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2016 Landscape Architecture Portfolio: Zachary B.L. Rees


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2016 Landscape Architecture Portfolio: Zachary B.L. Rees

  2. 2. Lake Central High School Schererville, IN | 2007-2011 Ball State University Muncie, IN | 2011-2016 Major: Landscape Architecture Minor: Natural Resources Email: Phone: 219.669.4042 Address: 6920 W 84th Pl, Crown Point, IN 46307 Issuu: 2014 ASLA National Honor Award: Student Collaboration Vietnam Veterans Memorial: History, Design, and the American People 2014 INASLA Student Award Vietnam Veterans Memorial: History, Design, and the American People Deans List Spring 2013 - Present Alsip Home & Nursery St. John, IN | Spring 2013 Stantec New Haven, CT | Summer 2015 Available Upon Request Education Experience VVM Tablet Application Design Team Member | Spring 2014-Present Awards References Contact Zachary B.L. Rees Community Circle Co-Designer Muncie, IN | Fall 2014-Present
  3. 3. Selected Works Cardinal Sculpture Plaza Spring 2014 | Planting Design Fall 2015 | Urban Design Community Circle: An Old West End Garden-Park Spring 2015 | Extracurricular Design Project VVM: Space + Meaning Spring 2014 | Application Design Design Skills AutoCAD Ps ArchGIS Office SketchUp Ai Id 2014 ASLA National Honor Award: Student Collaboration 2014 INASLA Student Award Over the Rhine: Woodward Place
  4. 4. Ps Ai Main Pedestrian Axis: Creation of the two paths, bisected by hawthorns, was key to help alleviate congestion seen on site. Cardinal Sculpture Plaza Studio: Planting Design Location: Muncie, IN About: Thematically this site takes its form from the “desire paths” that once crisscrossed its boundaries. Pedestrian circulation has been abstracted into a modern design that Incorporates many lines and planes similar to the ones seen in the Arts and Journalism Building nearby. These lines and planes give life to otherwise static pathway most pedestrians are used to, drawing them to the site and offering the a variety of intimate experiences. >> Spring2014
  5. 5. 0’ 10’ 20’ 40’ N Sculpture Garden Master Plan Master Key A. Cafe Plaza B. Sculpture Plazas C. Natural Zones D. Teaching Plaza E. Main Path F. Secondary Paths G. Water Feature H. Snack Shack I. Main Entrances J. Main Sidewalk A B B C C C C D E E F F F G G G H I I J
  6. 6. 0’ 1’ 2’ 4’ 0’ 1’ 2’ 4’ Teaching Plaza North Pathway Natural Zone Natural Zone Main Pathway Main Plaza Canal Secondary Pathway South Pathway Main Axis Section: Bisected by a line of green hawthorns, separating the flow of circulation. Main Plaza Section: Acts as a buffer, with the help of a water feature and lower topography.
  7. 7. KEYQTYBOTANICALNAMECOMMONNAMESIZESPACINGROOTINTEREST SHADETREES GIN-B19Ginkgobiloba'AutumnGold'AutumnGoldGinkgo3''cal.20'o.c.B&BFall-GoldFoli GLE-T11Gleditsiatriacanthosf.inermis'Skycole'SkycoleHoneyLocust3''cal.20'o.c.B&BFall-GoldFoli ORNAMENTALTREES CRA-V13Crataegusviridis'WinterKing'WinterKingGreenHawthorn2''cal.15'o.c.B&BMay-WhiteBl DECIDUOUSSHRUBS ITE-V30Iteavirginica'Henry'sGarnet'Henry'sGarnetVirginiaSweetspire24''4'o.c.B&BMay/June-W ORNAMENTALGRASSES CAL-A49Calamagrostis×acutiflora'KarlFoerster'KarlFoersterFeatherReedGrassNo.236''o.ccont.WinterMonth HERBACEOUSPERENNIAL ECH-P190EchinaceapurpureaPurpleConeflowerNo.118''o.c.cont.June/August- IRI-A299Iriscristata'Alba'AlbaDwarfCrestedIrisNo.112''o.c.cont.April-WhiteB LEU-S260Leucanthemum×superbum'SnowLady'SnowLadyShastaDaisyNo.112''o.c.cont.May/August- LIR-M889Liriopemuscari'BigBlue'BigBlueLilyTurf4"pot12''o.c.cont.August/Septe RUD-F246RudbeckiafulgidaBlack-EyedSusanNo.124''o.c.cont.June/October SED-R116Sedumrupestre'Angelina'AngelinaStonecropNo.112''o.c.cont.FallMonths- 0’ 10’ 20’ 40’ N Sculpture Garden Planting Plan Ginkgo Hawthorn Sweetspire Karl Foerster Purple Coneflower Liriope Black-Eyed Susan Stonecrop PlantSchedule
  8. 8. Over the Rhine: Woodward Place Studio: Urban Design Location: Cincinnati, OH Ai Ps N0’ 60’ 120’ 240’ About: With the former SCPA Building undergoing a renovation and nearby Zieglar Park in the stages of an overhaul courtesy of design firm Human Nature, the present barren front lawn of Alumni Lofts is ripe for the creation of a catalyst that brings people of all backgrounds into a cohesive living arrangement. Proposed building footprints mimic the nearby built environment while material considerations came from the Human Nature design and historic Cincinnati. >> Plant Palette Material Palette Limestone Granite Sandstone Limestone Wall Honeylocust Redbud Serviceberry Karl Foerster Zieglar Park + Woodward Place Master Plan Fall2014
  9. 9. Geometry Diagram Pedestrian Circulation Diagram View-shed Diagram Figure-Ground Diagram Intensity Diagram Program Diagram Lowest Level of Activity Highest Level of Activity Plant Material Built Structures Retail Zone Residential Zone Building Zone Urban Plaza Zone Natural Zone NExploded Axonometric Plan N.T.S Softscape Hardscape Planters/Walls Structures Tree Canopy Conceptual Design Process
  10. 10. Plan Key A. Main Entrance B. Secondary Entrance C. Waterfall Feature D. Apartment/Retail E. Main Promenade F. Sidewalk G. Overhead Lighting H. Trellis Structure I. Barley Hammock Structure J. Programmable Lawn Zone K. Programmable Plaza L. Cafe Seating Plaza M. Planting Zone N. Garage Entrance O. Alumni Lofts A A A A B B C D D D D D D D D D E F G H I J K L M M N N SycamoreStreet Fourteenth Street BroadwayStreet N0’ 30’ 60’ 120’ Illustrative Site Plan
  11. 11. Planting Buffer Alumni Lofts Apartment/Retail Zone Court- yard Barley Hammock Zone Side- walk Retail Zone Programmable Lawn Zone Commercial Apartment Programmable Lawn Zone Open Plaza Cafe Seating Plaza Pergola Promenade Zone Retail Zone Apartment/Retail Zone Court- yard “Front-Yard” Zone Commercial Apartment Apartment 0’ 16.5’ 33’ 66’ North|South Section: Accent pieces punctuate the edges of the active lawn zone. West|East Section: Differing passive zones provide an edge to the active lawn zone. 0’ 16.5’ 33’ 66’
  12. 12. Community Circle: An Old West End Garden Park Extracurricular Design Project Location: Muncie, IN About: For this extracurricular project, team members from architecture, landscape architecture, and urban planning backgrounds came together to aid in the design of a garden-park. Through numerous neighborhood meetings and charrettes, the team and Old West End Community was able to both decide on a design and see it through to fruition. >> AiPs Above: Final View of Trellis Structure Image Credits: Old West End Neighborhood Association Spring2015
  13. 13. 1 1 1 2 34 5 6 6 55 7 7 8 9 3 1 1 1 1 2 3 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 9 0’ 10’ 20’ 40’ N 0’ 10’ 20’ 40’ N Concept One Concept Two Concept One: 1 Temporary Sculpture 2 Site Boundary 3 Pollinator Plantings 4 Main Sculpture 5 Gathering Space 6 Fruit Tree 7 Permanent Sculpture 8 Granite Benches 9 Main Pathway Concept Two: 1 Ornamental Tree 2 Site Boundary 3 Limestone Benches 4 Free-Play Zone 5 Main Pathway 6 Pollinator Plantings 7 Granite Benches 8 Gathering Space 9 Central Sculpture 0’ 10’ 20’ 40’ N Option One 0’ 10’ 20’ 40’ N Option Two
  14. 14. Inventory/Design/Construction: 1 Previous Structure On-Site 2 Cleared Site 3 Surveying the Site 4 Community Design Charrette 5 Paver Sub-base Preparation 6 Installing Pavers 7 Installing Trellis Beams 8 Installing Trellis Crossbeams 9 Grand Opening Party! << 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
  15. 15. Site Design Elements: 1 NE Site Entrance 2 Central Art-Piece 3 SE Site Entrance 4 Granite Bench Detail 5 Pavement Detail 6 SW Site Entrance 7 Installing Trellis Beams 8 Site Design Panorama >> 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
  16. 16. The Cultural Landscape Foundation THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS VVM: Space + Meaning Studio: Application Design Location: Washington, DC AiId About: The Vietnam Veterans Memorial tablet app represents a collaboration among 23 students from 16 disciplines. The app synthesizes the history, design, and context of the Memorial with cultural history and current social practices. Compelling narratives with images, audio, text, video and animations, are offered, with the intent of reaching the millions who visit the Memorial each year. The intent of this app is three-fold: to increase the general public’s exposure to and understanding of contemporary designed landscapes; to raise awareness of the Memorial as a therapeutic landscape, and to tell compelling stories about the making of the Memorial, and its presence in many lives today.. >> More info @ 2014 National Honor Award: Student Collaboration 2014 Student Award Community PartnersOur Team + Advertising Digital Storytelling Graphic Arts History Journalism Marketing Landscape Architecture Telecommunications Video Production Visual Communications Spring2014
  17. 17. &Researched Historical Context of the Design American Culture of Vietnam Era Public Perception of Vietnam War Psychological Impact of the Design Contemporary Memorial Design Realization of Design Design Concepts Utilized Construction of the Design Details Associated with the Design Conceptualization of the Memorial Interviewed VVMF NPS ASLA CLF Jan Scruggs Founder/President of the VVMF Jan Scruggs Education Director at the VVMF Robert Doubek Attorney/Former Project Director for the VVM Bob Sonderman Director at the Museum Resource Center Senior Archaeologist at the NPS Charles Birnbaum Founder/President of the CLF VVMF VVMF VVM NPS CLF Designed
  18. 18. Home Screen The app’s graphic introductory screen presents the 5 major sections: the National Mall, American Culture in the Vietnam Era, the Names, Design, and Place of Connection. The timeline also appears on this page, illustrating the overlapping eras important to communicating the Memorial’s story, organized by events and processes that began before its 1982 dedication, and those that occurred afterward, through present day. Presents the Mall at important points in its history: The Federal City, Civil War, Turn of the Century, World War II, the Bicentennial, and the New Millennium. Within each category, maps, images, and descriptions detail additions, subtractions and key events that shaped this landscape. Uses a timeline format to explore American culture from 1945 – 1982 (the Memorial’s dedication). With 109 entries subject matter in a range of categories is presented: General War Information, Civil Rights, Women’s Rights, Anti-War Efforts, Music, Pop Culture, and the Soldier’s Experience. the National Mall American Culture
  19. 19. The Design section is organized into two sections: Design (basic design terms including: ground plane, journey, connecting with history, shaping space, time, scale), and Construction (where the granite came from, how names were inscribed and much more. The powerful connection many experience at the Wall, organized into three categories: The Names, Offerings, and Traditions. In The Names section the user can learn how to find a name and how names are arranged. The Offerings tells the history of items left at the wall. Traces the idea of the names from the earliest thoughts of the Memorial to Dedication in 1982, when the names could be touched. The Legacy of the Names has 5 sections, sequential in time: The Spark (the genesis of the idea). the Names Place of Connection the Design