Comp tia breakaway deck 2010 (2010 08-09)e-web


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San Antonio, TX - August 9, 2010 - ClearCenter, a leading provider of open source Linux Server, Network and Gateway solutions, today detailed its Hybrid Service Provider strategy during the “Selling the Green IT Promise” panel discussion at CompTIA Breakaway 2010. ClearCenter’s ClearBOX 300 is a power efficient Linux server that consolidates all on-premise Server, Network and Gateway functionality with integrated cloud based services including Google Apps, Remote Server Backup, Content Filter Update, Dynamic VPN and more.

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Comp tia breakaway deck 2010 (2010 08-09)e-web

  1. 1. CompTIA Breakaway 2010 Slide Deck ClearCenter HSP Opportunity Aug 9-13, 2010
  2. 2. Hybrid Service Provider - The Future Of Service Providers Customer Location Managed Service Provider Customer Location Internet Cloud Apps Cloud Services
  3. 3. Hybrid Service Provider Value & Revenue Review Hybrid Service Provider Managed Service Provider Internal IT Dept & Value Added Reseller Capitalized & Amortized Over 36 Months Source: Gartner, Credit Suisse, DP, 451 Group, SAP & IDC Gateway [G], Network [N], & Server [S] Layers For Avg. 25 User LAN Monthly IT Spend (Hardware, Software & Services)
  4. 4. ClearOS Software Subscriptions Review ClearOS Enterprise Software is a powerful gateway , network and server designed for small organizations and distributed environments. Though ClearOS comes with an extensive list of features and integrated services, the solution is easy to configure thanks to the intuitive web - based interface. With over 145,000 registered systems from around the globe, ClearOS has proven to be a secure and robust software platform .
  5. 5. Yesterday -vs- Today ClearOS Interface
  6. 6. ClearOS Interface
  7. 7. ClearSDN Services Review ClearSDN Services are the heart of the ClearCenter solution. ClearOS can easily be installed on the gateway, network or at the server, but ClearSDN Services provide the critical software updates , content updates , monitoring and services to complete the solution. ClearSDN Services keep your ClearOS installation up-to-date and secure .
  8. 8. Clear Management (50,000ft)
  9. 9. ClearCenter Partner Portal Review
  10. 10. ClearBOX 300 Hardware Review It's simple. ClearOS runs on any standard x86 hardware , but ClearOS sprints on ClearBOX! We designed this server with ClearOS in mind, ClearBOX delivers leading technology and performance to leverage the strengths of ClearOS.
  11. 11. ClearBOX 300 Overview
  12. 13. Hypervisor Review Option [G], [N], [S] Intel x86 Hardware Hypervisor Layer | ClearSUVA Mods Apps Other Confidential [G],[N],[S] VM [S] VM
  13. 14. Energy Usage Review
  14. 15. ClearCARE is the innovative method that customers & select partners use to obtain technical support for ClearOS, ClearSDN and ClearBOX. Services are provided using a credit system with flexible purchase and payment terms. ClearCARE Support Review
  15. 16. Partner Categories and Types All funds are in USD. * Up Front Fees are based upon Regions Population. ($5,000 per Million) Powered By (PB) or Full OEM Options Available » $50 Application Fee $150 Application Fee $150 Application Fee $150 Application Fee $100 Per/Year $2,500+/$25,000 Up Front (PB/OEM) Regional Exclusive Up Front Fee* $50 -$2,500+ Per/Month $2,500+ Product Fee Per/Month 30% Off ClearOS Sub, ClearSDN 15% Off ClearBOX & ClearCARE 15% Off ClearBOX & ClearCARE Unlimited ClearOS Sub, ClearSDN $1,000-$2,500+ Per/Month (PB/OEM) 7.5% Off ClearBOX & ClearCARE 15% Off ClearOS Sub, ClearSDN
  16. 17. Get Authorized & Build Your Own Brand (Powered By (PB) or Full OEM) All funds are in USD. $150 Application Fee $2,500+/$25,000 Up Front (PB/OEM) $1,000-$2,500+ Per/Month (PB/OEM) 7.5% Off ClearBOX & ClearCARE 15% Off ClearOS Sub, ClearSDN
  17. 18. Become Recommended And Provide Specialized ClearCARE $150 Application Fee $50 -$2,500+ Per/Month 30% Off ClearOS Sub, ClearSDN 15% Off ClearBOX & ClearCARE Deliver Specialized ClearOS Support Around the World
  18. 19. Build Your Own ClearCenter Exclusive Region $150 Application Fee Regional Exclusive Up Front Fee* $2,500+ Product Fee Per/Month 15% Off ClearBOX & ClearCARE Unlimited ClearOS, ClearSDN All funds are in USD. * Up Front Fees are based upon Regions Population. ($5,000 per Million) Exclusively Build Your Own Region
  19. 20. Become An Exclusive Hybrid Service Provider (HSP) & Thrive Layer Fee Per Customer [G],[N],[S] Layer (Up Front Fee) $600 [G],[N],[S] Layer (Monthly Recurring Fee) $320 [G],[N],[S] Layer (Monthly Gross Profit) $230 Layers Included (3 Per/Month) Gateway [G] (HW,SW,SV) X Network [N] (HW,SW,SV) X Server [S] (HW,SW,SV) X PC (HW,SW,SV) VOIP (HW,SW,SV) Cloud or Local Apps
  20. 21. Questions
  21. 22. VM VM Marketing Sales Accounting Partners Internal Systems Intel x86 Hardware * * ClearBOX 300 (1-3VM) / ClearBOX 500 (1-5VM) / ClearBOX 700 (1-7VM) API Layer DB DB DB DB DB See ClearOS Interface Integration Review CRM FAS SDN Operations API Layer See ClearSDN ClearSUVA VM VM VM Support Technology
  22. 23. Current Service Delivery Network
  23. 24. Platform Landscape ClearOS is positioned to build market share in small and distributed environments with 50 users or less.
  25. 26. Microsoft still has a stranglehold on the desktop and servers for small business . While wheels are in motion for the former, the answer to the latter may already be here.