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AdDuplex Windows Phone Device Statistics for August 2014


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A look at the Windows Phone device ecosystem based on data collected by the AdDuplex cross-promotion network in August 2014.

Published in: Mobile
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AdDuplex Windows Phone Device Statistics for August 2014

  1. 1. AdDuplex Windows Phone Statistics Report –August, 2014 August 25th, 2014 Compiled by Lijana Juozaityte and Alan Mendelevichon August 28th, 2014
  2. 2. Windows Phone Statistics Report This is the newest issue of AdDuplex’ Windows Phone Statistics Report. No dramatic changes capturedin Windows Phone market this month, but it is interesting to watch Lumia 630 moving up the TOP-10 in more and more markets. By the way Lumia 930 was spotted between the leading devices. 2 AdDuplex, August 25th, 2014
  3. 3. Data Source Thisreportisbasedondatacollectedfrom4496WindowsPhoneappsrunningAdDuplexSDKv.2.TherawdataanalyzedwascollectedoverthedayofAugust25th,2014(UTCtime)unlessotherwisestated. Wehavemadeeveryattempttoconsolidatedifferentreportedphonemodelnamesundertheircanonicalretailmodelnames,butitispossiblethatsomeoftheraremodelnamevariationswerenotaccountedfor. AdDuplexis the largest cross-promotion network for Windows Phone and Windows Store apps empowering developers and publishers to promote their apps for free by helping each other. AdDuplex was established in January 2011 in Vilnius, Lithuania. As of August 2014, more than 8,500 apps actively use AdDuplex to gain more visibility.
  4. 4. Windows Phone Devices Worldwide AdDuplex, August 25th, 2014 After few months of stagnation we spotted some changes in the WP Worldwide chart in August. Most noticeable is that Lumia 820 was displaced and Lumia 630 finally made it through and is #8 now with 3.5%. If we look below the TOP-10 line, it is worth mentioning that Lumia 930 has moved up from #31 to #28. As for freshly released Lumia 530, it’s in the 45thposition in the worldwide chart. And we can only guess how it will influence the status of its older sibling Lumia 520. 4 NOKIA Lumia 52030,2% NOKIA Lumia 6257,0% NOKIA Lumia 9206,3% NOKIA Lumia 7105,7% NOKIA Lumia 6204,8% NOKIA Lumia 7204,6% NOKIA Lumia 5213,9% NOKIA Lumia 8003,7% NOKIA Lumia 6303,5% NOKIA Lumia 9253,4% Other26,8%
  5. 5. OS Version –Worldwide AdDuplex, August 25th, 2014 WP 8.1 has more than doubled its share since last and now has 24.4% (+12.5%). It will be interesting to watch this chart in the upcoming months as 8.1 rolls out to all the end users. How long till 8.0 is below, say, 10% is the most important question for app developers. On the other hand of the scale WP7 is just refusing to die. According to our data not only it didn’t drop, but even increased its share over the month. This could be attributed to our efforts to move older apps to the newer version of our SDK resulting in small influx of users who were not accounted for in the previous versions of this report. 5 Windows Phone 8.056,5% Windows Phone 8.124,4% Windows Phone 7.x19,2%
  6. 6. Windows Phone 7 vs. Windows Phone 8 AdDuplex, August 25th, 2014 Talking of WP7 apps we’ve tried to analyze the trend in Windows Phone app development. While quite a few apps targeting WP7 are actively maintained, based on the data that we have, we made this chart which shows the number of new WP 7.x apps compared to new WP 8.x apps on AdDuplex. So the presumption is that development of new WP 7.x apps might stop by the end of this year. 6 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% APPS ON ADDUPLEX: NEW WP7 VS. WP8+ APPS
  7. 7. Windows Phone 8.x Manufactures Worldwide AdDuplex, August 25th, 2014 Nokia is still gaining more and more percentage and now has 95% (gathered 0.5%) of whole Windows Phone market. HTC lost some and has 3.7% while Samsung and Huawei didn’t move. While we see new devices from Prestigioin retail and our logs, they fail to make a dent in the overall pie. All non-top4 devices account for just 0.002% in August. 7 NOKIA95,0% HTC3,3% SAMSUNG1,1% Huawei0,7% Other0,002%
  8. 8. Windows Phone Devices –US AdDuplex, August 25th, 2014 Lumia 630 jumped from #10 to #4 position and now has 5.2% of the market. Lumia 630 you’re doing it right! This was the reason why all devices that are lower moved one step down. Lumia 900 was pushed down from TOP-10 by Lumia 630 last monthbut it’s back in #10 position in August. Brand new HTC One is in 40thposition by now and it is almost on par with ATIV SE (#37) already. 8 NOKIA Lumia 52127,5% NOKIA Lumia 52016,4% NOKIA Lumia 9207,9% NOKIA Lumia 6305,2% NOKIA Lumia 8225,0% HTC 8X4,2% NOKIA Lumia 9284,1% NOKIA Lumia 9253,6% NOKIA Lumia 10203,6% NOKIA Lumia 9003,1% Other19,6%
  9. 9. US Windows Phone 8.x Operators AdDuplex, August 25th, 2014 Cricket was a surprise entry into the chart last month and it doesn’t look like it is going to stop there. Up 3.6% and 1 spot from last month it is number 4 carrier in the US now. Verizon beware! 9 AT&T33,6% T-Mobile22,2% Verizon15,0% cricket10,9% MetroPCS9,3% Family Mobile3,4% Other5,6%
  10. 10. Windows Phone Devices –UK AdDuplex, August 25th, 2014 Only TOP-3 is as it was two month agoin UK Windows Phone chart. It is worth mentioning that HTC 8X left TOP-10. Lumia 630 is now #6 device here with 4.5%. Interesting fact is that Lumia 635 is in 11thposition and if we counted it combined with Lumia 630 they would take 3rdposition together in the UK. 10 NOKIA Lumia 52034,8% NOKIA Lumia 6259,8% NOKIA Lumia 9206,8% NOKIA Lumia 8005,8% NOKIA Lumia 10205,3% NOKIA Lumia 6304,5% NOKIA Lumia 9254,3% HTC 8S3,9% NOKIA Lumia 8203,7% NOKIA Lumia 6203,3% Other17,9%
  11. 11. Windows Phone Devices –Italy AdDuplex, August 25th, 2014 Italy was the first country that had Lumia 630 in the chart back in Juneand for now this device is #4 here with 7.5%. It is only 0.3% lower than Lumia 820 which took a step down from 2ndto 3rdposition in August. Market share of most of the TOP10 devices has decreased this month. This most likely means that it went to newly released Windows Phones that might appear soon in the TOP- 10 in Italy. 11 NOKIA Lumia 52027,1% NOKIA Lumia 6258,9% NOKIA Lumia 8207,8% NOKIA Lumia 6307,5% NOKIA Lumia 6106,6% NOKIA Lumia 8006,5% NOKIA Lumia 6206,5% NOKIA Lumia 9206,5% NOKIA Lumia 7104,1% NOKIA Lumia 9253,8% Other14,6%
  12. 12. Windows Phone Devices –Serbia AdDuplex, August 25th, 2014 This is the first time we are covering Serbia in our stats report. Lumia 630 is even more popular here than in Italy. It is in the 4thposition as well, but has 9.3% of the market. 12 NOKIA Lumia 52027,8% NOKIA Lumia 92010,7% NOKIA Lumia 6259,3% NOKIA Lumia 6309,2% NOKIA Lumia 8006,3% NOKIA Lumia 6205,4% NOKIA Lumia 8204,6% NOKIA Lumia 7203,8% NOKIA Lumia 9253,0% NOKIA Lumia 7102,7% Other17,1%
  13. 13. Windows Phone Devices –Egypt AdDuplex, August 25th, 2014 Lets cover some African countries... We see two quite rare (in terms of TOP10 presence) devices in the TOP-10 in Egypt: •Lumia 1320 is #5 with 5.8% •and Lumia 1520 is #9 with 2.1%. As for Lumia 630 it takes 8thposition and has 3% of Windows Phone market. 13 NOKIA Lumia 52040,5% NOKIA Lumia 62010,9% NOKIA Lumia 6259,1% NOKIA Lumia 9207,2% NOKIA Lumia 13205,8% NOKIA Lumia 8205,3% NOKIA Lumia 7203,9% NOKIA Lumia 6303,0% NOKIA Lumia 15202,1% NOKIA Lumia 9252,0% Other10,2%
  14. 14. Windows Phone Devices -Kenya AdDuplex, August 25th, 2014 Situation of Windows Phone market in Kenya looks a bit different comparing to worldwide stats. We see that Lumia 520 still takes more that a half oh the market here and has 52.4%. We see quite a rare sight in the TOP-10 in Kenya. It’s HUAWEI Ascend W1 and it’s even in the 4thposition with 8.2%. 14 NOKIA Lumia 52052,4% NOKIA Lumia 6258,7% NOKIA Lumia 6208,5% HUAWEI Ascend W18,2% NOKIA Lumia 9203,5% NOKIA Lumia 8203,4% NOKIA Lumia 7202,6% NOKIA Lumia 13202,4% NOKIA Lumia 5101,6% NOKIA Lumia 8001,2% Other7,7%
  15. 15. Windows Phone Devices –Nigeria AdDuplex, August 25th, 2014 Not so much to tell about Nigeria. It’s worth mentioning that the trendy Lumia 630 is #6 in the Windows Phone market here with 5.3%. 15 NOKIA Lumia 52025,3% NOKIA Lumia 9208,1% NOKIA Lumia 7208,0% NOKIA Lumia 6257,9% NOKIA Lumia 6205,5% NOKIA Lumia 6305,3% NOKIA Lumia 7104,9% NOKIA Lumia 9004,2% NOKIA Lumia 8204,1% NOKIA Lumia 9254,0% Other22,7%
  16. 16. Windows Phone Devices –South Africa AdDuplex, August 25th, 2014 Not so much has changed in WP chart in South Africa since May. Lumia 520 is still a clear leader here with 50.2%. We spotted the movement only in the last 3 positions: Lumia 720 dropped down from #8 position and gave way to Lumia 1020 which is new in the TOP-10. Lumia 925 went from #10 to #9 and pushed Lumia 820 out of the chart. 16 NOKIA Lumia 52050,2% NOKIA Lumia 6108,7% NOKIA Lumia 9205,8% NOKIA Lumia 5105,1% NOKIA Lumia 6254,3% NOKIA Lumia 7103,5% NOKIA Lumia 6202,7% NOKIA Lumia 10202,6% NOKIA Lumia 9252,4% NOKIA Lumia 7202,4% Other12,2%
  17. 17. Windows Phone Devices –Kazakhstan AdDuplex, August 25th, 2014 We have never published information about Windows Phone market in Kazakhstan before. Although Lumia 520 is in the first position, we cannot state that it’s a clear leader. It has “only” 17.2% of the market here and Lumia 625 (#2 WP device in Kazakhstan) has 12%. 17 NOKIA Lumia 52017,2% NOKIA Lumia 62512,0% NOKIA Lumia 5258,5% NOKIA Lumia 7107,9% NOKIA Lumia 6107,7% NOKIA Lumia 6205,4% NOKIA Lumia 8004,5% NOKIA Lumia 9204,1% NOKIA Lumia 9254,0% NOKIA Lumia 7203,5% Other25,2%
  18. 18. Windows Phone Devices –China AdDuplex, August 25th, 2014 A change happened in TOP-3 in China since Juneand Lumia 925 swapped positions with Lumia 520. As we see that Lumia 1520, which is quite rare worldwide, is adored in China. Though it took a step down to 7thposition in the chart, but still it gained 0.2% of the market. 18 NOKIA Lumia 92018,4% NOKIA Lumia 9258,6% NOKIA Lumia 5207,6% NOKIA Lumia 8006,8% NOKIA Lumia 7106,0% NOKIA Lumia 9005,9% NOKIA Lumia 15205,3% NOKIA Lumia 8204,9% NOKIA Lumia 6104,2% NOKIA Lumia 10204,2% Other28,2%
  19. 19. Windows Phone Devices –Australia AdDuplex, August 25th, 2014 Australian WP chart is the first one that already has Lumia 930 in the TOP-10. This device is already in 8thposition with 3.9% of the market. It comes at the expense of HTC 8X which was displaced from TOP-10. 19 NOKIA Lumia 52026,2% NOKIA Lumia 92011,5% NOKIA Lumia 62511,5% NOKIA Lumia 10208,1% NOKIA Lumia 9255,8% NOKIA Lumia 8205,1% NOKIA Lumia 13204,7% NOKIA Lumia 9303,9% NOKIA Lumia 8003,3% NOKIA Lumia 15202,7% Other17,2%
  20. 20. New unreleased devices Here are some of the new devices we see in our logs: •HTC 0P6B180 –after the launch of HTC One (M8) on Verizon AT&T and T-Mobile announced that it’s coming to their networks too and this looks like just it. Seen on both AT&T ant T-Mobile in the US, but unfortunately nowhere else. What about the rest of the world, HTC? •NOKIA RM-1090/1091–that’s an odd one. Seen mostly in China and Taiwan this phone has reported screen resolution of 960x540. •BLU w510l–720p. Seen in China and US only. 20 A quick look at what our logs have to tell
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