Challenge assumptions 2


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Challenge assumptions 2

  1. 1. ChallengeASSUMPTIONS 2 Team – “My last suicide”
  2. 2. Everybody has a problem of not getting enough to sleep because ofloud noises, bad neighbors, stress at work or love ;) So our team offer toyour our national methods of falling asleep quickly and deeply ) Enjoy 
  3. 3.  Go for a bread on a tank in a snowy weather Take a Bear for a walk Drink vodka Drink vodka and to play balalaika Go party with Romanies Go to local mall and bye some caps with ear- flaps Make some matrioshkas Slaughter some pigs for the lard Drink vodka with brown tommy and lard
  4. 4.  Cook a borsch Play a domino with old pals in the yard Drink vodka playing domino in the yard Make a fight with old pals after playing domino Spend a night in a sobering-up station Drink beer, a lot of beer Drink beer outside if there is -30 c Drink beer with vodka Create a mass fight after drinking vodka outside Jump into ice hole in nearest lake
  5. 5.  Nude ice-skating while drinking vodka Winter under ice fishing Winter under ice vodka drinking Go to bath and jump after it in a snow Drink vodka in the snow and play balalaika Pour hot coffee on your feet Pour hot tea on your feet Pour hot coffee on your feet Pour hot vodka on your feet Pour boiling water on your feet
  6. 6.  Make a picture with carpet on the background Make a picture of drunk friends and post them in facebook Paint drunk friends with the marker and go to drink vodka Drink vodka with bear Shoe a horse Give horse to drink vodka Sing in a bathroom with neighbours Send children to buy a vodka
  7. 7.  Drive a round dance around a fire Drive a round dance around a fire drinking vodka Chop wood and melt furnace Burn a house because of drunk Open windows if the frost is outside Drive VAZ 2101 while -40c Drive a car drunk at night without lights on Clean sunflower of seeds Clean flour of seeds
  8. 8.  Ride a sleigh Ride on a sleigh and drink vodka Ride from the icy-hill on trash Drunk winter swimming Build winter castles from empty bottles of vodka Chase bears in the night wood Go fishing without rods, but with vodka Brew moonshine Drink vodka in the center of the city and mad running from brave policemen
  9. 9.  Chasing bears in winter forest on bicycles Playing balalaika in the underground crossing with cap with ear-flaps Go for the vodka on the back of the bear Celebrating the doomsday like a national holiday Drive a round dance around vodka-factory Drive a round dance around bear playing balalaika Make a tank from the garbage in the back yard Get bored of vodka and drink clean alcohol
  10. 10.  Fight with seller for the last bottle of vodka Make a snowman with the nose of a bottle of vodka Fight with best friend because of wry snowman Drink conciliatory bottle of vodka And fall asleep in police car on a road to sobering-up station Plant potatoes in the country all the day long Drink vodka in the country house next day Jump from the 5 floured building in the snow Water-skiing in the puddles
  11. 11.  Get up away from the computer and lay in the bad Run around local district 5 times Run around all nearby districts searching for vodka Go to barbecues in the nearby area on the tank Go check intercontinental missiles in the basement Drink a soothing tea Drink a soothing vodka 