Information Technology In Airlines Arunesh Chand Mankotia


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Information Technology In Airlines Arunesh Chand Mankotia

  1. 1. USE OF IT IN AVIATION INDUSTRYArunesh Chand Mankotia – Created March 2007
  2. 2. RESERVATIONS You can make reservations by visiting or telephoning the offices and through over 2000 authorized travel agents throughout India and over 74 General Sales Agent (GSA) offices worldwide. (Email & Electronic Data Interchange). Reservations Systems (CRS), e.g., ABACUS, AMADEUS, GALILEO, WORLDSPAN, GETS, AXCESS, TOPAS, INFINI, SITAR and GABRIEL. Twenty-four hour reservations facility at Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and Bangalore.
  3. 3. E-Ticketing Electronic ticketing service. This facility enables passengers to book tickets to any destination on the airline’s route network through the Internet. e-Ticket is fast, safe and convenient. All you have to do is print your itinerary and receipt on completion of your online booking and produce it at the airport along with a valid photo identification. Your boarding pass will be issued against your itinerary receipt and Photo identification. If ticketing is not done within the time limit specified, automatic cancellation of the reservation takes place.
  4. 4. CONVENIENCE TO THE PASSENGERS 24-hour Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system for information on the flight when you really need it. To inform passengers in case of delay, re- routing, rescheduling or cancellation of a flight, flight alerts are send on their mobile phones. We immediately inform all travel agents through our Global Distribution Systems (GDS). Use of work group conferencing etc. Use of electronic bulletin boards at the airports- flight schedules. Same Day Return Check-in. Tele-Check-In.
  5. 5. ……contd……Our Inflight Entertainment offers personalised audio video facility in Club Premiere while our Economy cabin provide overhead LCD screens and choice of audio.For all the aviation enthusiasts, you can now download safety cards for all our aircrafts.Jet Airways have set up call centres for International and Domestic flights & services that operate on a 24X7 basis.
  6. 6. Online Data Security Jet Airways is committed to the safety and security of the online transactions. Customer’s credit card is as safe as possible when booked on Information exchanged with them online is treated securely and protected by Verisign and Thawte, by using the internationally accepted and industry standard powerful encryption technology (128 bit secure socket layer, SSL). This software encrypts customer’s personal data as it is sent between the browser and our systems. The web booking engine is directly connected to Sabre Reservation System, which has direct links to the Credit Card associations for credit card processing, avoiding that transactions get further exposed on the web. The Credit Card associations reliability and security standards are utilized for these links.
  7. 7. WEB CHECK - IN Jet Airways now with the help of new technology offers its customers an interactive web check-in facility on its Domestic Flights. Web Check-in is available on flights departing from the Automated Stations -28only. Web Check-in allows customers to select their preferred seat and print their boarding pass on The requirements are : First Name; Last Name; Departure City; Record Locator (PNR).
  8. 8. FLIGHT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMProvides centralized flight deck control ofthe plane’s flight path & performanceparameters.It is the heart of the system.
  9. 9. AUTOPILOT FLIGHT DIRECTOR SYSTEM Consists of 2 individual flight computers & a single mode control panel. It reduces the work load of the pilots & allows them to monitor various flight systems & their parameters for a safe & comfortable flight .
  10. 10. CENTRAL PEDESTRAL It supplements the FMS & provides systems maintenance in the air & on the ground. Radar, communications & navigation systems are placed on it.
  11. 11. CENTRE INSTRUMENT PANELIt has 6 LCD screens to provide all primary flight & navigation information.These CRT screens have replaced the conventional gauges.
  12. 12. CALCULATION OF J P MILES• Mileage Calculator Jet Privilege programme is mileage earning and redeeming. Redeem your JP Miles for free JP Award tickets to 44 destinations, including Nepal and Sri Lanka, across the Jet Airways network and to over 400 destinations in the world.
  14. 14. AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLING• Divided into two major subspecialties, terminal control and en-route control.• Terminal controllers work in facilities called control towers and Terminal Radar Approach Control ( TRACON )• En-route controllers control the traffic between the terminals.
  15. 15. Clearance Delivery Clearance delivery is the position that coordinates with the national command center and the en-route center to obtain releases for aircraft. The information is also coordinated with the en- route center and the ground controller in order to ensure the aircraft reaches the runway in time to meet the release time provided by the command center.
  16. 16. reference• Same Day Return Check-in: This facility is available throughout the network at stations/cities connected by same day return flights, provided both stations are connected online by the Departure Control System. Both boarding cards are handed over to passengers at the point of origin, thereby eliminating a second check-in and therefore, a shorter waiting time at the airport on the return flight. Such passengers would need to report at the airport for the return flight only 30 minutes before scheduled departure.• Tele-Check-In: Most stations have tele-check-in facilities for Club Premiere passengers as well as Jet Privilege Blue Plus, Gold, Silver and Platinum Card members. Platinum and Gold Card members can tele-check-in 48 hours in advance. Silver and Blue Plus Card members can tele-check-in 24 hours in advance. Passengers may tele-check-in upto one hour prior to departure and must arrive at the airport check-in counter at least 30 minutes prior to departure