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How india can remove corruption & black money by using mobile phones


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How india can remove corruption & black money by using mobile phones

  1. 1. Let us make India the No.1 nation of the world How INDIA can remove Corruption & Black Money 100%, bring democracy in the hands of the people & also enable true SWARAJ by using mobile phones for cashless transactions, taxes & voting
  2. 2.  Benefits of using mobile phones for doing cashless transactions Since Independence, it is estimated that over 25% of the economy is BLACK MONEY and when all this becomes white: 1. Taxes will improve significantly. inflation will come down dramatically. Central & state debt will be wiped off, 2. For every Rs 500 note, Govt is wasting Rs 40 in its printing and there are huge counterfeit notes circulating in the economy. Notes get soiled quickly and the cost of transportation etc is very heavy. 3. Rupee rates will strengthen leading to better credit ratings & reduced cost of oil imports. Current account deficit will get reduced leading to lower fiscal deficits which in turn will lower interest rates. It will boost jobs, business and economy multifold. The country’s cost of operation will get reduced so even with low taxes, it will be able run smoothly. The people will become richer by many times-India will no more a poor country. 4. There will be no theft, no wallets, no ATMs, no burglary etc. 5. Corruption will be eliminated. Since all Indians will have already given details of the list of properties, gold, cash, assets, shares etc that he possesses, even if someone tries to do a barter by handing over some gold to him the transferor will have to provide reasons why it was given which will nail all such ill gotten wealth. Tax will be taken on such transfers. Henceforth there will be no generation of black money in the country. All hawala transactions will be eliminated.
  3. 3. No of seats No of serious candidates (1 each of UPA, NDA & regional Party) Amount that can be legitimately spend by a candidate as per election commission (in lakhs) Average money spent during the elections by each such serious candidate (in crores) is actually about 20 times the allowed limit, ignoring the money spent by other candidates Total money spent (crores) funds spend on elections by each 1 of the 3 parties every year % of money declared as received compared to the money used to fight elections Lok Sabha 543 3 40 8 13032 Vidhan Sabha 3093 3 16 3.2 29692.8 Panchayat & municipal seats 270000 3 3 0.6 486000 528724.8 105744.96 35,248 Amount of funds received every year as declared by some of these parties Congres s 332 crores out of which mostly cash has been collected less than Rs 20000 and so the donor name has not been mentioned and only donors name of Rs 17 crores have been shown 0.91% BJP 170 0.05% So obviously the balance money is coming from mafia, builders, corporates, etc who will extract benefits atleast 5-10 times the money parted by them as it is give & take quid pro quo. They are given contracts in many tenders, rail, road, mining, building & repairing works, etc and thus do sub standard work
  4. 4. Rs 30,126 crores will be saved every year by conducting elections using mobile phones  Amount of money lost per year due to holidays declared for elections (assuming 3 elections comprising of Lok Sabha, Vidhan Sabha and Gram Panchayat) in a 5 year period is Rs 15000 crores (calculated @ Rs 200 per day average per capita earnings of 120 crore Indians)  The deposit of Rs 25000 is too less to be lost by frivolous candidates if he scores less than 16% of the votes polled. It should be raised to Rs 2.5 lakhs and even the nominees should be increased from 10 to 20000 to reduce the serious candidates to 5 or 6  The cost of conducting elections must of another Rs 5000 crores every year including the salary cost of security and staff, transportation etc.  Assuming that 4 candidates in each constituency must be spending per day Rs 1000 for keeping atleast 10 staff members for 10 days for each polling station to give voter slips to go a polling station, checking the authenticity of voters and after that while votes counting, which works out to Rs 7.50 lakhs each and so the total cost of unnecessary expenses during lok sabha elections (assuming each polling station has 1000 votes, he will need 1500 volunteers minimum assuming 15 lakh voters) =(Rs 1000 per day * 10 days* 1500 volunteers * 4 candidates)=Rs 6 crores  And thus for 543 lok sabha seats=total avoidable expenses is Rs 3258 crores  Vidhan Sabha seats: 3093 so total avoidable expenses is Rs 18558 crores (Rs 1000 per day * 10 days * 250 volunteers (1/6 of lok sabha as size is 1/6)*4 candidates=1 crores *3093=Rs 3093 crores  Gram Panchayat & municipal election seats in India:270000 so the total avoidable expenses is Rs (Rs 1000 per day * 10 days * 41 volunteers (1/6 of vidhan sabha as size is 1/6)*4 candidates=1 crores *270000=Rs 44280 crores  So total avoidable election expenses in 5 years is Rs (15000*5 year + 5000*5 years+ 3258+ 3093+44280)=Rs 1,50,631 crores or Rs 30,126 crores every year
  5. 5. Benefits of using mobile phones for conducting elections  It will reduce Rs 30,000 crores expenses every year thereby boosting economy  It will ensure nearly 100% voting giving chances to good candidates to win elections as currently a lot of rich and educated people do not want to vote for criminals who have entered politics  Right to recall or right to reject will become very easy thereby boosting democracy and swaraj  People can continue in their regular work and participation in day to day decision making will happen giving boost to better usage of taxes collected helping in referendums  It will eliminate chances of impersonated votes  The cost of preparing and maintaining electoral rolls will get eliminated Benefits of taking 1% tax on every transaction  The govt will get taxes instantaneously helping it in better planning, execution and provisioning. Tax avoidance will become zero improving tax receipts even at such low rates  Business entities which are not publicly listed will be spared from maintaining challans, filing tax returns, filing returns to ROC or worrying about raids or any wrongdoing. The system will not allow the businessmen from becoming dishonest. The current cost of accounting compliance is very high for keeping accountants and auditing accounts by CAs, CSs which will get eliminated thereby lowering prices and boosting economy.  Since all the current taxes like Service tax, VAT, excise, income tax, profession tax, CST etc will be eliminated by having just 1 transaction tax (except custom duty), over 30 lac people employed in such departments in the central & state govts can be moved into the judiciary, police, education, healthcare departments (where there are severe shortages but the govts are not able to appoint people due to lack of money) thereby eliminating delays in giving justice and also improving public services. Not a single person will lose his job and all the assets in such offices will be used for such purposes.
  6. 6.  Assumptions: The government has to come out with a scheme that no person can have multiple phones or bank account numbers. Unique savings bank & mobile number is required for each person or company connected with his unique aadhar number so that people do not have the option of running away after incurring expenses or loans. Every Aadhar identified Indian will be given 1 FREE smart phone by the telecom service provider just as in the USA iphones are packaged along with the monthly plans. Before the start of cashless transactions, all & every Indian however young or old will have to provide all his assets, cash, properties, shares held by him & income details to the government and also mention how it has been acquired. After such a declaration any asset found benami will become Government property. In case the smart phone or the SIM gets damaged, it will be replaced immediately by the telecom service provider on payment of money immediately. In case the buyers cell phone is damaged or it is a shopping mall or a railway station, then instead of the seller typing the buyers mobile number, the mobile number will have to be typed by the buyer into the sellers cell phone or payment pad. Then after putting the amount, they will ask for the buyer to put his thumb on the payment pad for Aadhar authorization. In case a person wants to transfer money over long distance to anyone, then he will put the mobile number of the person in whose account the money has to be transferred and the transaction will get completed. After the transaction is over, both the buyer & sellers account will be updated with the latest total balance.
  7. 7.  Any smartphone can be used for monetary transactions –it has to be connected to the internet server of the bank which will be checking with the Aadhar number dynamically on online basis.  The user can choose any of the 19 national languages as the preferred language of his choice to get auto voice based steps for doing transactions and during voting  The signal has to be strong and available across the country for either of the party sending the money or receiving the money  Nobody will be able to manipulate the database as it will be 100% hackproof encrypted using military grade SSL.  Even illiterate people can use without any difficulty. This is the only foolproof technique of removing 100% corruption and black money and bringing democracy to the doorsteps of every citizen.  Any political party or individuals who opposes such system innovation means they have vested interests in not removing poverty, corruption & inflation.
  8. 8. Thank you   Pankaj Bhargav  7738766664  Please send your feedback at  OR  Let us make India the No.1 nation of the world by bringing the above changes  Please tell your friends also to join the above campaign to free India of corruption, poverty and inflation.  Jai Hind