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Powerpoint for ICT Unit 24 AO5

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  • Child pornography has physical, social, and psychological effects on children.
  • Increased addiction to the internet has now become so known that is now known as an Internet addiction disorder. The introduction and ease of online activities such as online gambling and online shopping has contributed to the increased addiction to the internet.
  • Working from home is known as teleworking. We are able to do this due to the advancements of technology and the internet. You are able to work from home if you have a phone, a computer and internet connection. This saves on travelling and other issues. 15,000 out off the 35,000 staff in HSBC bank have the ability to work from home due to the internet.
  • The internet has allowed for shopping to be carried out 24/7 as only a computer and internet connection are needed to purchase items online. So unlike in a shop, customers are able to purchase items at any time of the day. Online deliveries are widely available for nearly every shopping website. The improved security such as the introduction of PayPal which is a very secure online payment method has contributed to customers feeling safe about paying online, therefore increasing the number of buyers who purchase goods online. There are also data tracking services which track the journey of your ordered item so you are able to know where it is and when it will come to you.
  • Online advertising is a form of promotion which uses the internet to do so and to attract customers . It is a very popular form of promotion and has grown hugely, delivering marketing messages to all ranges. Online advertising allows for interactive advertisements such as video and moving pictures. It is a very successful method of promoting as nearly all people use the internet. Email is a popular way of sending advertisements to customers and other individuals. However this can be a major problem as unwanted email can be sent which is known as spam. Another popular place for advertising to be seen on the internet is on search engine result pages. Nearly every page has some sort of advertisement or promotion on it.
  • A virus is a program which copies itself and infects a computer with harmful data spreading from one file to another and from one computer to another. This is able to happen when files are copied onto a different computer or shared. Trojans are programs which pretend to be another program. So for example an email sent to someone could contain a sound file which looks legitimate. But when the file is opened it may install a virus onto the users hard drive which may delete system files or damage the computer. A worm replicates itself in order to spread to other computers and carry threats which can cause a considerable amount of damage. Threats include damage to the operating system and they allow hackers to gain access to computers which they infect.Spyware and Malware are often installed onto a computer without the users knowledge and record behaviour on the internet. They are sometimes included in programs which you are able to download free from the internet.
  • Authorized hackers are those which are certified and are allowed to hack into certain computers for reasons such as protecting the country form attack or so on. Unauthorized hackers on the other hand is not certified and is seen as a crime in most countries.
  • Phishing email messages, phone calls and websites are designed to steal your money. They appear genuine but in reality are not real, but rather want to steal your bank or credit card details.
  • Identity theft is where an individual impersonates someone usually for a financial gain.Personal information includes security numbers, signatures, addresses, phone numbers and banking and credit card information.So someone who accesses another individual’s personal information is carrying out identity theft.
  • Encryption is the most effective way to keep data safe. With a secret key or password you are able to decrypt the encryption.
  • SSL stands for secure sockets layer. This provides customers secure payments by using encryptions across a network.HTTPS also provides encryption across a network but uses authentication as well.PayPal is a safe online payment method which has been recently introduced.
  • Ao4 powerpoint mrs hussain

    1. 1. AO4 – Implications and Security Issues of the Internet Unit 24:- Internet Past, Present and Future
    2. 2. Introduction• Moral/ethical issues• Social implications• Commercial
    3. 3. Moral/ethical issuesPornographyChat rooms
    4. 4. PornographyHas a number of negative effects on individuals and society. Research has shown pornography has potential influencessuch as rape, domestic violence and sexual dysfunction.Viewing of pornographic material may increase rates ofsexual crimes.Child pornography is a growing concern and can havedevastating effects.
    5. 5. Chat rooms Sexual - Opens the doors to sexual predators - Used to share illegal and pornographic substances such aschild pornography. Cyber bullying- Internet provides anonymity for those wishing to harass, insultor stalk others.- Easy to become a victim of cyber bullying throughFacebook, message boards etc. False identity- Accounts can be created in seconds with false identities, profilesand email addresses.
    6. 6. Social implicationsIncreased addictionChanges in working practices
    7. 7. Increased addictionInternet addiction disorderExcessive computer use interferes with daily life.Shopping and gambling25% of users fulfil the internet addiction criteria within thefirst 6 months of first using the internet.
    8. 8. Changes in working practisesMore people now work from homeInternet provides 24/7 access to work
    9. 9. Commercial24 hour shoppingAdvertising
    10. 10. 24 Hour shoppingOnline deliveriesImproved securityEasy methods of paying onlineData tracking services
    11. 11. AdvertisingOnline advertising is very popular and has grown hugelyInteractive advertisementsEmailSearch engine result pages
    12. 12. Security risksViruses, Trojans, Worms, Spyware, MalwareHackersPhishingIdentity theftEmail attachments
    13. 13. Viruses, Trojans, Worms, Spyware, Malwa reVirus is a program which copies itself and infects a PCTrojans are programs which pretend to be another program orsomething else. They can delete files on a computer.A worm replicates itself in order to spread to othercomputers.Spyware and Malware are often installed onto a computerwithout the users knowledge.
    14. 14. HackersA computer hacker is an individual who finds weaknesseswithin a computer system and exploits them.It can be authorized or unauthorized.Hackers are today commonly associated with maliciousprogramming attacks on the internet.
    15. 15. PhishingAn attack where you are sent an email or phone call whichasks you to click on a link and re enter your bank or creditcard details.They pretend to be from banks, online stores and serviceproviders.They appear genuine when in reality they are a fraud and willsteal your details using them to their own advantage.
    16. 16. Identity theftIdentity theft is a form of stealing someone else’s identity. Made easy due to the internet as people reveal personalinformation on the internet about themselves.If someone is able to access someone else’s personalinformation they can commit fraud under their name.
    17. 17. Email attachmentsHold big risks such as spread of malware, trojans andworms.This is because emails contain attachments which maycontain viruses which can infect your computer.This happens once the infected email is opened.
    18. 18. Protection techniquesFire wallsAnti virusCode of practiceEncryptionSecure payment systems
    19. 19. FirewallsA device which is designed to deny access to anyunauthorized programs.Many personal computer operating systems include firewallswhich protect the computer from harm.
    20. 20. Anti virusAnti virus software is used to prevent, detect and removeany sort of malware.Scans computers for virusesIt is important that anti virus softwares are updatedregularly.
    21. 21. EncryptionTranslation of data into a secret codeIn order to read encrypted data you must have access to asecret key or a password.This can be used with important files. So if hackers were toget hold of the files they would not understand or be able toread the file without the password or key.
    22. 22. Secure payment systemsWith secure payment systems customers are reassured thattheir payments are secure.Several methods have been introduced which makepayments secure.SSL, HTTPS, PayPal