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Move for YOU, move for THEM!


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Public Service Announcement for KIN 122

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Move for YOU, move for THEM!

  1. 1. Move For YOU, Move For THEM! Jenny Bergstrom, Anna Dorn, Colette Falsey, AshorOshana, Jaimie Sanders 1
  2. 2. PurposeEncourage mothers with young children to become active andmaintain a healthy lifestyleProvide methods for integrating physical activity into the lives ofmothers with young children 2
  3. 3. Importance of Fitness in New MothersShed baby weightImprove mental healthPositively influencechildren 3
  4. 4. How Can You Get Active: Individually 4 Utilize Child care Be Creative Preplan
  5. 5. How Can You Get Active: With Your Child Mother/Child Fitness Classes Stroller Strides Baby Boot Camp Mother/Child Fitness Devices Playtime 5
  6. 6. SummaryMaintaining a healthy activity level through a variety of methods can improve the overall health of new mothers and their children 6
  7. 7. Find your motivation…Choose your method… Become physically active! 7
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