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  1. 1. Env-Connect Your connection to environmental sustainabilityAlex Mitchell Env-Connect 2/13/2013
  2. 2. Alex Mitchell Env-Connect 2/13/2013
  3. 3. Alex Mitchell Env-Connect 2/13/2013
  4. 4. We need to change the way we live  Pollution is one of the biggest global killers, affecting over 100 million people. That’s comparable to global diseases like malaria and HIV  Approximately 46% of the lakes in America are too polluted for fishing, aquatic life, or swimming.  More facts can be found here at, about-pollutionAlex Mitchell Env-Connect 2/13/2013
  5. 5. To start using Env-connect… Users can… • users simply search “Env- • Find locations were they can connect” on the google play volunteer app store, the apple app • Read articles updated daily on store, or visit online local and world-wide at, environmental issues • Then create a username • Post about the things they do and password daily that help the environment • Users are then free to browse the application • Donate money to various charities dedicated to saving the environment Alex Mitchell Env-Connect 2/13/2013
  6. 6.  The main screen features multiple tabs to choose from including, pictures, articles, volunteering, an d donations.  Everything is clearly labeled and the front page features a picture of Env-Connect logo  The background of this app is green with black font.Alex Mitchell Env-Connect 2/13/2013
  7. 7.  Effects of pollution  This app should be used to spread your own knowledge as well as gain information on the current state of our earth and how you can help to improve it  We need to come together and teach future generations to create a more sustainable environmentAlex Mitchell Env-Connect 2/13/2013
  8. 8. Alex Mitchell Env-Connect 2/13/2013
  9. 9. Alex Mitchell Env-Connect 2/13/2013