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SEMESTER 1: English Writing Brief - Essay Question (individual)


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SEMESTER 1: English Writing Brief - Essay Question (individual)

  1. 1. SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE, BUILDING & DESIGN Foundation in Natural and Built Environment (FNBE) English 1 [ENGL0105] Assignment: Essay Question Assignment Individual work. LO As per stated in the module 25% Essay Week 7 21st March,2014 INTRODUCTION This assignment evaluates academic writing skills for a basic 5-paragraph expository or argumentative essay. It also evaluates the student’s ability to research information to support the arguments proposed in the essay, to cite the sources of information and also to provide a list of references. Referencing: All persons, books and other sources of information are to be referenced in accordance with the APA Style. OBJECTIVES OF ESSAY WRITING The objectives of this project are as follows: 1. Provide practice in basic 5-paragraph essay writing. 2. Provide instructions in basic referencing skills. 3. Provide basic analytical skills for contemporary essays and reading texts. LEARNING OUTCOMES OF THIS REPORT The learning outcomes of this assignment are: 1. Write a well-developed and well-organised 5-paragraph expository and argumentative essay. 2. Apply correct APA style referencing techniques. 3. Analyse contemporary essays and reading texts critically. Taylor’s University FNBE - English 2 (ENGL 0205) 1 | P a g e P a g e | 1 of 4
  2. 2. TASKS – METHODOLOGY Your tasks are as follows: 1. In some countries young people have little leisure time and are under a lot of pressure to work hard in their studies. What do you think are the causes and effects of this condition? Plan your response, and then write a cause or effect essay. 2. Write a compare or contrast essay about any two traditional houses of your choice. 3. Identify the steps involved in producing an attractive sketch. Then, write a process essay to describe this process. SUBMISSION REQUIREMENT 1. You are required to answer only ONE question. 2. The word limit for this assignment is 600 to 800 words only. 3. You must research the topic that you choose and write an essay that is informed by authority. 4. Submissions after 21st March, 2014 will not be entertained. 5. The essay must be typed on A4 paper using font style ARIAL point size 12 with double spacing. 6. Your essay must be submitted with the following: i. pre-writing ii. citations within the text supporting your argument (APA referencing format) iii. a list of references (Works Cited in APA format) attached at the end of your essay iv. cover page (follow the attached format) ASSESSMENT CRITERIA The assessment for this assignment will be based on: • Your demonstrated understanding of the brief. • The content of the write-up—strength of central idea and relevance to the question. • Clear and coherent organization of ideas and argument. • Ability to use scholarly references to support arguments and ideas. • Grammar and mechanics. Taylor’s University FNBE - English 2 (ENGL 0205) 2 | P a g e P a g e | 2 of 4
  3. 3. MARKING CRITERIA Descriptors Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Total Percentage 40-49% 50-59% 60-69% 70-79% 80% & above Marks Prewriting - 10 (per paragraph) Lack supporting details or examples One supporting detail or example Two supporting details or examples 3 supporting details or examples Good and sequentially developed Unity – 10 (Structure) Intro/Supporting Paragraphs/ Conclusion Essay is not assigned with the topic with general introduction and conclusion 2 main ideas provided with general supporting ideas with general introduction and conclusion. 3 main ideas provided but they are loosely connected. Introduction with a thesis statement and a general conclusion. Provided a thesis statement with 3 topic sentences but each paragraph contains 2 or less specific details. No recommendation for the conclusion. Well developed introduction with a thesis statement, 3 topic sentences and 3 specific details for each paragraphs and has recommendations for the conclusion. Support – 30 Provides general ideas with one specific detail. Provides two specific details. Logical progression in ideas. 3- 4specific details included. Logical progression in ideas. 5-7 specific details included. Ideas are clear and logical. Provides 8 or more specific details with resource information. Coherence – 30 Essays show little development or relationship among ideas. Uses 2 or less transitional words or other word connectors. Lack of logical progression. Uses 3 word connectors. Sequence of idea is evident. Uses 4 word connectors. Logical progression of ideas. Shows an in- depth understanding of topic and provides independent thought. Sentence skills 20 Compose simple and monotonous sentences. Serious errors in choice of words and Compose simple sentences with numerous errors in mechanics. Appropriate Compound sentences with fewer errors in mechanics. Ability to use precise choice of Complex sentence structure and consistent use of mechanics. Free from errors in sentence structure, choice of words and grammar. Taylor’s University FNBE - English 2 (ENGL 0205) 3 | P a g e P a g e | 3 of 4
  4. 4. mechanics. choice of words. words. SUGGESTED REFERENCES 1. Langan, J. (2008). College Writing Skills with Readings. (7th Ed.)New York: McGraw Hill. 2. Terry, M. & Wilson, J. (n.d.) Focus on Academic Skills for IELTS. Longman. SUGGESTED COVER PAGE / AUTHORSHIP Should be well designed with the necessary information; [Name / all in group] [Id] [Module] [Session] January, 2014 Taylor’s University FNBE - English 2 (ENGL 0205) 4 | P a g e P a g e | 4 of 4