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Mgmt404 week 2 project selection


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Mgmt404 week 2 project selection

  1. 1. MGMT404 Week 2 Project Selection PLEASE DOWNLOAD HEREDue Week 2: Project SelectionProvide a short, one-paragraph description of your project which will make it veryclear to me, your boss, what you are planning. Keep in mind that you will be usingthis project for all team activities for this session.For your new project, please develop a project team (create a fictitious team withat least three additional team members) and show how you will manage teamdynamics in a project environment.Be certain to include:1. How can team leadership be instrumental in ensuring a successful project?2. Choose from the various organizational formats, including pure project, matrix,and functional structures.3. How can team dynamics and performance be pivotal in producing deliverablesand meeting customers expectations?Please put this in proper business writing format. Consider me to be your boss.