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  1. 1. Yuhan(John) Zhu E-mail Address: LinkedIn: Address: Ridge Road 2535 Unit A, Berkeley, CA 94709 Mobile (US): +1-510-610-0336 Objective: To obtain a full time job as a Mechanical Engineer, a Control Engineer, or a Electrical Engineer. Education: Master Degree: University of California, Berkeley (UCB) Master of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Advanced Control Systems 08/2014-05/2015 •Courses: Advanced Control System, Model Predictive Control, Loop Shaping, Advanced Design and Automation, Computational Analytics, Microprocessor-Based Mechanical Systems, Control of Nonlinear Dynamic Systems. Bachelor Degree: Nanjing University of Science and Technology (NUST) GPA: 3.75/4.0 Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Detection and Control System 2010-2014 Relevant Experience: Control System Design & Simulation of Medical Exoskeleton Project, UCB Robotics Lab 09/2014-05/2015 •Designed the Exoskeleton dynamic model using Robotic Toolbox. •Designed an inverse dynamics control and simulated the control system in Simulink. •Built a Solidworks model for a simplified exoskeleton mechanism. •Programmed the controller using NI Labview and co-simulated Labview with Solidworks using NI Softmotion. Control System Design of a ball-beam system, UCB Mechanical Engineer Department 02/2015-05/2015 •Obtained the dynamics of the ball and beam system. •Designed different control strategies: PID, LQR, feedback linearization and sliding mode control Internship in Anhui Dongfeng Mechatronic Technology Inc. 02/2014-04/2014 •Supervised the manufacturing process at the turning processing workshop and the assembly shop •Organized the technological cards and machining process document at the punching press workshop Intelligent Obstacle Avoiding Vehicle, NUST 11/2013-07/2014 •Programmed the controller in C language using AVR Studio •Designed the MCU control system as well as the peripheral circuit using Altium Designer •Tested the system on the vehicle. Gained hands-on experience in MCU control, A/D conversion and DC motor control Project of Lower Limbs Recovering Robot, NUST 06/2013-10/2013 •Won first prize at National College Robot Competition (RoboCup) •Designed the mechanical structures using Solidworks and estimated materials properties for each functional part •Programmed the control system founded on a single chip Atmega16A using AVR studio •Manufactured the prototype in a workshop, experienced the whole procedure of manufacture and circuit building Project of Portable Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Device, NUST 02/2011-09/2011 •Designed the pressing mechanical structure using Solidworks and manufactured the initial mechanism in a workshop. •Conducted strength verification of joints and stress points in a mechanics laboratory Skills & Personal Info: Software & Programming: Proficient in Matlab, Solidworks, AutoCAD, Altium Designer, AVR Studio; Familiar with C/C++, JAVA, Python, Visual Basic Leadership: Student supervisor, Director of Science Activity Department in Sci. & Tech. Association, Principal trumpet. Interest: Playing trumpet, Swimming, Soccer.