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The 5 Boroughs of NYC


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Experienced NYC real estate executive David Hochfelder discusses the five boroughs that comprise the city of New York and what sets each apart from the rest.

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The 5 Boroughs of NYC

  1. 1. the 5 Boroughs of NYC
  2. 2. THE BRONX
  3. 3. The Bronx is NYC's northernmost borough and is home to the Bronx Zoo, Yankee Stadium, and the Botanical Gardens. It has a population of over 1.4 million and spans 42.47 square miles.
  4. 4. BROOKLYN
  5. 5. Brooklyn connects to Manhattan via the iconic Brooklyn Bridge and is home to Coney Island, a beachfront amusement park of sorts. Within its 69.5 square miles, it houses over 2.5 million people.
  7. 7. Home to the Empire State Building, Broadway, and Times Square, Manhattan is NYC's most densely populated borough with over 1.6 million people living within its 22.82 square mile limits.
  8. 8. QUEENS
  9. 9. Located on Long Island, Queens hosted the 1964 World's Fair and hosts the U.S. Open each year. It is home to the Mets, and its population of almost 2.3 million covers over 108 square miles.
  11. 11. Once you've travelled via the Staten Island Ferry, you can visit the Staten Island Zoo & Staten Island Museum during your stay. With a population of only 472,000, it covers 57.92 square miles.