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Natasha khan gender sexuality essay plan


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Q2 gender sexuality essay plan

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Natasha khan gender sexuality essay plan

  1. 1. How have sociologists challengedthe idea that gender andsexuality are natural?Essay PlanBy Natasha khan
  2. 2. • Introduction: Stated difficult terms todefine, have changed over time. Given Butlersdefinition of gender and sexuality- but statedthey have been criticised. More recent studieshave looked at the “naturality” of the terms, itappears there are not. The essay will lookhistorically at varying sociological perspectivesincluding: sex-role theory, periods:structuarlist/post etc in attempt to displayvarying changes in perceptions.
  3. 3. Main body of Argument• Earliest sociological perspective: Sex-RoleTheory, Parsons, linked to naturalness, but alsocriticised it.• Then Introduced ideas of Ann Oakley, feminism.• 70s one of most significant periods, marked strongpolitical development, influenced byMarxism, divisions of labour.• Nature and biologically a women, on globalscale, Ortner- 3 dimensions: marks Cultural Turn.• This period: Post- Structuarlist: 1990s onwardsknown sex and gender= socially constructed.• Sexuality not natural: The Queer Theory.
  4. 4. Conclusion• Overall: with regards to sociologicalperspectives towards gender andsexuality, consensus is two not natural. In factare socially constructed, shaped byculture, society and history.• Although anatomical sex is innate, beingphysically one sex may not make you of thesame gender.