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Volunteer Vertigo And High Tech Hangovers


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What happens and how to avoid volunteering in the an Open Source Community - 5 min version

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Volunteer Vertigo And High Tech Hangovers

  1. 1. Volunteer Vertigo and High Tech Hangovers UpSCaLE  Talks ­ February 19, 2010 ­ Amber Graner
  2. 2. Volunteer Vertigo and High Tech Hangovers Chances are you or someone you know is a VOLUNTEER UpSCaLE  Talks ­ February 19, 2010 ­ Amber Graner
  3. 3. Volunteer Vertigo and High Tech Hangovers Somewhere between “Balance” and “Burnout” is... UpSCaLE  Talks ­ February 19, 2010 ­ Amber Graner
  4. 4. Volunteer Vertigo and High Tech Hangovers ...where you find those suffering from Vertigo and/or Hangovers UpSCaLE  Talks ­ February 19, 2010 ­ Amber Graner
  5. 5. Volunteer Vertigo and High Tech Hangovers On the edge of balance is beauty UpSCaLE  Talks ­ February 19, 2010 ­ Amber Graner
  6. 6. Volunteer Vertigo and High Tech Hangovers Image from:­canyon­national­park­happy­90th­birthday/ UpSCaLE  Talks ­ February 19, 2010 ­ Amber Graner
  7. 7. Volunteer Vertigo and High Tech Hangovers Are you on the edge? UpSCaLE  Talks ­ February 19, 2010 ­ Amber Graner
  8. 8. Volunteer Vertigo and High Tech Hangovers­ten­ads­of­the­past­25­years/ UpSCaLE  Talks ­ February 19, 2010 ­ Amber Graner
  9. 9. Volunteer Vertigo and High Tech Hangovers What does your “Life Alert” look and sound like? UpSCaLE  Talks ­ February 19, 2010 ­ Amber Graner
  10. 10. Volunteer Vertigo and High Tech Hangovers Family, Friends, Co-workers and other volunteers UpSCaLE  Talks ­ February 19, 2010 ­ Amber Graner
  11. 11. Volunteer Vertigo and High Tech Hangovers Overheard at the Graner House... (might as well confess, right?) UpSCaLE  Talks ­ February 19, 2010 ­ Amber Graner
  12. 12. Volunteer Vertigo and High Tech Hangovers “Ubuntu stole my mom!” “I went to type my mom's name and typed her IRC nick – how sad is that?” “yeah yeah, not now you're Ubuntu'ing” UpSCaLE  Talks ­ February 19, 2010 ­ Amber Graner
  13. 13. Volunteer Vertigo and High Tech Hangovers Here's what others had to say... UpSCaLE  Talks ­ February 19, 2010 ­ Amber Graner
  14. 14. Volunteer Vertigo and High Tech Hangovers “You're supposed to be engaged (to be married)!” “Community is your mistress!” “HOW many hours have you spent on Ubuntu this week? That's a full time job!” UpSCaLE  Talks ­ February 19, 2010 ­ Amber Graner
  15. 15. Volunteer Vertigo and High Tech Hangovers­to­cure­hangover­and­tip­for­prevention/ UpSCaLE  Talks ­ February 19, 2010 ­ Amber Graner
  16. 16. Volunteer Vertigo and High Tech Hangovers What are some  cures? main_page=product_info&products_id=72 UpSCaLE  Talks ­ February 19, 2010 ­ Amber Graner
  17. 17. Volunteer Vertigo and High Tech Hangovers Volunteering isn't bad for you, unless you overdo it. However, you didn't pay attention to all those folks who where hinting with Humor at the Vertigo stage. You just HAD to take on that extra project! UpSCaLE  Talks ­ February 19, 2010 ­ Amber Graner
  18. 18. Volunteer Vertigo and High Tech Hangovers Now you're hurting. Hangovers can be hell. Here’s a few tips to get you back on the road to recovery. UpSCaLE  Talks ­ February 19, 2010 ­ Amber Graner
  19. 19. Volunteer Vertigo and High Tech Hangovers Curing Hangovers start with prevention. Learn to say, NO! (Don't take on to much) Spend time with friends and family. Go outside Hobbies that are separate from Volunteer Activity UpSCaLE  Talks ­ February 19, 2010 ­ Amber Graner
  20. 20. Volunteer Vertigo and High Tech Hangovers Now open a term window and type killall -9 one_too_many_projects UpSCaLE  Talks ­ February 19, 2010 ­ Amber Graner