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How to Blow up Your Network Marketing Business


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A practical approach to building a home business.

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How to Blow up Your Network Marketing Business

  1. 1. How To Blow Up Your Network Marketing Business Without anyone knowing what it is you do
  2. 2. Introduction  How to assure success in ANY network marketing business for every team member regardless of their experience or previous failures
  3. 3. Topics of Discussion  A Build Strategy that is both highly effective and very easy to implement  Keys to Success  Step by Step to Your Goal  Recap
  4. 4. Keys to Success  Everyone Starts in the Same Place  You Must be Hands ON  Your Must Follow the System  Your Biz Opportunity Must be Ethical
  5. 5. This is NOT 100% Push Button  This System is Automated but Does Require that You Put in Some Effort in Order for It to Work Faster  Some Time and Effort WILL be Required  If you are interested in working hard for the next 30 to 90 days and then retire, stay tuned. This system can do that…
  6. 6. Starting the System  Lead with our independent marketing system  Gather or purchase leads to run through your marketing system  Assume that many people will have a current business. (your customers)  Also assume that most are not happy with the out comes they have experienced so far
  7. 7. 1st Key to Success  You never sponsor anyone directly into your primary business. (you will see the magic soon)  Work exclusively with your referrals of our marketing system  You never reveal what your primary business is. (it is not important yet)
  8. 8. The Next Step  Your only goal here is to help your marketing system referrals to become profitable  Their marketing system is paid for  They have cash in their pockets  They have seen first hand what you can do for them and how it may make sense to follow you to the next step  They already understand internet marketing
  9. 9. Rinse and Repeat  Your new marketing system referrals will help their new sign ups to become successful using our system.  When this has been accomplished then they will have an opportunity to join your primary business  Some won’t, but many will join your primary business
  10. 10. What do the Numbers Look Like  That depends upon your primary business  How many trained people who have already proven that they can make money with an internet marketing system does it take to make an amazing, fast growing team?  Remember your new team members already have a list of paid referrals that have a list of paid referrals ETC:
  11. 11. What are the Risk?  Your marketing system referrals could join a biz opp. other than yours  That is ok, not everyone will join you  You will have many people wanting to be part of your team for a long time to come  You could be seen as sneaky by not showing your biz opp.  Perhaps, but I want ALL of our team members to be profitable at every step of the process  You need a trained team of successful people to blow up any network marketing business
  12. 12. What are the Disadvantages  1st if approached right, you will be very busy over the next 30 to 90 days  You could run out of places to spend your new found income source  Your family could hate the vacation you have planned  Your spouse could hate the new cars and new house you are planning on buying with cash  Your banker will hate that your accounts are paid in full and he is not making money from you anymore  The List goes on and on
  13. 13. Recap  You build a solid profitable team in our team marketing system with our help  Once your team becomes profitable, introduce them into your primary biz opp.  Do not allow them to deviate from this plan you only want people who are successful with your marketing system on your team
  14. 14. The Next Step? Contact the person that invited you to see this presentation to get an introduction to their Marketing System. At the making of this presentation you can get started for as little as $1 (yep one dollar)