10 2012 Shiftview Architecture Portfolio Eng Chn


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SHIFTVIEW architecture portfolio

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10 2012 Shiftview Architecture Portfolio Eng Chn

  1. 1. / SPAIN / CHINA
  2. 2. about Shiftview Architecture _1 general information _2office history and development _4our values _6competitions and awards _8some works _11
  3. 3. ABOUT SHIFTVIEW ARCHITECTURE SHIFTVIEW architecture brings together the highest design standard of the Spanish contemporary architecture and the compromise with the sustainable development in urban and suburban environments, to offer design services based on quality, excellence, innovation and the use of latest technologies. SHIFTVIEW architecture specially focuses on the design of commercial, public and landscaping projects of all sizes and complexity. SPAIN is internationally well-known as one of the architectural design leading countries in the world, thanks to a long tradition of creativity and innovation that have lead to the current generation of outstanding Spanish architects with extremely regarded works all over the world. SHIFTVIEW architecture’s partners are among those most talented Spanish architects with outstanding creative works who search promoting the Spanish design culture and internationalize their services exploring new markets beyond Europe such as Latin America and Asia Pacific. Our headquarters in Spain is based in Madrid. In China, our main office is in Chengdu and we have a branch in Suzhou for the Eastern China market. SHIFTVIEW architecture is one of the few Spanish architecture firms that has a Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE) in the whole China, and certainly the first in Western China. Its name is Chengdu Shiftview Architectural Design Co., Ltd. , , 。 。 。 , 。 , 。 , “ ” , , 。 。 , , , 。Gran Vía, Madrid, 1906-1929 , 。 。 1
  4. 4. GENERAL INFORMATION madrid chengdu suzhou ADRESS IN SPAIN : Ateqma Arquitectura, S.L.P. c/ Velázquez, 53 5ºdcha. 28001 Madrid Tel: +34 4319643 Fax: +34 2770576 Arquitectura y Tecnología Integradas, S.L.P. c/ de la Barca s/n. 28052 Madrid Tel: +34 7767312 Fax: +34 7767312 ADRESS IN WESTERN CHINA : 12 Lihua St. Tianfu Square. City Dream. Building B. Room 2006. Chengdu. Sichuan. PRC 12 B 2006 ADRESS IN EASTERN CHINA : 99 Yushan Rd. Unit 2. Room 508. Gaoxin District. Suzhou. Jiangsu. PRC. 99 2 508 / : 028-61322960 : 18081908490 QQ: 2441654826 : info@shiftview.net : www.shiftview.net Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE) incorporated in Chengdu, PRC SHIFTVIEW ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN CO. LTD. (CHENGDU) Cuatro Torres Business Area, Madrid, 2004-20082 3
  5. 5. OFFICE HISTORY & DEVELOPMENT SHIFTVIEW ARCHITECTURE PARTNERS Marina Carpio Pérez. SHIFTVIEW architecture’s mother companies Arquitectura y Tecnología Integrada, SLP and Ateqma Arquitectura, SLP were founded in M Arch & Engineer by the Escuela Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid. She was chief architect for international public buildings and landscape design for more than 10 years. Her work is highly regarded. She is currently in charge of Shiftview Madrid in 1996. Both Spanish companies decided in 2009 to establish the brand SHIFTVIEW architecture to promote their architectural office in Chengdu. Sichuan. services in the foreign markets. 、 。 。 The company partners are all architects graduated in the Escuela Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid, that was regarded by Kenneth 。 ,Shiftview 。 。 Frampton, the most acclaimed architecture critic of the 20th century, as probably the best Architecture School in the world. Masters such Alberto Fernández González as Rafael Maneo (1996 Pritzer price), Tuñón & Mansilla, Alberto Campo Baeza, Cano Lasso, Iñaki Ábalos, Juan Herreros, Alejandro Zaera (FOA) were their teachers. M Arch & Engineer by the Escuela Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid. He worked on prestigious international design firms, where he won many competitions. Specialized on contemporary design and construction in developing countries. He is currently in charge of Shiftview’s business development. The activity of SHIFTVIEW architecture in the foreign markets begun in 2009 where the firm was invited to attend the Architecture Area of the Spanish Pavillion in the Guangzhou’s CISME Fair. The Spanish Foreign Commerce office (ICEX) invited a group of outstanding design firms, , 。 , 。 among which was SHIFTVIEW architecture. 。 。 Luis García Martínez Since then the firm begun cooperating with local firms in all sizes and complexity projects with success. M Arch & Engineer by the Escuela Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid. Specialized on building and sustainable design in tertiary and industrial architecture in Spain and developing countries, beign the chief designer for more than 15 years. He In 2011 SHIFTVIEW architecture established the WFOE Chengdu Shiftview Architectural Design Co., Ltd. and opened its Chengdu office . A is currently in charge of Shiftview office in Suzhou. Jiangsu. little later, in early 2012 the firm decided to open a branch in Suzhou, in Jiangsu, to be close to their East China clients. , 。 , 。 , 。 Arquitectura y Tecnología Integrada, SLP Ateqma Arquitectura, SLP 1996 。 , 2009 。 Jorge Jareño Ibarra Escuela Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid, 20 M Arch & Engineer by the Escuela Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid. Specialized on construction design for tertiary and Kenneth Frampton 。 , Rafael Maneo (1996 ),Tuñón & Mansilla, industrial projects. He is extensively experienced in steel structures and has managed an important steel construction firm Alberto Campo Baeza, Cano Lasso, Iñaki Ábalos, Juan Herreros, Alejandro Zaera (FOA) 。 in Spain. Currently he is in charge of the Madrid office. 2009 , , , 。 。 。 , 。 。 。 。 , 。 2011 , , , 。 , 、 。 INTERNATIONAL EVENTS - 09/09 CISMEF FAIR GUANGZHOU, P.R. CHINA - 09/10 BUSINESS MEETING & MADRID DAY - 10/09 MADRIDTECH B2B CEIM, SHANGHAI, P.R. CHINA AT EXPO 2010, SHANGHAI, P.R. CHINA - 11/09 BUILDING BUSINESS MEETING CCM - 11/11 CCPIT AND CEOE MEETING BEIJING, TIANJIN & CHENGDU, P.R. CHINA CHENGDU, P.R. CHINA - 03/10 ENGINEERING BUSINESS MEETING - 12/11 CHENGDU SHIFTVIEW ARCHITECTURAL CCM HANGZHOU, NANJING, BEIJING, TIANJIN, DESIGN CO., LTD SPANISH INVESTMENT WFOE GUANGZHOU & CHENGDU, P.R. CHINA ESTABLISHED IN CHENGDU, P.R. CHINA - 06/10 SPANISH ARCHITECTURE SYMPOSIUM - 12/11 ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION BUREAU FORUM ICEX/ ISTANBUL, TURKEY & BAKU, AZERBAIDJAN CHENGDU, P.R. CHINA4 5
  6. 6. OUR VALUES AREAS OF EXPERTISE - Architecture and Landscape design SHIFTVIEW architecture main values are: Innovation, Expertise and Excellence. - Sustainable urban design (SUDS) - Energetic Efficiency (BREEAM & LEED) - Integration of Renewable Energies We believe that innovation adds value to our clients’ business image, that is why our work avoids any - Technology & building solutions predetermined style and it’s based on exploring new ways and systems to integrate the context, functionality and client needs in an accurate design idea. 、 The unique character of a particular site and program determines the design process and the new specific work 、 systems are used to generate the final concept. 、 ( Therefore, innovation needs our expertise for transforming concepts into professional construction documents, ) to guarantee the higest standard of quality of our products within a strict control over the budget and deadlines. 、 、 Excellence is the final result of the combination between innovation and expertise. SHIFTVIEW architecture main feature is its special way to integrate the sustainabity measures in the design so they become a fundamental part of it and adds value and beauty to the final architectural shape. : , , 。 。 。 , , 。 。 , , 。 。 。 , 。 OFFICE ORGANIZATION SHIFTVIEW architecture is organized in three key departments: - SHIFTVIEW Research and Innovation is our concept creation lab that operates in boundaries beyond the traditional architecture practice. - SHIFTVIEW Design is our department for architectural and lanscape design. - SHIFTVIEW Engineering operates as the design department sustainability, structures and construction consultant since the beginning of the design process, to avoid future issues and to integrate the structural and energetic systems as a part of our designs. : 、 , 。 、 。 、 , , 。6 7
  7. 7. COMPETITIONS AND PRIZES We believe that taking part in architectural competitions is an important part of our activity, for it is a way of researching , 、 , and developing new architectural, urban and landscaping models free of the typical issues found in conventional works. 。 2011 SECOND PRICE. Competition organized by La Zarza town council (Spain), for a BIOCLIMATIC PUBLIC SCHOOL. 2011 , La Zarza town council ( ) . 2010 FIRST PRICE. Competition organized by Casarrubuelos town council (Madrid), for a PHOTOVOLTAIC ROOF FOR PUBLIC SPACES. 2010 , Casarrubuelos town council ( ) . 2006 FIRST PRIZE in the restricted competition organized by the Spanish Petrochemical Company (CEPSA) for a R&D center. Álcalá de 2006 , (CEPSA) Alcalá de Henares 。 Henares, Madrid. SECOND PRIZE in the competition organized by Quijorna town council (Madrid), to design a PUBLIC SWIMMING POOL. , 。 FINALIST in the competition organized by EMVS for a residencial building located at Plaza General Vara de Rey, Madrid. , EMVS General Vara de Rey 。 2005 SECOND PRIZE in the competition organized by Madrid city council for a PUBLIC SPORTS CENTER located at Fuente del Berro park. 2005 , Fuente de Berro 。 2004 FINALIST in the competition announced by Madrid city council for a PUBLIC SPORTS CENTER located at calle Alcántara. 2004 , Alcántara 。 FINALIST in the competition announced by the District council of Pontevedra for the landscaping of the banks of the Umia river at ,Pontevedra Umía Ponte Arnelas 。 Ponte Arnelas town. , EMVS PRI 12.11 Butarque VPO( ) 2000 THIRD PRIZE in the competition announced by EMVS from Madrid for 100 UNIT PUBLIC HOUSING BUILDING located at Butarque, 2000 100 。 Madrid. 1999 SECOND PRIZE in the competition announced by Jumilla town council for a PUBLIC SWIMMING POOL. 1999 ,Jumilla 。 1997 FINALIST in the international competition announced by S.A.F.A. at Jyväsklä for the EXTENSION to the Aalvar Aalto Museum and 1997 , SAFA Aalvar Aalto 。 NEW CENTRAL FINLAND AUDITORY. 1996 , EMV COAM Cava Baja 22 。 1996 FINALIST in the competition announced by EMV/ COAM to convert the use of the plot located in c/ Cava Baja, 22, Madrid. , Alvar Aalto “Nemo Propheta in Patria” 。 FINALIST in the competition “Nemo Propheta in Patria” organized by the Alvar Aalto Museum in Jyväskylä (Finlandia). HONOURABLE MENTION at the 3rd Bienal of Spanish Architecture. MINIMUM HOUSING. , ( ) 。 FIRST PRICE in the competition “TEMPORARY HOUSING” organized by COAM. , COAM “Temporary Housing( )” 。 FIRST PRICE in the competition organized by Larcovi for YOUNG PEOPLE HOUSING in the outskirts of Madrid.8 9
  8. 8. SOME WORKS10 11
  9. 9. SHIFT LANDSCAPING . VIEW architecture Zhushan area landscaping. 。 Landscape design in Zhushan area, Xuzhou town, Jiangsu province. China. Landscaping : 87,60 Ha Buildings : 55.410 m² -Convention center : 22.700 m² -Business club : 16.400 m² -Panoramic tower facilities : 1.760 m² -Covered stairs and restaurant: 4.560 m² -Visitor’s center : 1.150 m² -Handicrafts’ market : 8.840 m² This project is located in a 90 ha plot next to the south lakeside of Xuzhou lake, in Jiangsu province. The park is intended for public and unrestricted use, so activities are placed in the landmarks and selected places meanwhile we preserve the natural character of the rest of the plot by the design of small paths and its reforestation. The aim of the design was to create several landmarks visually connected along the southern lakeside of Xuzhou´s lake. These landmarks create tensions that configure the spaces in between them. 90 。 , , 。 , l 。12 13
  10. 10. SHIFT LANDSCAPING . VIEW architecture Qianjin Dong Lu landscaping. Landscape design for Qianjin East Rd. Kunshan, Jiangsu province. China. Lenght: 4.100 m : 4.100 The local government wanted the redesign of this great avenue in order to define a new important city area. That is why the main features of the project are the following: aestethical unity, as all the design is based on the same principles, outstanding by means of placing landmarks along the street, revitalizing, by grouping public activities for the citizens and sustainable because of the application of the most advanced technics of sustainable planning (SUDS). 。 , 。 、 。14 15
  11. 11. SHIFT MASTER PLAN . VIEW architecture La Marañosa ecocity. Seseña, Spain. La Marañosa 。 Masterplan of a new sustainable town. TOTAL AREA: 409.200 m² : 409.200 The concept behind the masterplan is to create a town with the highest standard of living amidst its natural environments. The low rise houses, the moderate population density and the sustainable criteria all add to the high quality of life. The big open green areas and other public facilities are designed to ensure a constant nature-like environment. The houses, are designed for the highest energy saving while mantaining the optimum temperature and humidity conditions inside, as well as systems for ecological grey water and solid waste treatment. . 、 . 。 , 。 , 。 WWW.SHIFTVIEW.NET16 17
  12. 12. SHIFT MIXED-USE DEVELOPMENT . VIEW architecture Quxian Housing, Hotel and Commercial development. , , 。 Housing, Hotel and Commercial development. Quxian. Sichuan. People’s Republic of China. , , TOTAL AREA 573.200 m² : 573.200 Given the complexity of the plot topography and the huge size and density of the housing developments we chose an strategy of adaptation, where we considered sunlight and the nearby park views a priority over conventionalities. Given that the main slope of the plot face north we decided to place the apartments with an east-west orientation, thus avoiding north facing apartments and long shelf-casted shadows, as well as creating favorable conditions for cross ventilation and adequate sunlight. , 。 。 , , , , 。18 19
  13. 13. SHIFT MIXED-USE DEVELOPMENT . VIEW architecture Renshou Housing, Hotel and Commercial development. , , , 。 Housing, Hotel and Commercial development. Renshou. Sichuan. People’s Republic of China. , , TOTAL AREA 273.390 m² : 273.390 The public space is the most important feature of the development. In between the commercial buildings a series of little squares linked together ensure a constant flow of people through the commercial streets. The mall is located at the heart of the complex and its shiny exterior serves as a beacon for both walking passers by and drivers. 。 , 。 , 。20 21
  14. 14. SHIFT MIXED-USE DEVELOPMENT . VIEW architecture Zamalek Plaza. Mixed use complex in Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt. 。 Hybrid complex with underground commercial area, 5 star hotel & SPA, offices and cultural center. ,5 、 、 。 TOTAL AREA : 165.294 m² The complex of buildings is composed by the mix of different uses as exhibition halls and auditoriums in the ground floor, a commercial area in the basement and offices in the towers. The aim behind this design is to recreate the diversity of the arab culture in a building that offers varied volumetric compositions from the different points of view that surrounds it. Also, the translucent material of the façade reinforce that perception through the addition of gradual visual transitions, and thanks to the superposition of different shaped façade layers is possible to qualify the light and control the extreme heat in a way similar to the mashrabiya (lattice) commonly found in the arab world. , 、 , 。 。 。 。 , . mashrabiya (lattice) , mashrabiya (lattice) 。22 23
  15. 15. SHIFT MIXED-USE DEVELOPMENT . VIEW architecture Hybrid high-rise in Madrid. 。 Digital art museum, hotel, commercial and offices. , , Height: 432 m :432 Number of floors: 106 (6 underground) :106 (6 ) Office Commercial Museum Hotel Restaurant TOTAL AREA : 393.500 m² -Museum : 53.300 m² -Hotel :3 8.200 m² -Commercial : 31.700 m² -Offices : 162.500 m² -Parking : 66.400 m² The Hybrid high-rise Momma project is located in the financial and commercial axis of Madrid. The main goal of this project is to fit different uses in a simple shaped building with an uniform skin. This high-rise is intended to revitalize the area where it stands. For this reason it includes not only offices but also a museum, a hotel with several restaurants and an observation deck and a big commercial area so it attracts a constant flow of people to this spot. The heart of the building is the Digital Art Center. We have designed a façade system for the whole building that resemble ever changing pixels as is the ephemeral nature of the digital art works on display. 。 。 。 , , , , , 。 。 。 , 。24 25
  16. 16. SHIFT MIXED-USE DEVELOPMENT . VIEW architecture Tujia’s haven. Shizhu. Chongqing Shi. , , 。 Cultural and tourism development in a Tujia minority area. Meeting hall, houses, teahouse, restaurant and landmark tower. , , , , , 。 TOTAL AREA : 2.763 m² This complex, located in a rice farming valley part of the traditional land of the Tujia minority, consist of a meeting hall, a teahouse, houses and some landscaping features such as a wooden landmark tower and bridge. The basic premise of the project is that the design should be respectful with local sensibilities and traditions and should make extensive use of local and traditional materials. Consequently, we make use of the local brick, roof tiles and wood, and adapt the project to the customs of the Tujia people without giving up on an outstanding modern design. 。 , , , , 。 , 。 . , , , 。26 27
  17. 17. SHIFT PUBLIC ARCHITECTURE . VIEW architecture East Area Party and Government Offices. Panzhihua. China. 。 Government office building with public service area, auditorium and landscaped surroundings. Area : 36.600m² This building, beign an important party and goverment offices, should show somehow the cultural roots and tradition of the area, as well as the solemnity, seriousness and affinity of the rational authority of the government. The rational authority of the government is reflected with the solemnity of the main façade symmetry, the alignment with the pedestrian avenue axis and the use of the national color places like the auditorium block and the walls of the middle levels hole. The design also takes advantage of the topography. We propose to set the building mid hill, gently leaning on the surrounding mounds. The idea is to minimize the environmental impact and high costs of digging deep, and at the same time increasing the impressive appearance of the building. , , , 、 、 。 , 。 。 , 。 , 。28 29
  18. 18. SHIFT HOUSING AND RESORTS . VIEW architecture San Juan del Sur Luxury Ecoturism resort. Nicaragua. - 。 Area: -Hotel : 10.200 m² -Housing (388): 34.800 m² -Common facilities ( ): 3.200 m² This luxury resort, to be build in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, is designed to combine turism with sustainability and energetic efficiency. The infrastructures, as roads and parkings, are minimized in order to keep the enviroment pristine so the hotel, the common areas and the houses are in touch with the nature. Also they are designed to take advantage of local building materials and adecuate use of water and natural ventilation to lower the consumption of resources. , 、 。 , , , , 、 。 , , 。30 31
  19. 19. SHIFT HOUSING AND RESORTS . VIEW architecture SPA and health luxury residential complex in Seseña, Spain. 。 Luxury complex for the elder with SPA, health treatment, clinic, and hotel. , , , Spa and Health complex : 94.500m² Number of rooms : 1800 This luxury health complex is aimed at elder people and its facilities include rooms, apartments, a hotel, a clinic and a garden. Given the particular requirements of its future clients the design was made to ensure the highest possible sunlight inside rooms and a facilities, including th basement SPA, that received natural light through skylights in its ceiling. The garden consists in a composition of various elements that functions as ditch and alcorque draining, rain water collection funnel, ilumination of common areas and umbrellas, providing the complex with the latest SUDS systems. Also, given the isolation of the complex next to a natural area, a photovoltaic power system and solar water heating were installed as a mean of energy saving and ensuring an adequate suply for the complex. , , , , , 。 , 。 。 SUDS , , , , , , 。 , , .32 33
  20. 20. SHIFT HOTEL . VIEW architecture Hotel in Dayi. Sichuan. 。 Area: 16.300 m² : 16.300 The hotel is designed by composing three volumes with different characteristics. The southeast volume is the main one. So that, it is a modern glass design to attract peoples attention and to receive enough sunlight warmth. The northwest volume is massive in order to avoid a great heat loss through the windows. The commercial lower floors consist of a simple black volume to avoid competing with the outstanding upper floor facades. It is remarkable the way the volumes and skins combine one with each other. 。 。 , , 。 。 。 , 。 。34 35
  21. 21. SHIFT SINGULAR HOUSING . VIEW architecture House in El Encinar de los Reyes. Madrid. El Encinar de los Reyes 。 Area: 440 m² : 440 This is a house projected for maximum efficiency of the plot in which it is located. A huge plan of development requires careful design of private outdoor space, using that fact to develop a sequence of external areas whose relationship in terms of size and scale with the external volume are as suitable as it is possible. The interior space is arranged around a large void which goes over the common areas of housing, leaving private ones in a more domestic scale. The interior space includes all the house of a glance, and it reaches every corner. The Pool participates in this space from the outside climate and contributes to eco-efficient packaging of the house. 。 , , , 。 , 。 , , 。 , 。36 37
  22. 22. SHIFT SINGULAR HOUSING . VIEW architecture Vicálvaro experimental semi-detached house. Vicálvaro 。 Area: 180 m² : 180 In a narrow and difficult access plot in a suburb of Madrid we have designed a semi-detached house that seeks the maximum open space in the plot with a minimum building occupancy, in order to have the biggest garden. The house is organized on three levels connected by a central staircase that will give access to each of the bedrooms distributed on its both sides. The garden is the center of the space because it interacts continuously with the rooms of the house in different way each level. , , , , , 。 , , 。 , 。38 39
  23. 23. SHIFT SINGULAR HOUSING . VIEW architecture House in Chamartín. Madrid. Chamartín 。 Area: 860 m² : 860 Luxury detatched house in the centre of Madrid. This house is remarkable for being in a very difficult to layout plot. Due to the owner’s love for gardening, the outside areas of the house were carefully designed. There is a visual connection between the garden an most of the rooms because of the big sliding doors, and when they are open there is the sense that the garden is like another room of the house. There are also special common areas as a library, a small outdoor pool and a indoor one for swimming in winter. 。 。 , 。 , , , 。 , , 。40 41
  24. 24. SHIFT INDUSTRIAL ARCHITECTURE . VIEW architecture ST El Pilar underground substation. Madrid. ST EL PILAR 。 Underground level area : 3800 m² Over ground level area : 3472 m² The underground electric substation developed by Iberdrola Distribución Eléctrica S.A.U., is located in a public park. One of the aims of the design is the enviromental integration. The roof acts as the main façade of the building,as it has been designed partially landscaped unifying the numerous installations and simultaneously creating an attractive surface to be contemplated from different locations inside the park and the houses surrounding it. Due to the slope of the terrain, some areas of the building are above ground level. We have also designed an innovating system of façade that allows to combine safety and aesthetics. Iberdrola Distribución eléctrica S.A.U. , 。 , 。 。 , , , 。 。 , 。 , , , , 。 , 、 、 、 、 ,42 43
  25. 25. SHIFT INDUSTRIAL ARCHITECTURE . VIEW architecture CEPSA R&D Center. Alcalá de Henares. CEPSA 。 ALCALA DE HENARES (MADRID) ALCALA 。 。 Area : -Offices 2.758 m² -Laboratories 6.480 m² -Pilot plants 2.922 m² -Total 12.160 m² The new Research & Development Center of the Spanish Petrochemical Company (CEPSA) tries, by means of its design and facilities to improve the new image of a company involved with the environment. The building consists of laboratories and pilot plants for the petrochemical experimentation, aimed at the produción of fuel and lubricants of lower environmental impact and the development of new forms of energy. In the building design we tried to maximize the energetic efficiency, taking advantage of the sunlight, installing the adecuate termal insulation, artificial lighting and other facilities of low energy consumption, the strict control of the gas discharges and the recycling of the residues. All this without forgetting the representativeness the building. (CEPSA) 。 , 。 , , 、 , , , 。 。 , , , , 。44 45
  26. 26. SHIFT INDUSTRIAL ARCHITECTURE . VIEW architecture M-CUBAS DE LA SAGRA Telephone exchange. Cubas de la Sagra 。 Cubas de la Sagra. Madrid. Cubas de la Sagra。 。 Area: 130 m2 :130 Telephone exchange building developed by Telefonica de Espana, S.A.U for housing DSL equipment for the town of Cubas of the Sagra. In a difficult to lay out triangular plot, the implantation of a building for housing the electronic equipments is achieved successfully while keeping the high exigency on parameters like humidity and temperature that should vary according to a very reduced range .In addition, the geometry of the layout does solve successfully the integration in the urban landscape, from the formal and technical point of view, while taking special care in solving in a creative way the visual and the sonorous impact of the machinery that complementarily is used for having the optimal climatic conditions in the rooms inside the building. (Cubas de la Sagra) DSL 。 , , , , 。 , , , , 。46 47
  28. 28. WWW.SHIFTVIEW.NET ADRESS IN SPAIN c/ Velázquez, 53 5ºdcha. 28001 Madrid Tel: +34 4319643 Fax: +34 2770576 : c/ de la Barca s/n. 28052 Madrid Tel: +34 7767312 Fax: +34 7767312 ADRESS IN CHINA 12 Lihua St. Tianfu Square. City Dream. Building B. Room 2006. Chengdu. Sichuan. : 12 B 2006 99 Yushan Rd. Unit 2. Room 508. Gaoxin District. Suzhou. Jiangsu.WWW.SHIFTVIEW.NET 99 2 508INFO@SHIFTVIEW.NET Tel/Fax:028-61322960 :18081908490 QQ:2441654826