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Mobile apps in business and their significance


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This Presentation is about the impact of Mobile application in Business growth

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Mobile apps in business and their significance

  1. 1. Mobile Apps in Business AndTheir Significance
  2. 2. IntroductionMobile application development is the bigbusiness happening in todays trend. Thereare number of companies emerging out bytaking mobile apps development as theircore project. This presentation is all aboutthe list of top mobile app developmentcompanies in India.
  3. 3. Mobile Application in Business GrowthThe growth of mobile application has made businesspeople to stay connected with their customers. Sincethe number of Smart phone users are increasingrapidly the revenue of business also increases.
  4. 4. How Mobile Apps Improves YourBusiness• Creates a simulator office• Accelerate customer relationship• Cost-Effective Marketing• New platform for software
  5. 5. Broad Classification of Business MobileApplication• Apps for Marketing your business• Apps for accompany your product or service• Apps for core use• Apps for making money
  6. 6. Business Mobile Application is MainlyUsed for• Mobile payment• Video conferencing• Social media participation• Document scanning• Staying business structured
  7. 7. Top Business Groups Uses MobileApps to Reduce Their CustomerEffort
  8. 8. Some Are...Dino• Dino direct is a e commerce site in whichthe company has its own app that helpscustomers to reach out their site just byclicking dino direct app.
  9. 9. Amazon.comIn the same way Amazon has its own app for bothbuyers and sellers.For BuyerAmazon MobileFor SellerSeller Tool For Amazon
  10. 10. • Dropbox• Google Analytics• Appointment Plus• Bump• Evernote• AsanaBest Apps for Small Businesses
  11. 11. ConclusionMobile Application is a powerful tool that helps inboosting your business no matter about the scale ofbusiness
  12. 12. Thank YouContus3333 Bowers Avenue,Suite 130 Santa Clara,CA 95054.