. Marketing und Kommunikation 31
  32. 32. Look at others Take a look into, to read what others are blogging about your Region/work/… Look at,, … Subscribe Social Media Alerts for topics, you are interested in Marketing und Kommunikation 32
  33. 33. Start blogging! Marketing und Kommunikation 33
  34. 34. Redcross-Blog Adding personal touch to Redcross Information. Personalisation as technique to bring stories close to the reader Reading about humans and their personal points of view instead of abstract huge numbers of affected. Marketing und Kommunikation 34
  35. 35. Tips 1Web surfers interact with a web site differently than theywould a newspaper or a magazine. • Keep it short. • Use “inverted pyramid” construction. • Use headlines and headings. • Use sub-headlines, lists and boldface. • Hyperlink effectively. • Build trust with citations. • Use active voice. Marketing und Kommunikation 35
  36. 36. Tips 2It is difficult to write content that is fresh, interesting andappropriate. • Speedlinking. • Quoting. • Entertaining. • Questioning. • Updating. • Newsreading. • Recycling. • Guest-posting. • Announcing. Marketing und Kommunikation 36
  37. 37. rules and regulations Austrian Red Cross Social Media Policy (German) Social Media Guidelines for IFRC staff (as general Overview) Marketing und Kommunikation 37
  38. 38. „DON‘T PANIC!“Douglas Adams,The Hitchhiker‘s Guide to the Galaxy Marketing und Kommunikation 42 38
  39. 39. Kontakt Österreichisches Rotes Kreuz Marketing und Kommunikation Thomas Marecek Gerald Czech Blog: Bilder: Marketing und Kommunikation 39