Tour In New York


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All people who want to know New York in a few minutes...this is their opportunity!

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Tour In New York

  1. 1. Tour in New York By Snoopy and Charlie Brown
  2. 2. Carlitos had been planning a trip to New York for a long time because he knows it’s a wonderful, magic and the most cosmopolitan place. Besides this, he is going to stay with his cousin in New Jersey, so he can travel daily to New York without problems.
  3. 3. He organized his documents, passport and visa because he will need them to enter the country. Also, he prepared his suitcase because he is going to stay two weeks in New York. He is ready! At last.
  4. 4. He arrived to the airport early and he was hungry, so he took a breakfast at the fast food area.   He traveled for five hours so he arrived at Newark airport later than expected.
  5. 5. Carlitos first visited the Empire State Building which is one of the most impressive buildings in the world.
  6. 6. After this he went to Rockefeller Center which was built by the Rockefeller family, it is located in center of Midtown Manhattan. Is a complex of 19 commercial buildings.
  7. 7. Later he went to Saint Patricks Cathedral which is a Catholic Cathedral. It was decorated Neo Gothic-style. It’s located on the east side of Fifth Avenue.
  8. 8. Other important and beautiful place is The Central Park . It is an urban park in New York City, with about twenty five million visitors annually. Central Park has been an important part of National Historic since 1963. Maybe you need two or three days to visit all park.
  9. 9. A walk is bound… the Statue of Liberty , it’s fantastic! It is one of the most recognizable icons of the United States, it is on Liberty Island. The interior of the statue used to be open to visitors. They arrive by ferry and could climb the circular single file stairs inside the metallic statue and about 30 people at a time could fit up into the crown.
  10. 10. Fifth Avenue is the most important Avenue in New York. My first impression is about people, there are a lot in streets. It’s a major thoroughfare in the center of the borough of Manhattan in New York city. It’s also one of the premier shopping streets in the world.  
  11. 11. I have seen a great shows in Broadway theatres, for example, Miss Saigon, Less Miserables, Aída, Mary Popins, etc. It’s a wonderful experience! But, you have to buy tickets three or two months earlier because many people wants to go to the shows.
  12. 12. Time Square you can walk around and see people from all sides of the world walking and browsing. It's very interesting look the different kind of shops, restaurants and theaters inside this crowded area. If you want to see something spectacular you have go to Times Square. It is an impressive place, permanently lit, you can go for shopping, eating or for fun.  
  13. 13. You can find a lot of kind international food ! New York is famous for having some of the best restaurants in the world! In New York there are the best night clubs, live music and fun people.
  14. 14. New York doesn’t repair possibilities and choices in entertainment. Give it a good bite to the Big Apple!