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A History of Golf Clubs.pdf

  1. 1. ==== ====get this product with special price at :http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003PMEF1U?tag=pdf-marketing-20==== ====The origins of golf clubs can be traced back to 1826 where club maker Robert Forgan of Scotlandused American hickory wood to manufacturer shafts. Hickory was soon adopted as the wood ofchoice despite cheaper alternatives available.1848 saw the conception of the Guttie golf balls which saw traditional long nose golf clubs becomeobsolete. A new generation of golf club was required to cope with the increased stress associatedwith this new type of golf ball. These clubs best resemble the modern set of woods in todaysgame of golf.In the early nineteenth century, golfers associated Scotland with quality golf equipment in thesame way that we associate fine chocolate being produced in Belgium and Switzerland - at thistime golf equipment production in Scotland was considered to be an extremely profitable andworthy business.At the start of twentieth century, America had started to manufacturer and export golf clubs inlarge volumes, whilst replacing outdated materials such as hickory, with hard woods such asbeech - the new choice for golf club heads. A growing demand for hand-forged metal club headshad also arrived at this time - in 1902, the first groove-faced irons appeared and offered anincreased amount of backspin, compared to wooden heads.Despite an initially slow take-up, steel shafts had been experimented with since the late nineteenthcentury. Steel shafts became legalised in 1929, after the Prince of Wales was spotted using a setof steel shafted golf clubs at St. Andrews. As popularity grew for the steel shafted golf club - theUS Open was the first major tournament to feature this new type of golf club.The Sports HQ is a trading company of Sports PLC - and is a European division for ConfidenceSporting Goods, inc., the famous manufacturer from Palm Springs, California. Sports PLCsupplies a wide range of golf equipment, including golf clubs from major brands such asConfidence, Palm Springs, Forgan, Prosimmon, Texan Classics, Ram, Bay Hill and Wilson - otherproducts include: Golf Balls, Golf Trolleys, Accessories, Golf Bags, Clothing, Shoes and GolfClothing. Because we sell directly to you, you can expect to save up to 85% on normal retail priceswhen buying from us.David Potts with The Sports HQ provides you best information to choosing golf clubs includingjunior and ladies golf clubs. He also provides you details on golf sets and golf equipment.
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