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believe it is urgent.
Believe customer
experience to be
central to their role.
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2017 Predictions: Digital Transformation, CX Top The List


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Every year, asks its network of top marketers and mavens to forecast what the coming 12 months might look like. Of the 75-plus responses we received for our 2017 compilation, five main themes stood out. We present them to you here.

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2017 Predictions: Digital Transformation, CX Top The List

  1. 1. believe it is urgent. Believe customer experience to be central to their role. 2017 PREDICTIONS DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION, CX TOP THE LIST 83% 29% Marketing Art & Science Leadership & Management Customer Experience Digital transformation is a priority for most brands today, but what does a digitally transformed business actually look like? Above all, it has all the earmarks of a company that takes customer experience seriously—at least according to responses from the majority of 75+ marketers polled for this year’s predictions. But wait, there’s more! A few other categories made the top of the list, all of which are presented here in five buckets, in order of importance. Some key data points and a few salient quotes add a bit of color and flavor. MARKETERS Will pay more for customer experience. 86% BUYERS On track to exceed CIO tech spend in 2017. Marketers see customer experience as the most exciting opportunity they’re pursuing. 1 IN 5 We’re past having a digital team off in the corner speaking a different language and executing on their own agenda. Embrace that the lines, in many cases, no longer exist. Technology Strategy Place technology at the heart of planning. The agility and feedback that comes from smart digital investment delivers the smooth customer experience demanded today. Brand Strategy In a world driven more and more by technology, don’t get impersonal and lose sight of making emotional connections with your audience through your unique brand voice. You can do so and still grow brand affinity. The lines between digital, traditional media, and data marketing are blurring. CMOs need to look for ways to marry art and instinct with science and data. Make customer experience the lifeblood of the company. As the only function at the intersection of every customer interaction, marketing is well-positioned to lead the transformation from a reactive customer service mindset to a customer-obsessed organization. Marketing leaders—those who are increasing sales and market share—are: 3x as likely than “laggards” to use data for their decisions. 2x as likely to rely on their own creative capabilities. 3X 2X MORE THAN 80% MARKETING EXECUTIVES Need to restructure marketing to better support the business. Click here to read CMO.comʼs annual predictions article, What CMOs Must Nail In 2017 To Succeed In The ‘Experience Business.’ Ann Lewnes EVP AND CMO, ADOBE ” Jim Berra SVP, CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER, ROYAL CARIBBEAN INTERNATIONAL ” John Dillon SVP, CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER, DENNY’S ” Jonathan Simmons CHIEF STRATEGY OFFICER, ZONE ” CMO MARKETING TECHNOLOGY SPEND 88% Agree that purpose will be increasingly important to building brands. MARKETERS Marie Gulin-Merle CMO, L’ORÉAL USA ”