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Vietnam startup investment deals


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Here are some of the investment deals in Vietnam that I have spent time doing research and I want to share with everyone you are interested in Vietnam startup.
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Vietnam startup investment deals

  2. 2. Startup Amount (USD) Date ResourceCleverAds Jun-12 02-Mar-12 ~ 500k 17-Feb-12 ( ~ 700k 03-Feb-12 Jun-09BaokimDi Dong Xanh (Blue Motion) < N/AVgameVNG
  3. 3. Startup Amount (USD) Date (TS24) 2M 20-Jan-10 27-May-08 20-05-08 01-Nov-07 (VON) 2M 17-Oct-06
  4. 4. Startup Amount (USD) Date ResourceVTC Online 10M Aug-12
  5. 5. Startup Amount Date ResourceVNG 500k mid 2005VC Corp 2M 16-Oct-08Vatgia ~ 125k Apr-08Vietstock ~ 500k 07-Nov-07 (YAN TV) 14-Apr-07Socbay 17-08-06 < 500kTamtayVietnamworks
  6. 6. Startup Amount Date
  7. 7. Startup Amount Date
  8. 8. ACQUISITION DEALS !!! Eat.vnMJ Group Vietnam Online Network ( +
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