E paper displays markets, forecasts, technologies 2012-2022


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Aarkstore.com announce a new report "E-Paper Displays: Markets, Forecasts, Technologies 2012-2022" through its vast collection of market research report.

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E paper displays markets, forecasts, technologies 2012-2022

  1. 1. Aarkstore.com announces, a new market research report is available in its vast collectionE-Paper Displays: Markets, Forecasts, Technologies 2012-2022http://www.aarkstore.com/reports/E-Paper-Displays-Markets-Forecasts-Technologies-2012-2022-181816.htmlhttp://www.aarkstore.com/feeds/IDTechEx-Ltd.xmlSummary:Electronic paper technology has found its main application in the development of e-book readers, a market that has bloomed in recent years with successful devicessuch as the Amazon Kindle and the Barns & Noble Nook. The market for e-paperdisplays will reach over $8.5 Billion by 2022, as forecasted by IDTechEx.What the future holds for e-readers remains to be seen. New technologies anddevices are being developed/ launched and there is stiff competition from similardevices such as tablet computers that can offer consumers alternatives with addedfunctionality. This highlights the need for new markets to be identified, in order forelectronic paper devices to continue enjoying the growth witnessed in the yearssince their initial launch.The commercial success of the Amazon Kindle e-reader and the lesser yet still quite
  2. 2. substantial uptake of e-book readers such as the iRex iLIad or the SONY PRS familyhave sparked up a large interest in e-paper display technologies.E-paper displays mimic the appearance of ordinary ink on paper. Unlikeconventional flat panel displays, it doesnt require a backlight to illuminate its pixelsas it reflects light like paper does and can hold text and images indefinitely withoutdrawing power. Usually, most versions can also be flexible, thinner and more robustthan other display technologies.Table of Contents :1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY AND CONCLUSIONS2. INTRODUCTION2.1. Scope2.2. How e-paper displays are being applied2.3. Flexible is a big market2.4. Color, switching speed2.5. E-Books2.6. Cellphones, music players2.7. Smart card displays2.8. Electronic apparel2.9. Posters/signage2.9.1. Clear Channel2.10. Smart packaging/brand enhancement2.10.1. Market drivers2.10.2. Duracell2.10.3. Cloetta bisquit/ACREO winking sign2.10.4. VTT Technology beer package game2.11. E-paper displays have the largest market share for all flexible displays3. ELECTROPHORETIC DISPLAYS
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