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The Making of Videos


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Discussed Power Director Cyberlink as a choice for video making

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The Making of Videos

  1. 1. The Making of Videos WithPower Director Cyberlink
  2. 2. Why Power Director ?
  3. 3. Smart Video Rendering Technology
  4. 4. Comprehensive Help
  5. 5. Capturing the media content
  6. 6. Media Room Drag and drop Timeline Transition and effects Editing theMedia Content Trimming and splitting Magic Movie Wizard
  7. 7. Media Room Subtitle (F3) Effect Room Room (F12) (F4) Picture in Chapter Picture Room Object Room (F11) (F5) ToolbarVoice Over ParticleRecording Room Room (F6) (F10) Audio Text Room Mixing Room Transition (F7) (F9) Room (F8)
  8. 8. Magic Motion Magic Style Magic MusicMagic Fix
  9. 9. Photo Editor
  10. 10. Editing Audio
  11. 11. Credits Snapshots