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12th Board Exam Preparation Tips


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Find here 12th board exam preparation tips, class 12 exam study tips and subject-wise study tips. Students, who are going to appear for class 2th exam, can find some useful study tips here.

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12th Board Exam Preparation Tips

  1. 1. 12th Board Syllabus-wise Preparation Tips - Ahana Singh
  2. 2. 12th board exam is the most important examinations of life. The marks of 12th board exam are valued very much in our career. Students, who want to achieve something big in their life and want to make a good career, must prepare well for class 12 exams. Here, we will discuss some specific subject-wise tips for 12th class exams. We will reference the subjects common to all boards of Education in India. Students from all Indian education boards will find them useful.
  3. 3. Class 12 English Tips • Focus more on the grammar part as there are many questions from that. • Choose a good reference book for grammar study. • English theory part including lessons can be read from the prescribed book or from the solved papers. • Work on your time management skills as the English paper is usually lengthy. • Write precise and clear answers. • Improve your vocabulary and learn new words. • Watch English movies, read English books, novels and newspaper. •Practice writing in English and note down the errors you usually make. Work more on those errors.
  4. 4. Class 12 Maths Tips Mathematics is also a very important subjects and can help in scoring high marks. The best thing about Maths is that it is easy to get full marks in this subject. • To achieve proficiency in maths, one must practice a lot. • Do not rely only on your course and academic books, but practice with other reference books and notes. • Make a list of all the important formulas and concepts, and learn them whenever you get time. • Practice previous year question papers and sample papers. • Write proper answers in the exam with full elaboration. Marks are given for each step in the maths paper. • Practice as much as can
  5. 5. Class 12 Physics paper Tips Physics paper includes both theory and numerical part. 12th class physics is the base of higher education and includes many conceptual things and topics. One must learn them properly in order to strong the basic skills. • Do not let theory part bother you much. Study it with the right pattern. • Make a list of all the formulas from all the chapters. Make a separate list of all the derivations. This will cover most of the theoretical part. Also, make a separate list of the definitions and important concepts. • Practice graphs and diagrams and learn to solve questions using a diagram. • Try to understand the concept of everything. If you are facing problem with a certain derivation, try to analyze it practically and remember the steps. • Use a good reference book and practice many numerical. •Practice with sample papers and previous year question papers.
  6. 6. 12th Board Chemistry study Tips Chemistry paper also includes both theory and numerical part. Some students find organic part easier while others not. It is important to study both organic and inorganic Chemistry to score well in the paper. • Focus in the classes at school or coaching. A chemistry concept or equation once missed may not strike your mind again. • Prepare proper notes. Note down every important thing and concept. • Make a list of all the organic formulas for all the important elements. • Also make a separate list of all the inorganic equations along with the molecular reactions. • Choose a good book that covers all the topics. • Do not pressurize yourself and stay out of the stress. • Practice a lot of question papers and sample papers. • Do not get confused in the formulas or equations. Keep everything clear and precise.
  7. 7. 12th class Biology study Tips Students with the biology as their subject, will have to pass biology exam instead of maths paper. Biology is a theoretical subject and needs good memorizing skills. • Read multiple times as you may not remember the terms. •Biology subject terms and names are not easy to remember and it takes a lot of practice. • make your own notes and summaries for long topics. • Use flash cards for definitions and names. •Use Mnemonics for lengthy words and details • Use flowcharts to remember the processes and sequences. • Practice with sample papers. •Focus more on more important topics. Read previous year papers to find out the more important questions. • Try to make your own answers.
  8. 8. 12th class Hindi subject Tips Hindi is a different subject from other subjects. Though it is our national language, but sadly, we are still not good at it. When it comes to Hindi grammar, our condition is even worse. Here are some study tips. • Focus more on grammar section. It is easy to score in this section if you know well. • Read chapters from your books, understand them and construct your own answers for the questions. • Also, focus on essay, application and story parts as they are high scoring areas. •Read regularly and practice. • Make notes of important grammar concepts and revise them whenever possible.
  9. 9. 12th board Exam common Tips • Keep confidence and study properly. • make a plan and follow it properly. • Take enough sleep and food. • Do not panic and do not let stress consume your time. • Leave other less important activities and focus more on your studies. • Practice as much as possible • Keep your study place clean and well-managed. • Make short notes and keep them with you always. • Study in groups with your friends if you find that comfortable.
  10. 10. 12th board Exam common Tips 12 Class Results study-cbse-board-exams-1399991.html