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How to Choose the Best Golf Driver For Your Game.pdf


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How to Choose the Best Golf Driver For Your Game.pdf

  1. 1. ==== ==== get this product with special price at : ==== ==== Technology in the field of golf club design has made huge advances over the last decade. Drivers are a focus of many major manufacturers due to the club's "wow" factor and a constant desire by golfers to add distance and accuracy to their game. Finding the best driver for your golf game is important to saving strokes off tithe tee and gaining an advantage over and opponent or course. There are several things to consider when searching for a driver suited to any swing or body-type. Don't be fooled by the flair. Lots of clubs have added details that offer cosmetic appeal but don't necessarily cater to any swing. The head of the club should be lofted in accordance with handicap. High handicappers tend to have slower swing speeds and should purchase a driver with a high degree of loft. Anything above 11 or 12 degrees should add a lot of lift to balls off the tee. Low-handicappers usually benefit from a more boring trajectory with added roll and penetrating flight. Titanium, which is extremely light and strong, is used in the construction of most driver club heads today and encourages less spin on off-center hits. Low-handicappers might also benefit from a larger club head to encourage confidence off the tee and a lot of forgiveness. The shaft of a driver is also important for golfers of all levels and should be matched up to swing speed. Shafts usually range from extra stiff to senior or ladies' in flex. Extra stiff shafts are for faster swinging golfers who rely on precise timing at the point of impact that can be consistently recreated. High handicappers or golfers with slow swing speeds should get shafts with more flex but less torque to help keel the club face square. Drivers are produced in a fashion that allows the benefits of each design to golfers with different swings by offering the same model with options in shaft and loft. The face of the club as it relates to a golfers swing should be promoting spin in the opposite direction. Golfers who tend to push or slice the ball might want to get a driver with an offset face that encourages a draw. Offset faces look closed when held square with the stance. The hooding or closing of a club should help the golfer with a slice to consistently straighten the ball out to extents based on the degree of offset. A lot of manufacturers are producing customisable heads and shafts that can be changed during play to accommodate different swings or shots. Another key aspect of choosing a driver for your game is getting fitted so the driver is tailored to your own body mechanics. Purchasing a driver packed with the newest technologies at the highest price point doesn't accomplish anything if the club isn't fitted properly or appropriate for a player's swing. Although custom fit carries a premium in price, we recommend Forgan of St Andrews custom drivers, which can be custom fit online, and offer the best value custom golf drivers in Europe. Though power is an important part of scoring on the course, it should never be sacrificed for accuracy. Staying out of the rough will save more strokes than adding 30 meters, only to take a swim.
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