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McDowell Mountain Community Garden Presentation


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A brief presentation describing the MMR Community Garden Project.

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McDowell Mountain Community Garden Presentation

  1. 1. M. Preston Clarke Co-Founder Preston@MMRGarden.Org Special Thanks to MMR Homes for their continued support!
  2. 2. WHAT? A community garden is a single piece of land gardened collectively by a group of people.
  3. 3. WHO? We're just a group of local people interested in gardening and our community. We share the belief that community gardening can provide a terrific focal point for the McDowell Mountain Ranch community, something that will draw people out and get them involved.
  4. 4. WHY? Benefits of Community Gardens: • Provides a catalyst for neighborhood and community development • Stimulates social interaction • Creates opportunity for recreation, exercise, therapy, and education • Provides opportunities for intergenerational and cross-cultural connections • Beautifies neighborhoods • Produces nutritious food • Encourages self-reliance • Reduces family food budgets • Conserves resources • Preserves green space • Creates income opportunities and economic development
  5. 5. WHERE? Southwest corner of 104th Street & McDowell Mountain Ranch Rd McDowell Mountain Ranch Rd
  6. 6. PROPERTY FACTS • Currently zoned for Open Space. • Two parcels: • 217-14-003J, Owned by Scottsdale Unified School District #48 • 217-14-969, Owned by the City of Scottsdale • Adjacent to: • Existing 95 space parking lot • McDowell Mountain Trailhead • Desert Canyon Middle School • Desert Canyon Shopping Center (Whitestone REIT) • Pre-existing water and power sources
  7. 7. INFASTRUCTURE ELEMENTS • Gated entrance • Fenced enclosure • Equipment shed • Covered stage / general purpose space • Rain catchment system • Solar power • Security / live video feed cameras
  8. 8. GARDEN ELEMENTS • Individual plots • Communal plots • Citrus grove • Native desert plants • Herb garden • Compost • Earthworm garden
  9. 9. LAYOUT EXAMPLE Design by: MTH Design Group (
  11. 11. POTENTIAL USES • Personal Gardening • Communal Gardening • Workshops: Gardening, cooking, music, etc. • After school programs: Girl Scouts, Desert Canyon School classes, etc. • Picnic Lunches • Farmers market
  12. 12. WHO CAN USE THE GARDEN? MMRCG will be open to all. • Individual plots will be rented for a small yearly fee. • Communal plots will be available to everyone. • General use space will be available to all residents of McDowell Mountain Ranch.
  13. 13. LEADERSHIP The intention is to form volunteer committees to govern and manage the MMR Community Garden. Volunteers Committees: • Steering Committee • Social Events & Community Outreach • Sponsorship • Operation/ Maintenance
  14. 14. BUDGET Yearly Estimated Cost: Maintenance $5,000 Plants & Flowers $2,000 Utilities $2,000 Legal & Tax $2,000 TOTAL $11,000 Initial Estimated Cost: Planning/ Design $7,500 Plants & Flowers $5,000 Ground Cover $2,500 Infrastructure $25,000 Fence $20,000 Tools $4,000 TOTAL $64,000
  15. 15. SPONSORSHIP MMRCG intends to seek technical, product, and financial support from: • Local business • National business with a local presence • MMR Home Owner Associations • MMR Residents • Community Garden funds
  16. 16. SPONSORSHIP LEVELS X Sunshine Sponsor Harvester Master Gardener Blossom Sponsor Green Thumb Sponsor Bee Sponsor Bulb Seed X $10,000 $5,000 $2,500 $1,000 $500 $250 $100 $25 Available 2 2 4 10 20 20 20 20 Participate in Grand Opening Ceremony X X Verbal Recognition at Grand Opening X X X X Founding Sponsor Plaque X X X X X X Building Sponsor w/ Plaque X Garden Table or Bench X X Planter Box X X Pathway Sign X X Birdhouse X Plant a Tree X Stepping Stone X X X Logo and link on MMRCG Website X X X X X Featured in Newsletter X X X X X Social Media Mention (Facebook & Twitter) X X X X Press Release Inclusion X X X X X X Certificate of Recognition X X X X X X X X • Covered Stage • Shed • Entrance • Fence • Planter Beds • Solar Power System • Rain Catchment System • Irrigation System • Tools • Security System Potential Sponsorship Areas:
  17. 17. TIMELINE • Spring 2014: • Form initial committees • Approach local business to support marketing efforts • Summer 2014: • Finalize landscape design plan & phases • Approach property owners (city/school) to petition for use of the land • Fall 2014: • Begin campaign drive to raise money for MMRCG • Winter 2015: • Begin construction of MMRCG
  18. 18. TAKE ACTION NOW What you can do now: • Donate: • Tell your friends to ‘Like’ us on Facebook • Sign up for the MMRCG Newsletter at www.MMRGarden.Org • Show your interest in volunteering by using the form at: www.MMRGarden.Org/support-us • Introduce us to anyone with connections to the city, schools, gardeners, and sponsors.
  19. 19. THANKS! Thanks for taking the time to listen to our presentation.