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How Co-ownership works better than Crowdfunding for Real Estate Fix and Flip


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Traditionally buying real estate to fix and flip is the game of financially well heeled. However, now you can invest as little as $5000.00 as a Co-owner partner in an LLC which is managed by outside third party attorney and the funds in escrow in an FDIC bank. Partners share the profit in the proportion of their equity in the LLC. LLC buys the property that will be rehabbed by the GC for a fixed price and the attorney will have the operating agreement and the power of attorney to execute the management affairs of the LLC. Some projects have yielded 100% ROI.

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How Co-ownership works better than Crowdfunding for Real Estate Fix and Flip

  1. 1. Presents “How Co-Ownership Works” Journey from Small Funding to Killer Profits Email: Google Tech Phone: 908 801 6225
  2. 2. Initially: • Find the Property to be rebuild
  3. 3. Alternatively: • You can form your own group of Investors. The partner LLC will be managed by the outside attorney • Then buy a Property to be rebuild
  4. 4. Simultaneously: • Find the Investors who want to join you, to have it rebuilt
  5. 5. Otherwise: • Find and join a group with a Property to rebuilt on this system
  6. 6. Further: • Float the project at • And attract more partners for funding
  7. 7. We help you in finding Properties that meet your criteria
  8. 8. And once finalized the Property, it is turned over to the Re-builder
  9. 9. Once the group is fully funded, it would be turned over to the Re-builder
  10. 10. Once funded, Let us find properties for your group to select the one to be rebuild
  11. 11. Re-builder rebuilds the property and it is placed on the open market for sale or rent
  12. 12. Once the title is transferred, The Partners split their profits