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Messageby MOS Lee on behalf of Selection Committee Chair
Messageby Symposium Chair, Ambassador Burhan Gafoor
Desmond Lee
On behalf of the Chair of
the WCS Young Leaders
Selection Committee
I would ...
The world is urbanising, our cities are growing larger and denser.
Cities are already home to half our world’...
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  1. 1. CONTENTS Messageby MOS Lee on behalf of Selection Committee Chair Messageby Symposium Chair, Ambassador Burhan Gafoor AboutWorld Cities Summit Young Leaders Selection Committee ProgrammeWorld Cities Summit Young Leaders Symposium Profile & BiosOf all the World Cities Summit Young Leaders 2 4 6 8 10 12
  2. 2. PAGE 3PAGE 2 Desmond Lee MESSAGE FROM On behalf of the Chair of the WCS Young Leaders Selection Committee Message I would like to congratulate our World Cities Summit (WCS) Young Leaders, and warmly welcome all of you to the inaugural Young Leaders Symposium here in Singapore. Although we come from different regions of the world and from different parts of the urban sector, we all share a common vision to build liveable and sustainable cities for our people. Singapore is the city that it is today because we had visionary young leaders from the time of our independence. When Mr Lee Kuan Yew became Singapore’s first Prime Minister, he was in his mid-thirties. There were no natural resources; unemployment was high; urban slums were pervasive; infrastructure was poor. It was a politically turbulent time. Because he and his team were dedicated in pursuing the vision of a better life for Singaporeans, they were prepared to learn from the successes and failures of other cities, adapted ideas and formulated practical new solutions, and in so doing established the foundation of today’s Singapore. Around the world, the pace of urbanisation is unprecedented. The challenges that cities face are acute and constantly evolving. The WCS Young Leaders initiative is therefore intended to encourage networking and sharing among distinguished young urban leaders committed to catalysing change and driving development and innovation in the urban landscape. Many of you here already hold key positions of influence in government, organisations and institutions and your decisions today will determine the wellbeing of your cities and their inhabitants. I urge you to make good use of this Symposium to build valuable networks and lasting friendships, and to exchange ideas, share knowledge, collaborate on cutting edge urban innovations and initiate projects to further enhance city living. Desmond Lee Minister of State for National Development Singapore WORLD CITIES SUMMIT YOUNG LEADERS
  3. 3. PAGE 5PAGE 4 The world is urbanising, our cities are growing larger and denser. Cities are already home to half our world’s population. This is slated to increase in the near future, hence intensifying many problems associated with urbanisation, such as overcrowding, crime and pollution. Many of these problems are complex, multi-faceted and require integrated approaches to solve them. The challenge of creating sustainable and liveable cities requires all stakeholders to work together. Corporations, non-governmental organisations and civil society are important in devising innovative and dynamic solutions to enhance competitiveness, liveability and sustainability in today’s cities. This inaugural World Cities Summit (WCS) Young Leaders Symposium is the platform for young leaders from diverse sectors to meet, discuss and collaborate on pertinent urban issues of the day. With the theme “Seeding Change in My City”, this WCS Young Leaders Symposium aims to highlight the need to start by planting ideas and nurturing them to fruition in our cities. When the seeds of change are planted jointly by stakeholders working together in a city, there is potential to bring about great positive changes in the city environment and in the communities that make up the Ambassador Burhan Gafoor MESSAGE FROM Chair of the WCS Young Leaders Symposium Ambassador Burhan Gafoor Chief Negotiator for Climate Change Singapore Message city. For example, many cities are already finding creative ways of working with communities to manage waste. Underutilised spaces are being reinvented for cycleways, recreation spaces, pop-up services and greenery. Others cities are leveraging on “smart” technology to provide micro-services that immeasurably improve the lives of residents. Today, urban dwellers are more informed, dynamic, and increasingly willing to participate in the affairs of the city, through their professions, voluntary engagements, or side projects. Ground-up initiatives and active citizenry are becoming more common. As policymakers, thought leaders, captains of industry and active citizens, each one of us play important roles in bringing change to our cities, in building resilience within our cities and by supporting the growth and development of our cities. Besides engaging in discussions on how this can be achieved and enhanced, I hope that the Symposium also provides you with a platform to collaborate with other WCS Young Leaders to seed changes in cities. Ultimately, change comes from good ideas. But good ideas in themselves are not sufficient. There is also a need for leadership and good governance. This WCS Young Leaders initiative will inspire numerous projects and initiatives that go a long way in catalysing change in today’s cities. I look forward to your valued contributions at the WCS Young Leaders Symposium. WORLD CITIES SUMMIT YOUNG LEADERS
  4. 4. PAGE 7PAGE 6 T he World Cities Summit Young Leaders (WCS Young Leaders) is an initiative by the World Cities Summit (WCS). It aims to recognise and bring together young leaders from diverse urban sectors, committed to actively catalyse change in cities and shape urban development agendas. Urbanisation is reshaping our planet and radically transforming economies and societies. By 2060, seven in ten of the world’s population will live in cities. Increased urbanisation and density can lead to social unrest, environmental deterioration and economic stagnation. There is an increasing need for city leaders to look into combating these problems and issues, whilst working to create liveable, competitive and sustainable environments. The WCS Young Leaders initiative thus provides a platform for young leaders to carry out intellectual discourse on urban issues, and launch initiatives to tackle both present and future urban challenges. Close to 205 WCS Young Leaders were selected for the inaugural 2014 WCS Young Leaders initiative. These Young Leaders have made outstanding contributions to the field of urban development. The inaugural WCS Young Leaders community consists of politicians, government officials, thought leaders, academics and leaders in international organisations, corporations, and industries. The WCS Young Leaders were nominated and selected based on the following criteria: Possess proven records as established leaders in urban sectors through championed projects or published insights Belong to sectors related to urban development and governance Possess impeccable public records and be of good social standing Ability to commit to a 3-year tenure Possess passion for the programme and willingness to cultivate the next batch of young urban leaders as a mentor Are between the ages of 30 and 45 at the time of nomination WCS Young Leaders will be selected every two years by a distinguished multi-disciplinary and international Selection Committee. WCS Young Leaders will enjoy a three-year tenure, during which they will have opportunities to: Attend the World Cities Summit Young Leaders Symposium, held every two years Attend the biennual, by-invitation World Cities Summit; Form and join interest groups which are aligned with WCS’ focus areas, together with other WCS Young Leaders Host events of interest on both virtual (eg. webinars) and physical (eg. lectures, workshops) spheres Initiate and share projects on a global scale, with the support of the WCS Secretariat team Participate in exclusive leadership events by urban solutions companies and international development organisations Upon completion of the three-year tenure, WCS Young Leaders will join the Alumnus, and continue to have privileged access to members’ events. They will also be invited to mentor future WCS Young Leaders. The World Cities Summit is committed to continue to be the landmark meeting for global city leaders, business leaders, policymakers and experts to gather together to address key urban challenges and find collective solutions. The WCS Young Leaders initiative further strengthens this commitment. Connect with our WCS Young Leaders at . ABOUT WORLD CITIES SUMMIT YOUNG LEADERS
  5. 5. WorldCities SummitYoungLeadersSelection Committee comprises a distinguished set of international leaders that span different sectors, geography and spheres of influence: Ambassador Burhan Gafoor, Chief Negotiator for Climate Change, Singapore Mr Lee Yi Shyan, Senior Minister of State of the Ministry of National Development Singapore WCS YL Selection Committee Chair Her Excellency Fumiko Hayashi, Mayor of Yokohama and former President of CityNet Ms Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Dr Aisa Kirabo Kacyira, Deputy-Executive Director, UN-Habitat Mr Andrew Tan, Chief Executive Officer of Maritime Port Authority of Singapore SELECTION COMMItTEE Mr Andrei Sharonov, Dean of Moscow School of Management, SKOLKOVO Mr Peter Lacy, Managing Director Asia-Pacific Sustainability Services, Accenture Dr Shi Nan ,Vice President and Secretary-General of the Urban Planning Society of China WORLD CITIES SUMMIT YOUNG LEADERS PAGE 9PAGE 8
  6. 6. WORLD CITIES SUMMIT YOUNG LEADERS TIME PROGRAMME 08.30-09.00 Arrival of Guests and Registration 09.00-09.30 Welcome Address by the Chair of the WCS Young Leaders Symposium Ambassador Burhan Gafoor, Chief Negotiator for Climate Change, Singapore. Address by the Guest of Honour, Desmond Lee, Minister of State for National Development of Singapore, Selection Committee Chair Launch of the WCS Young Leaders initiative 09.30-12.00 Session 1: “Challenges and Changes needed in my City” 12.00-13.00 WCS Young Leaders Networking Lunch 13.00-15.00 Session 2: “Key Initiatives to Seed Change in my City” 15.00-15.40 Session 3: How can we improve the WCS Young Leaders Initiative 15.40-15.50 16.00-17.30 Closing Remarks WCS Young Leaders Networking Cocktail 31 May 2014, Young Leaders Symposium Symposium programme TIME PROGRAMME 1 June 2014 18:30-21:00 WCS Opening Ceremony and Welcome Reception (Note: RSVP required) • With Guest of Honour for WCS Opening Ceremony and Welcome Reception, Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. 15.50-16.00 Group Photo *Agenda is subject to change. PAGE 11PAGE 10
  7. 7. PROFILES WORLD CITIES SUMMIT YOUNG LEADERS PAGE 13PAGE 12 KHALED ABDELHALIM Khaled Abdelhalim is currently the Assistant Professor of Urban Policy at the American University in Cairo (AUC), as well as the Executive Director of the Local Development Authority at the Ministry of Local Development. He has previously worked in German development agency GZ in its Participatory Development Program in Urban Areas. Dr Abdelhalim has also founded two NGOs: the Egyptian Earth Construction Association, which promotes sustainable and appropriate building technologies, and Takamol Foundation, which is dedicated to promoting sustainable urban development. HITOSHI ABE Hitoshi Abe is the Principal for Hitoshi Abe Atelier and Professor at UCLA’s Department of Architecture & Urban Design. Since 1992, when Dr. Hitoshi Abe won first prize in the Miyagi Stadium competition, he has maintained an active international design practice based in Sendai, Japan, and Los Angeles, as well as a schedule of lecturing and publishing, which placed him among the leaders in his field. The work of Atelier Hitoshi Abe has been published internationally and received numerous awards in Japan and internationally. His Excellency Dr Hani Mohammad Aburas is currently the Mayor of Jeddah Municipality, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where he provides leadership and vision for the City of Jeddah and its associated sub municipalities through policy formulations, delivery of city services, communication and outreach to citizens. Prior to this, His Excellency Aburas served as the Secretary-General of the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI) in 2010, and Deputy Mayor for Services of Jeddah from 2008 to 2010. He has also assumed key leadership positions in Jeddah Municipality, such as the Supervisor General of the Administrative Development and Centralized Services, and the Crisis Management Department, just to name a few. HANI ABURAS DAVID ADAM David is the Founder and Principal of Global Cities, and has devised many high visibility place brand projects at the Olympics for London and Beijing. He writes and speaks on trends within globalisation and their impact on places. He is the founder and CEO of Future London - a bid for London to host the World Expo in 2025; co-founder of Phønix the International Place Branding Panel, and a founder and collaborator of the Ke2 initiative sharing best practice in knowledge exchange from around the globe. In his career he has worked in public policy formation, specialised in the economic development of cities and regions, and built many cultural diplomacy initiatives between the UK and China.
  8. 8. PROFILES WORLD CITIES SUMMIT YOUNG LEADERS PAGE 15PAGE 14 CLARE AKAMANZI PAULO ALCAZAREN Paulo Alcazaren is the Principal of PGAA Design, a Manila consultancy office that specialises in site planning, urban design and landscape architecture. He has finished over 200 projects in 14 countries, four dozen high- end residential and mixed-use developments, and two dozen horels, resorts and large site planning projects. Besides being an architect, Mr Alcazaren is also a journalist, published author, architectural photographer and editor. He founded the Heritage Conservation Society, where hs currently sits on its Board as a Board Member. In addition, he is a Board Member of Nayong Pilipino, and a Consultant of Rizal Park’s Department of Tourism and the Roxas Boulevard. Clare Akamanzi is currently the Chief Operating Officer of the Rwanda Development Board (RDB), a government institution in charge of accelerating economic growth and development in Rwanda. Prior to this, she was Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Business Operations and Services at RDB. Previously, Ms Akamanzi was Deputy Director- General of the Rwanda Investment and Export Promotion Agency (RIEPA), Rwanda’s commercial diplomat in London, and trade negotiator in Geneva for the Government of Rwanda at the World Trade Organization. She has also been ranked on Africa’s Most Powerful Women List. JON ANDONI ALDEKOA DE LA TORRE Jon Andoni Aldekoa de la Torre is currentlytheMayor’sOfficeDelegate Director at Bilbao City Council, working in the fields of political management, communication and direct management areas such as Budgeting, Modernisation and GeneralServices,chairingmunicipal companies such as CIMUBISA (Information Technologies) and Bilbao Ekintza (Economical and International Promotion). He is a Guest Lecturer in Political Management for the Latin American programmes at the George Washington University, and regularly teaches courses in Political Management and Political and Institutional Communication. HEATHER ALLEN Heather Allen is the Programme Director of Sustainable Transport. Heatherisarecognizedinternational expert in urban transport and sustainable development and brings to TRL nearly 15 years of invaluable experience in this field. At TRL, she is leading the team on climate change with the multi-stakeholder initiative entitled Bridging the Gap, as well as developing projects on sustainable urban transport particularly in the developing world.
  9. 9. PROFILES WORLD CITIES SUMMIT YOUNG LEADERS PAGE 17PAGE 16 PIA ALLERSLEV ALLEN ANG Pia Allerslev is currently the Cultural and Leisure Mayor of the City of Copenhagen. She was elected to the City Council in 2001, and was appointed Mayor of Culture and Leisure in 2008. Prior to this, Ms Allerslev was Chairman of the Left at Copenhagen City Heart, as well as President of Young Liverals in Holstebro (1991-1993) before that. Before entering politics, Ms Allerslev was a teacher and a programme coordinator. ALEJANDRO ARAVENA Alejandro Aravena established Alejandro Aravena Architects. He was Visiting Professor at Harvard GSD (2000-2005) and was named International Fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). He is currently member of the Pritzker Prize Jury. His professional Work comprises Educational facilities, Institutional, Corporate, Cultural and Public buildings, Houses and Housing, and products like Chairless, manufactured by Vitra. ANA MARIE ARGILAGOS Ana Marie Argilagos is the Deputy Assistant Secretary (DAS) of the Office for International and Philanthropic Innovation (IPI) at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Preceding her position as Deputy Assistant Secretary, Ana Marie served as Deputy Chief of Staff for Programs and Partnerships at HUD. Prior to her position at HUD, Ana Marie lead efforts to build better futures for disadvantaged children and families in the U.S.-Mexico Border region and in Native American communities as Senior Program Officer at the Annie E. Casey Foundation. Since joining CDL in 2003, Mr Ang has driven sustainable green building innovation for CDL’s commercial and residential developments. He has spearheaded CDL’s green building portfolio and was accorded the inaugural Green Advocate of the Year 2011 honour jointly by BCA and Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC). Mr Ang is a firm propagator of multi- stakeholder approach to raise eco- consciousness, and he has served at the grassroots as Chairman of the Green Committee. He also serves as a National Parks Board Community-In-Bloom Ambassador, where he advocates for the provision of greenery in CDL’s properties and promotes homeowner involvements in community gardening.
  10. 10. PROFILES WORLD CITIES SUMMIT YOUNG LEADERS PAGE 19PAGE 18 ZAENAL ARIFIN KENJI ASANO Kenji Asano is the mayor of Kakamigahara City in Japan. He has led the city to diversify its economy in aerospace, automotive, IT industries and more, while also enhancing its liveability. The city has won numerous awards for our “urban-greening” efforts from the prime minister of Japan as well as the LivCom international liveable city competitions in London and Prague. Ari has been serving as a government employee for over 8 years in Ministry of National Development Planning (Bappenas). During his time in the ministry, he has achieved numerous prestigious positions and responsibilities in very young age, including as the Deputy Director for Urban Affairs, Head for Secretariat of Urban Development Facilitation, Commitment Maker Officials, and Project Managers. He has been deeply involved in the National Urban Development Policy and Strategy (KSPPN), the National Urban Development Program (NUDP), and the Sustainable City Index. Ari is also Secretary General of the America-Indonesia Alumni Association. DAVID AUERBACH KAREN J BAKKER David Auerbach is a co-founder of Sanergy, a startup which provides hygienic sanitation in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya. Previously, David workedatEndeavor,anon-profitthat helps high-impact entrepreneurs in the developing world. He was the Deputy Chair for Poverty Alleviation at the Clinton Global Initiative in 2005-2006 and taught in China for 2 years. Professor Karen Bakker is a Canada Research Chair and Director of the Program on Water Governance at the University of British Columbia. Her research focuses on interdisciplinary analyses of urban environmental governance, with an emphasis on water access in developing countries. A Rhodes Scholar with a PhD from Oxford, Dr Bakker is the recipient of several awards, including Canada’s Top 40 under 40 and the Urban Affairs Association Book Award. She has advised and collaborated with a range of international organizations, including the OECD, UNESCO-IHE, UN-OHCHR, and UNDP.
  11. 11. PROFILES WORLD CITIES SUMMIT YOUNG LEADERS PAGE 21PAGE 20 JEM BENDELL HERBERT BAUTISTA MayorHerbertMBautistaisknownas a pioneer and progressive advocate of solutions for environment issues and climate change. Under his leadership, Quezon City became the first city in the Philippines to implement a Green Building Ordinance, enforcing sustainable building designs throughout the city. Jem Bendell is a Professor of Sustainability Leadership and the Founding Director of the Institute for Leadership and Sustainability at the University of Cumbria. He previously worked with the United Nations, environmental group WWF, as well as running his own management consulting firm. With over 100 publications, including UN reports and five books, Professor Bendell also helped create a number of leading multi-stakeholder alliances, such as the Marine Stewardship Council. Since 2010 Professor Bendell has focused on currency innovation, strategic philanthropy and leadership education. Professor Bendell is regularly in the media commentating on Bitcoin and currency innovation. His latest book, Healing Capitalism, is published by Greenleaf. MICHAEL BERKOWITZ LAEL BETHLEHEM Michael Berkowitz is currently the Managing Director of The Rockefeller Foundation, where he heads the Foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities Centennial Change. Prior to this, Mr Berkowitz was the Deputy Global Head of Operational Risk Management at Deutsche Bank. Before he joined Deutsche Bank, Mr Berkowitz was the Deputy Commissioner of New York City’s Office of Emergency Management (OEM), where he embarked on major planning initiatives like the New York City Coastal Storm, Biological Terrorism, and Transit Striek contingency plans. Lael Bethlehem is currently an Investment Executive with Hosken Consolidated Investments. She was previously the CEO of the Johannesburg Development Agency, and the Director of Economic Development at the City of Johannesburg. She also once served as Chief Director of Forestry at the National Department of Water Affairs and Forestry, where she led South Africa’s forestry programme and represented the country in international forestry negotiations. Ms Bethlehem sits on the board of the International Institute for Environment and Development, as well as the Board of Directors of Hans Merensky Foundation.
  12. 12. PROFILES WORLD CITIES SUMMIT YOUNG LEADERS PAGE 23PAGE 22 GAUTAM BHAN Gautam Bhan is currently a Senior Consultant at the Indian Institute for Human Settlements (IIHS), where he works on the politics of poverty, development and inequality in Indian cities. His research focuses on housing, social security, governance and urban planning policies. Dr Bhan is presently the co-author of IIHS’s ongoing research, titled Reframing UrbanInclusion.Hehasaccumulated extensive experience in providing advice to public institutions, and has given inputs to the Rajiv Awas Yojana ad the New Delhi Municipal Act. In addition, Dr Bhan is active in the urban social movement scene, a frequent columnist, and writer for diverse media channels. CLAUS BILLEHØJ Jejomar Erwin “Junjun” S. Binay, Jr is currently the Mayor of Makati City. Prior to being elected as Mayor, Mayor Binay Jr. was Makati City Councillor from the 1st District, where served for a maximum of three consecutive terms. During his term as a City Councillor, Mayor Binay Jr. chaired the Committee of Rules, Legal Matters and Ethics, as well as the Committee on Education, Arts and Sciences. Mayor Binay Jr. first entered local politics at the age of 25, where he assumed the role of President of the Sangguniang Kabataan (Youth Council) from 1992 to 2001. CHARLES K BOAKYE Charles Boakye is currently the CEO of Infrastructural Systems, where he works on reducing the costs of buildings’ energy efficiency projects by promoting innovative technology JEJOMAR E. S. BINAY, JR Claus Bjorn Billehoj is Director of Centre for Regional Development for the Capital Region of Denmark. He is internationally recognized for his strong profile on sustainable urban development and has extensive experience in synergizing energy supply, carbon neutrality and urban planning. Presently, Claus is one of the primary forces dealing with sustainable green growth in the efforts of turning Copenhagen into the world’s first carbon neutral capital by 2025. Claus is an associate at Danish Universities on sustainable city development and urban planning. His former employments include consultant work on sustainable city development and large scale urban planning and municipal city development.
  13. 13. PROFILES WORLD CITIES SUMMIT YOUNG LEADERS PAGE 25PAGE 24 GREGORIO ARANDA BRICIO THOMAS BRADTKE Gregorio Aranda Bricio is currently the Local Public Policies Officer, as well as the Child Friendly Cities Coordinator, with UNICEF Spain. Thomas Bradtke is currently the Partner & Managing Director of the Boston Consulting Group (BCG)’s Dubai office, where he oversees BCG’s Industrial Goods, Operations and Global Advantage projects in the Middle East. In his twenty years with BCG, he has collaborated with many private sector companies and governments around the world, where he developed and implemented growth and transformation strategies in over twenty countries, such as Russia, China and India. KIRSTEN BROSBØL Kirsten Brosbøl is currently the Minister of Environment in Denmark, where she oversees efforts and projects pertaining to environment, planning, spatial and environmental protection efforts. Mrs Brosbøl is also the Social Democratic representative in the Parliamentary Assembly, where she chairs a bipartisan network that focuses on problems and issues on feminine health and hygienic in developing countries. Prior to running for public office, Mrs Brosbøl was a political consultant for the Danish Social Democrats in the European Parliament; before that, she worked as a student assistant for the Social Democratic parliamentary group. RICHARD BROWN Richard Brown is the Executive Development of Development and Regeneration Services at Glasgow City Council since 2012. Prior to this, he was the Managing Director of City Property (Glasgow), where he spearheaded projects on property management, property disposals and property investment services. Mr Hassell has also garnered vast experiencesinthecommunitysector. He was the Managing Director of Glasgow Community Planning Ltd from 2006 to 2009, where he formulated and conceptualized Local Community Planning Partnerships and encouraged public, private, community and voluntary representatives to collaborate together to deliver joined-up public services.
  14. 14. PROFILES WORLD CITIES SUMMIT YOUNG LEADERS PAGE 27PAGE 26 SCOTT BURNHAM ENRIQUE LOPEZ CALVA Enrique Lopez Calva is currently the Technical Director of CDM Smith’s Neysadurai Technical Centre, where he oversees urban systems modelling capabilities. Mr Calva is at the forefront of building cutting- edge analytics capabilities for CDM Smith, targeted at the urban sustainability market. He has also been involved in numerous urban solutions R & D conferences in Singapore. KENT CAMPBELL Kent Campbell is the Deputy Minister of Energy and Resources in Saskatchewan, Canada.He is responsible for managing the growth and development of the province’s energy, mining and forestry sectors. Mr. Campbell aims to facilitate the value-added development of Saskatchewan’s resources and to promote innovation within the province’s resource sectors. Kent has extensive experience managing major economic development projects. He has worked for the major financial and economic agencies of the provincial government, including the Departments of Finance, Economic Development, and Industry and Resources; as well as the Crown Investments Corporation of Saskatchewan. Scott Burnham is an urban strategist and designer who has created and directed initiatives worldwide. In 2013 he created Reprogramming the City: Opportunities for Urban Infrastructure project, which showed how existing urban infrastructure can be repurposed for new use in the city. Recently in Italy, Mr Burnham pioneered a design strategy for reusing existing urban materials to create a new genre of urban design. Mr Burnham has addressed the World Urban Development Congress, the International Conference on European Policy and authored numerous publications on design and urban resourcefulness. He was made a Fellow of the Royal Society for Arts, Manufacturers and Commerce in London in 2010. MICHAEL BUDIG Michael Budig is currently a Senior Researcher of the Future Cities Laboratory Project in Singapore. Prior to this, Mr Budig was a teacher and a researcher at Studio Hadid in the University of Applied Arts Vienna (2010-2011), and the Institute for Experimental Architecture in the University of Innsbruck (2001-2011). He also served as the Principal of Moll Budig Architecture. Mr Budig has worked on many built projects, such as an Austrian metal recycling company and cosmetics production plant. His expertise is in digital design and construction methods, fibreC, and concrete elements.
  15. 15. PROFILES WORLD CITIES SUMMIT YOUNG LEADERS PAGE 29PAGE 28 PEDRO PAULO CARVALHO JULIAN CASTRO Dr Pedro Paulo Carvalho is the Federal Deputy and Secretary Chief of Government at Municipality of Rio de Janeiro. In his career in the Mayor’s office, he has been prime in the city’s planning and is part of plans to revolutionize the city’s public he sport with Bus Rapid Transit. Pedro has helped Rio earn the World Smart City Award in the Smart City Expo World Congress held in Barcelona in 2013. Prior to his career, Pedro graduated with a Master’s degree in Political Science and Government from the Ibero-American Foundation of Public Policy and Government, and also a Masters in Regional Economics from the Fluminense Federal University. HO CHAN CHAN Ho Chan Chan is currently the Manager of Keppel Land Limited, the property arm of Keppel Corporation. Ms Ho is also a Keppel Young Leader, where she helps bring together Keppel Group’s high potential employees. She organises platforms to cultivate global mindset, innovation and entrepreneurship. Ms Ho was selected for the Outstanding Keppelit Awards in 2012 and 2013. Her expertise centres on large scale property management and regional investments. Mayor Julian Castro is currently the youngest mayor of a Top 50 American City. He has constantly positioned San Antonio to be a leader in the New Energy Economy. Mayor Castro spearheaded the creation of SA2020, which envisions a brainpower community in a highly liveable San Antonio by 2020. Under Mayor Castro’s leadership, San Antonio was ranked top of the Milken Institute’s Best-Performing Cities list, and Forbes’s No. 3 new tech hotspot. Mayor Castro was named as a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader (2010), and one of TIME Magazine’s “40 until 40” list of rising stars in American politics. JAY CARSON Jay Carson serves as a Senior Advisor to Bloomberg Philanthropies and is the past Executive Director for C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group. Prior to joining C40 and Bloomberg Philanthropies, Jay was Chief Deputy Mayor for the City of Los Angeles under Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa where he led a successful overhaul of the city’s economic development and job creation efforts. A seasoned political strategist, Jay worked in government and politics for over 15 years for elected officials.
  16. 16. PROFILES WORLD CITIES SUMMIT YOUNG LEADERS PAGE 31PAGE 30 ADRIAN CHENG Mr. Adrian Cheng is the Chairman at New World Strategic Investment Limited. He is also an Executive Director at New World Development Company Limited. New World China Land Limited, and New World Department Store China Limited. He is a Co-Founder of QSL Sports Limited. Mr. Cheng has acquired substantial experience in financial management. Mr. Cheng is actively involved in community services. He has studied Japanese culture from Stanford Japan Centre of Stanford University. CHENG HSING YAO VANNARITH CHHEANG Vannarith is a lecturer of Asia Pacific studies at the University of Leeds. His research interests include Asia Pacific International Politics and Southeast Asian Regionalism. He is a senior fellow at the Cambodian Institute for Cooperation and Peace where he served as Executive Director from 2009 to 2013. Vannarith was also honored a Young Global Leader by World Economic Forum in 2013. He was a Southeast Asian visiting fellow at the East West Center in Washington in 2010, Visiting Research Fellow at the Institute of Developing Economies in (IDE-JETRO) in Tokyo in 2012-2013, and is currently an Asian Public Intellectuals fellow of the Nippon Foundation. Hsing Yao currently oversees GuocoLand’s key projects, such as Tanjong Pagar Centre in Singapore, Damansara City in Kuala Lumpur and commercial and residential developments in Changfeng, Shanghai. Previously, he was Chief Operating Officer for GuocoLand Singapore. Prior to joining Guocoland, he spent 15 years with the Singapore public service where his duties include Deputy Executive Director of the Centre for Liveable Cities, Deputy Director of Urban Design at the Urban Redevelopment Authority as well as Head of Marina Bay Development Agency. He has worked on Concept Plan Reviews, place management of Marina Bay, Masterplan of the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City and the World Cities Summit. RUI CHEN Rui Chen is currently an Assistant Professor in the Instiute of Policy and Management, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He is involved in urban environment development research and policy formulations for the City of Beijing.
  17. 17. PROFILES WORLD CITIES SUMMIT YOUNG LEADERS PAGE 33PAGE 32 DELIA METH COHN Delia Meth-Cohn is the Editorial Director for Continental Europe, Middle East and Africa, responsible for leading the Economist Intelligence Unit’s services in the region, including the Corporate Network, a peer network for senior decision-makers of multinational companies operating in emerging markets. She manages an experienced team of analysts and editors in London, Geneva, Frankfurt, Dubai and Johannesburg. CARLOS EDUARDO CORREA Carlos Eduardo Correa is the current Mayor of Monteria, Colombia. Prior to running for public office, Mayor Correa has accumulated and garnered much experience in the private sector: he assumed integral roles in the creation and expansion of companies like “CCA Products Ltda”, Head of Exports in the Conjuntas Colombia -Centro América en Tejicondor, and Training Coordinator of Trade Missions to the Centro América en Proexport Colombia y Sede Oficina de Proexport en Miami. Mayor Correa has also dedicated 12 years of his life to university teaching. KUEK CHIN KUAN DANIEL Daniel Kuek joined Keppel in November 2010 as Manager, Sustainable Development. He is responsible for identifying new business opportunities for Keppel Group in the Sustainable Development space, and to harness the collective capabilities across the Group in the pursuit of such opportunities. Prior to this, Mr Kuek worked in both the Ministry of Trade and Industry and Singapore’s Economic Development Board, where he formulated economic policies to promote growth of SMEs and MNCs in Singapore, and drove investment promotions respectively. Mr Kuek is currently Chairman for the Environmental Sub-Committee, which seeks to drive resource efficiencies across the Group. JEFFREY CHUA Jeffrey Chua is currently the Senior Partner & Managing Director of BCG Singapore, where he oversees infrastructure and industrial goods projects involving the public sector in the Southeast Asian region. He spearheadscollaborationswithother SEA offices in Bangkok, Jakarta, Ho Chi Minh City, and Kuala Lumpur, in working together as an integrated system with constant interaction among regional colleagues, and to collaborate on projects for clients in numerous locations throughout the region.
  18. 18. PROFILES WORLD CITIES SUMMIT YOUNG LEADERS PAGE 35PAGE 34 KARIMA DELLI DISNADDA DISKUL Disnadda Diskul is currently the chief of the Mae Fa Luang Foundation (MFLF), which is aimed at managing sustainable development projects in Thailand and all across Asia. In the MFLF, Mr Diskul is the Secretary-General of the Doi Tung Development Project. Prior to this, he has served in many positions in public office: the Private Secretary to the mother of the King of Thailand, and oversaw both the Thailand-Myanmar development coordination project, Known Yong Kha Development Project. Mr Diskul was also a Former Adviser to the Prime Minister of Thailand on issues like neighbouring country affairs and tourism, and chaired Thailand’s Exhibition and Convention Bureau. Karima Delli is currently a Member of the Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance in the European Parliament. Under her role, she has invested in the fight against poverty, especially in the area of passing a resolution for minimum wage in the European Union. Ms Delli is presently a member of the European Parliament’s Delegation for relations with India (2009-2014), and member of the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs (2012-2014). She has served as a Parliamentary attaché in the Senate, and was former secretary of the Jeunes Verts (Young Greens). KINLAY DORJEE Kinlay Dorjee is currently the Mayor of Thimphu, Bhutan. He is the first elected mayor for Thimphu, and has embarked on various urban planning projects. Prior to this, Mayor Dorjee was formerly the General Manager of the Bhutan Power Corporation. As Mayor, Mayor Dorjee has planned to outline development initiatives; in February 2013, he endorsed a Behaviour Change Communication (BCC) Strategy to improve urban sanitation and hygiene for Thimphu City. ISABEL DEDRING Isabel Dedring is Deputy Mayor for Transport. Before her appointment, she was the Mayor’s Environment Advisor. A qualified lawyer, she has worked across both public and private sectors including at Transport for London as Director of the Commissioner’s Policy Unit and at McKinsey and Company, where she spent four years working with clients in regulated industries including telecoms and transport. She is a Board member of the Institute for Sustainability.
  19. 19. PROFILES WORLD CITIES SUMMIT YOUNG LEADERS PAGE 37PAGE 36 ALEJANDRO ECHEVERRI Alejandro Echeverri was the director general of the Urban Development Company from 2004-2005 and the director of urban projects for the mayor’s office of Medellin, Colombia from 2005-2007 under Mayor Sergio Fajardo. He is an architect by training and was a professor of architecture at the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana. Their urban renewal projects have been praised not just for revitalizing poor neighbourhoods but also for the quality and innovation of the architecture itself. MARCELA ESCOBARI Marcela Escobari is currently the Executive Director of the Centre for International Development (CID) at Harvard University, a university- wide centre which develops and disseminates breakthrough strategies for growth, development and prosperity in developing centres. Prior to joining CID, Ms Escobari was on the Executive Committee of the OTF Group, a strategy consulting firm which advises private and public sector leaders on ways to improve export competitiveness, and led in its Americas region. At OTF, Ms Escobari also advised the Dominican Republican President on the country’s industrial policies, and the Jamaican entertainment and tourism industries on ways to increase their earning potentials. Ms Escobari was named as a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader in 2013. JENNIFER EVANS- COWLEY Jennifer Evans-Cowley, Ph.D., AICP, is the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Administration for the College of Engineering and a professor of city and regional planning at the Knowlton School. Evans-Cowley has more than 15 years of planning experience, including roles in academia, professional practice, and elected office. She served as the Chair of the Technology Division of the American Planning Association between 2010 and 2012. SCOTT DUNN Scott Dunn is currently the Vice-President and Director of Development at AECOM in Southeast Asia, as well as the Council Chair of the Urban Land Institute Singapore. Mr Dunn is currently leading a team of professionals in customising a sustainability assessment framework tool which analyses the optimum master plan for both the Jurong Lake and the Marina Bay Greater Southern Waterfront Districts. He is also leading Kuala Lumpur’s River of Life transformation project. Mr Dunn’s papers about sustainability issues and planning have been published in both local and international design magazines. He has actively lectured on land developments in Asia.
  20. 20. PROFILES WORLD CITIES SUMMIT YOUNG LEADERS PAGE 39PAGE 38 BENYAMIN PARHAM FARD SOU FUJIMOTO A Japanese architect by training, Sou Fujimoto established his own office, Sou Fujimoto Architects, in 2000. With a solid history and vast experience in residential and cultural projects, Sou Fujimoto Architects has consistently displayed unique and innovative play of spatial qualities within its building designs, thus pushing the limits of housing and space conventions. In 2013, Mr Fujimoto was selected to design the temporary Serpentine Gallery in London. Benyamin Parham Fard is the current President of Jaragua do Sul’s Jourdan Institute, which carries out research and planning responsibilities for the urban and economic sustainable development of Jaragua do Sul, a city located in Brazil’s Santa Catarina State. Mr Fard is also the Managing Director of both the Biovita Environmental Consulting Pte Ltd, as well as the Biowaste Management and Waste Ltd. Previously, Mr Fard served as the Managing Director of the Biochem Quimica Ltda, Vice-President (Environment) at the ACIJS-Associacao Empresarial de Jaragua do Sul, and Technical Director of Elementary Renewables Ltd. HAZEM GALAL Hazem Galal is a PwC Partner and the global Leader for PwC’s Cities and Local Government Sector. With 25 years of consulting experience, Hazem has expertise in strategy formulation and implementation for cities and local government entities. He is currently the co-chair for the World Business Council for Sustainable Development group that is contributing to the ISO standard for cities and smart infrastructure. Since 2007, Hazem has been leading and contributing to PwC’s global Thought Leadership for cities including the flagship report “Cities of Opportunity”, comparing and benchmarking global cities, jointly with the Partnership for New York City as well as many other publications for cities and local government. NICHOLAS FANG Nicholas Fang is currently a Nominated Member of Parliament of the Parliament of Singapore, and Director of the Singapore Institute of International Affairs. He is also the Associate Editor of the Singapore Desk in Channel Newsasia. Prior to this, Mr Fang served as the Executive Director of Prodel Impex Agencies Pte Ltd, Business Editor and Presenter in Channel Newsasia, and a Journalist with The Straits Times, Singapore Press Holdings. In addition to his professional involvements, Mr Fang is also the President of both Fencing Singapore and the Singapore Modern Pentathlon Association since 2010.
  21. 21. PROFILES WORLD CITIES SUMMIT YOUNG LEADERS PAGE 41PAGE 40 REXLON T. GATCHALIAN Honourable Mayor Rexlon T. Gatchalian is the current Mayor of Valenzuela, Philippines, and the Representative of the 1st District of Valenzuela for the 15th Congress. He is also the youngest member of the Commission on Appointments, and holds the Senior Vice-Chairman position for the Congressional Committee on Games & Amusements. Prior to public office, Honourable Mayor Gatchalian was elected as President of Waterfront Hotels and Casino, which was Philippines’s biggest Filipino-owned first class hotel operator. NATALY GATTEGNO Nataly Gattegno is the Founding Design Partner of Future Cities Lab, which is based in San Francisco. Ms Gattegno has produced many award-winning projects. She was awarded with Boston AIA’s Unbuilt Architecture Award, the ACSA Faculty Design Award in 2010, and the Architectural League of New York Young Architects Prize in 2011. Her work has been exhibited and showcased at the YBCA, the Zerol Art and Technology Biennial, the SFMOMA and the Hong Kong/ Shenzhen Biennale. Ms Gattegno is also an Associate Professor of Architecture and Chair of the Architecture Graduate programme at the California College of the Arts, San Francisco. ANNA GEPPERT Anna Geppert (1966) is the Professor of Urban and Regional Planning at the University Paris-Sorbonne. She worked as a planner for the municipality of Amiens before returning to academic research with a PhD on urban systems and inter-cities collaborative networks. Since 2009, Anna Geppert is Professor of Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Paris- Sorbonne. From 2007 to 2011, she has been Secretary General of the Association of European Schools of Planning (AESOP) where she has launched the journal Planning Education. She is a member of the board of planning journals such as Territoires en mouvement, European Spatial Research and Policy and Megaron. GERALDINE GARDNER Geraldine Gardner is the Director of the Urban and Regional Policy program. Before joining GMF in May 2012, Geraldine held in a variety of planning and economic development positions in the District of Columbia Government, including serving for five years as an Associate Director of the Office of Planning. In her tenure at DCOP, she led the successful completion of over eighteen neighborhood and revitalization plans.
  22. 22. PROFILES WORLD CITIES SUMMIT YOUNG LEADERS PAGE 43PAGE 42 DARREN GILL Darren joined Architecture for Humanity in February 2010 and following a short stint in Uganda working on the earth block based Nakaseeta Academy. Darren currently oversees the Football for Hope Program, in multiple countries across the African continent. An architecture graduate from UCD Ireland and the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Darren’s research focused on urbanism and the social potential of infrastructure. GABRIELLA GOMEZ-MONT Gabriella is currently the director of Laboratorio para la Ciudad, Mexico City’s new creative think-tank and experimental space. In addition to servingasthedirectorofLaboratorio para la Ciudad, Gabriella is a visaul artist, documentary film director, cultural advisor and arts curator. She has also founded several projects such as Toxico Cultura, Cine Abierto and Laboratorio Curatorial 060, for which she has won several international awards and recognitions such as the Prince Claus Fund (Holland), and First Place of the Best Art Practice Award (Italy). CHARLES GOURIO Charles Gourio is the co-founder of Smart Impulse Society. He is the development director, responsible for commercial aspects, marketing and financing. Charles Gourio graduated from the École Centrale Paris and has experiences in strategy, marketing and innovation funding before co-founding Smart Impulse. SIMON GILES Simon is Accenture’s global lead for Intelligent Cities Strategy and is currently advising cities, government and developers on economic development, citizen centered design and digital master planning. He runs a global advisory team, based in London that works with interdisciplinary teams of architects, engineers and digital designers to develop new development strategies for existing and new build cities. Simon also leads the advisory group for the World Economic Forum on Low Carbon Finance and Future Urban Development. He is currently working on projects in the UK, Mexico, Estonia, Denmark, Germany and Brazil.
  23. 23. PROFILES WORLD CITIES SUMMIT YOUNG LEADERS PAGE 45PAGE 44 ADOLFO GUERREORO Adolfo Guerrero is currently the Head of the China Regional Office at Cities Development Initiative for Asia. In his capacity, Mr Guerrero spearheadsurbancapitalinvestment infrastructure and services based on private sector participation. He also provides technical assistance in areas such as project structuring, so as to bring priority infrastructure project concepts to a pre-feasibility stage. DATUK SHAROL AZRAL IBRAHIM HALMI Datuk Shahrol Halmi is the Director of Oil, Gas & Energy and Financial Services’ National Key Results Areas of Performance Management and Delivery Unit (PEMANDU). He is also the President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Malaysia Petroleum Resources Corporation (MPRC); an agency to promote, catalyse and transform the oil and gas (O&G) services sector to become stronger entities in the industry. Prior to this, Shahrol was the founding Managing Director and CEO of 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB). USMAN HAQUE Usman Haque is the Founding Partner of Haque Design + Research, which specialises in designing and conducting research on interactive architecture systems. He also founded Pachtube, an online data infrastructure and community space. Mr Haque’s works have been exhibited in the Institute of Contemporary Arts (London), the National Maritime Museum Greenwich, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography. Mr Haque was awarded the 2008 Design of the Year Award (interactive) from the UK Design Museum, the 2009 World Technology Award (art), and the Asia Digital Art award Grand Prix. ADAM GRANT Adam Grant is Wharton’s youngest full professor and top-rated teacher. He is the author of Give and Take, a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling book that is being translated into more than two dozen languages.
  24. 24. PROFILES WORLD CITIES SUMMIT YOUNG LEADERS PAGE 47PAGE 46 SCOTT HARRISON Scott founded the non-profit organization charity: water in 2006. Turning his full attention to the global water crisis and the world’s 800 million people without clean water to drink, he created public installations and innovative online fundraising platforms to spread international awareness of the issue. Scott is currently a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader. SELWIN C. HART Mr Selwin C. Hart is the Climate Finance Advisor in the Office of the Vice-President (Operations) of the Caribbean Development Bank in St. Michael, Barbados. Also a senior foreign service officer in Barbados’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Selwin has been heavily involved in climate change discussions of the Carribean region and has been seen as the region’s top climate change negotiator at the UN. LUCINDA HARTLEY Lucinda is a landscape architect with ideas for faster, cheaper and more flexible urban revitalisation. After spending two years working with slum communities in Vietnam and Cambodia, she co-founded CoDesign Studio - a non-profit social enterprise helping local communities envision, design & implement neighbourhood improvement projects. Lucinda also sits on the UN-Habitat’s Youth Advisory Board & steering committee for the UN World Urban Campaign, advising on global youth policy related to city making. Lucinda is interested in grass roots urban planning and entrepreneurialism as tools for social action. In 2012 Lucinda was credited as one of Melbourne’s ‘Top 100 Most Influential People’ in The Age newspaper. SALMA ALI SAIF BINTE HAREB Salma Ali Saif bin Hareb is the current CEO of the Jebel Ali Free Zone (Jafza), a leading industrial, warehousing and distribution hub in the Middle East. Prior to her appointment as CEO of Jafza, Ms Hareb was Jafza’s Chief Planning Officer, responsible for human resources, strategic planning and developments, and finance. Under Ms Hareb’s leadership, Jafza was awarded the Dubai Quality Award for Excellence in 2011. In 2012, Ms Hareb was ranked first in Forbes Arabia’s list of the 50 Most Powerful Arab businesswomen. She also attained the Women CEO Excellence Award, presented during the Ninth Middle East CEO of the Year Awards in 2012.
  25. 25. PROFILES WORLD CITIES SUMMIT YOUNG LEADERS PAGE 49PAGE 48 MATEU HERNANDEZ ULRICH HÖRNING Ulrich Hörning is currently a senior economist of Social Protection (Europe and Central Asia Region) in the World Bank, where he deals with issues pertaining to labour markets, unemployment insurance, and the delivery of social safety net structures. Prior to this, he was the Head of the Administrative Reform Unit in the City of Mannheim. Mr Hörning has also undertaken senior leadership roles in the private sector, in which he served as the Project Manager (Senior Associate) of Booz & Company from 2000 to 2008. Mateu Hernández is the Managing Director of Barcelona Global. Previously he was the CEO of the Economic Development Agency of the City of Barcelona, where he coordinated policies and programs in Barcelona on employment, entrepreneurship, business, attracting foreign direct investment, the city’s brand, technological innovation, promotion and trading standards, city markets and tourism. AsmanagingdirectoroftheEconomic Development Agency he was the executive vice president of Barcelona Activa, Mercabana, and had executive responsibilities in the 22@ innovation district. He had previously developed his career at Barcelona Activa, the local development agency of the City Council, as managing director and executive director. KHALED AL HURAIMEL Khaled Al Huraimel is the Group Chief Executive of Bee’ah, UAE’s largest integrated environmental services company in the UAE. Under Khaled’s leadership, Bee’ah is the only company to have been awarded “Best Waste Management Company of the Year” by the Facility Management Awards Middle East in 2011, 2012 and 2013. Bee’ah is working to achieve the Emirate of Sharjah’s objective of zero waste to landfill by 2015. Khaled actively champions environmental awareness, encouraging sustainability, and gives back to the community. He was ranked No8 in 2012 before moving up to No 7 in 2013 among Power 50 Movers and Shakers of Facility Management Middle East. RICHARD HASSELL Richard Hassell is the Co-Founder of WOHA Architects, a Singapore- based architectural firm with built projects in Southeast Asia, China and Australia. Under Mr Hassell’s leadership, WOHA attained the Aga Khan Award for Architecture in 2007, the RIBA International Awards in 2010 and 2011, and the 2010 International HIghrise Award. Mr Hassell has also lectured at many universities worldwide, and is currently an Adjunct Professor at the University of Technology Sydney and the University of Western Australia.
  26. 26. PROFILES WORLD CITIES SUMMIT YOUNG LEADERS PAGE 51PAGE 50 KATRIN STJERNFELDT JAMMEH Katrin Stjernfeldt Jammeh Almedalen is currently the Mayor and Finance Mayor of Malmo. She was the first woman to be elected to Malmo’s most powerful political post. Prior to her being elected as Mayor of Malmo Municipality, Mayor Jammeh was the councillor for school, safety and welfare for Malmo. She has also served as the Social Mayor of Malmo, a Consultant in Social Communication, as well as an editorial writer and political secretary. His Worship Ranawaka Arachchige Don Janaka Ranawaka is currently the Mayor of Sri Jayawardanapura Kotte Municipal Council, where he was key in introducing Municipal Council roads, providing free access to children in his municipal district. Prior to being elected as mayor, Hon. Mayor Janaka Ranawaka was appointed as a City Council minister for Sri Jayawardanapura Kotte Municipal Council. R.A. D JANAKA RANAWAKA CHRISTOPHER JANNOU Christopher Jannou is the CEO and Founder of SmartHomes, which is one of Africa’s leading developers of affordable housing and residential communities. They provide superior, state-of-the-art housing based on local tastes and aspirations. BJARKE INGELS Bjarke Ingels started BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group in 2006 after co- founding PLOT Architects in 2001 and working at OMA in Rotterdam. Through a series of award-winning design projects and buildings, Bjarke Ingels has created an international reputation as a member of a new generation of architects that combine shrewd analysis, playful experimentation, social responsibility and humour. Alongside his architectural practice, Bjarke has been active as a Visiting Professor at Rice University’s School of Architecture and Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation.
  27. 27. PROFILES WORLD CITIES SUMMIT YOUNG LEADERS PAGE 53PAGE 52 ALEXANDRA JONES Alexandra Jones has been Chief Executive of the Centre for Cities since summer 2010. Prior to this, Alexandra led Ideopolis - the Cities team at The Work Foundation. She has over 10 years of experience working with national and local policymakers and with business to develop strategies to respond to a rapidly changing economy. GERALDO JULIO Geraldo Julio is the mayor of Recife. He has a degree in Business administration, specialising in public management, Geraldo began working at several public positions until he held the position of Secretary of State in the Government Eduardo Campos. He was also the State Planning Director and the City of Recife. He was also responsible for implementing the Pact for Life program, which reduced homicides by 45% in Recife. NOORA AL KAABI Noura Al Kaabi is currently the Chief Executive Officer of twofour54, which is the Abu Dhabi Media Zone Authority’s commercial arm. Ms Al Kaabi oversees the Abu Dhabi Media Zone Authority’s key industry building initiatives: the Abu Dhabi Film Festival, the Abu Dhabi Film Commission and the Abu Dhabi Media Summit, just to name a few. In addition, Ms Al Kaabi is a Member of the Federal National Council, the Board of Abu Dhabi Media and the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce. For her contributions to Abu Dhabi’s media industry, Ms Al Kaabi was named the Arabian Business Media CEO of the Year (2012), the Female CEO of the Year by CEO Middle East (2012), Forbes Middle East’s 30 Most Influential Women in Government (2013), and a Foreign Policy Magazine Leading Global Thinker (2013). MICHAEL JANSEN Michael Jansen is the Chairman and CEO of City Zenith. He is a sought- after Smart City industry leader and public speaker with numerous awards and accolades to his credit. In 2007, Michael was awarded Building Design + Construction Magazine’s prestigious “40 Under 40” award honoring top CEOs in the architecture, engineering, and construction industries. In November, 2013, Michael accepted an award on behalf of Cityzenith at the World Smart Cities Awards in Barcelona, which nominated 5D SMART City™ as a finalist in the Innovative Initiative category. Mr Jansen was also recently appointed to the JTC 1 ISO Committee for Smart Cities, and is collaborating with leading city standards institutions to advise ISO as it develops standards for Smart Cities.
  28. 28. PROFILES PAGE 55 WORLD CITIES SUMMIT YOUNG LEADERS RIDWAN KAMIL JENNIFER KEESMAAT Jennifer is the Chief Planner of the City of Toronto in Canada, and a former urban design consultant. She has planned different cities from Halifax, to Mississauga, to Winnipeg to Saskatoon, with many in between as an urban planning consultant working on major land use planning projects over the past decade. She has spent much of her professional life strategizing with residents and stakeholders in cities across Canada to create great places in the communities that they love. Ridwan Kamil is the current Mayor of Bandung City, Indonesia. He is also an educator in Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) at Architecture Department, an urban designer and a writer. Ridwan Kamil is committed to grass-roots urban design that empowers urban poor populations. As “life is collaboration”, he believes that a lot of public issues can be solved with collaboration. He has been a pioneer in the “Indonesia Berkebun” movement to build amateur gardens in cities across Indonesia. As of 2011, the community project is established in fourteen cities in Indonesia, with membership approaching 4,000. He has also established many other social communities, such as Bandung Creative City Forum (BCCF), Bandung Citizen Journal, and Konsep One Village One Playground. GAURANG KHEMKA Gaurang Khemka is an architect with a specialization in Urban Design, Urban Hotels and Resort Planning. He has over 18 years of experience of working in North America, Europe and Asia and has worked with Charles Correa, Kerry Hill Architects and HOK Inc prior to founding his own firm URBNarc in 2010 in Singapore. URBNarc in a short span of 3 years has won an international competition to design the Singapore Indian Heritage Centre and numerous prestigious commissions in India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand and Australia. He is an active member of the planning and urban design community and is currently writing a book comparing and mapping some of the key cities in South and South East Asia. YELENA KADEYKINA Yelena Kadeykina is a serial entrepreneur with more than ten years of experience in business development, applied and analytical market research. She co-founded StartUp Access, a MIT spinout which provides educational and mentorship services to international entrepreneurs. In addition to her contributions at StartUp Access, Yelena also works on entrepreneurship, outreach and marketing projects with MIT. Prior to this, Ms Kadeykina headed the Marketing Department of Pixability, an innovative video company currently based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
  29. 29. PROFILES PAGE 57 WORLD CITIES SUMMIT YOUNG LEADERS PHIL KIM Phil Kim serves as The Jerde Partnership’s Managing Director of the Asia region, where he oversees operations. He is the key point of contact for the firm’s Asia and Oceania work and plays an active role in building new business, provide strategic planning services, negotiate contracts, reviewing design quality and ensuring client satisfaction. He is a frequent international jury member, and speaker at the invitation of such organizations as the Singapore and Malaysia Institute of Architects, and has served as Advisory Member of MIPIM Asia. He was selected in 2008, to serve as an Urban Land Institute Executive Committee Member for North Asia. VANDA KNOWLES Vanda Knowles is currently acting secretary general at EUROCITIES, where she has also been policy director since 2006. With some 10 years of experience working with local and regional government in the context of the European Union, Vanda’s expertise covers a wide range of issues related to cities, city networks, urban development and EU policies. MATTHAIAS KOHLER Matthias Kohler co-founded Gramazio and Kohler with Fabio Gramazio, which has gained international acclaim for its use of advanced digital logics in built architecture. Under Mr Kohler’s leadership, Gramazio and Kohler has worked on international architectural projects such as Gantenbein vineyard façade, the Tanzhaus theatre, and the sWISH* Pavilion at the Swiss National Exposition Expo 02. Mr Kohler also holds the Professorial Chair for Architecture and Digital Fabrication. He has lectured at Denmark’s Aalborg University, California’s Institute for Advanced Architecture, the Berlage Institute, the University of Chicago, and the California College of the Arts, just to name a few. MARAT KHUSNULLIN Marat Khusnullin is currently the Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Urban Development and Construction. Prior to this, he served as the Head of the Moscow Department for Urban Construction, and the Minister of Construction, Architecture, Housing and Utilities of the Republic of Tatarstan, just to name a few. Dr Kusnullin was the General Director of the Interplastservice Company and the Ak Bars Buikding Trade and Industrial Company, Kazan. He has received many awards: the Order for Service to the Republic of Tatarstan (2010), the Medal of the Order for Service to the Motherland (2nd Class) in 2008, Letter of thanks from both the Cabinet of Ministers and the President of the Republic of Tatarstan (2007, 2008) and Honorary title of Merited Builder of Rusia and the Republic of Tatarstan (2004, 2005)
  30. 30. PROFILES WORLD CITIES SUMMIT YOUNG LEADERS PAGE 59PAGE 58 SERGEY KUZNETSOV Sergey Kuznetsov is currently the Chief Architect of the City of Moscow, Chairman of the Board of Architecture in Moscow, and First Deputy Chairman of the Moscow Committee for Architecture and Urban Development. Prior to his appointment as Chief Architect, he was a partner of the SPEECH Tchoban & Kuznetsov Bureau, where he designed over 30 projects in many Russian cities: Moscow, St Petersburg, Kazan, Sochi and Nizhniy Novgorod. For his contributions to architecture and city planning, Project Russia, Russia’s leading architectural magazine, listed Mr Kuznetsov as one of the most prominent and successful young Russian architects. Mr Kuznetsov conceptualized the Factory Russia exposition at the Russian pavilion, during the 2010 XII Architecture Biennale in Venice. MELISSA KWEE Melissa Kwee is currently the Chairman of Millenia Hotel Ptd Ltd, and the Vice-President of Human Capital at Pontiac Land Group. She has worked in the public, private and community sectors, where she embarked on projects which centre on creating more educational opportunities, community participation and inclusive economic opportunities. Besides initiating service-learning programmes in schools, Ms Kwee also served as Chairman of Halogen Foundation, and the President of UN Women Singapore. Ms Kwee was awarded the Singapore Youth Award in 2007 and the ASEAN Youth Award in 2008. CLAYTON LANE Clayton Lane is Chief Operating Officer of EMBARQ, the World Resources Institute’s center for sustainabletransport,andhelpslead WRI’s global Center for Sustainable Cities. Under Mr. Lane’s leadership as Acting Director, EMBARQ doubled its scale and impact in six countries, launched new practice areas in urban development and public health, embarked on its new China program, and established a unified global program. Previously, Mr. Lane co-founded and directed PhillyCarShare, the non-profit organization that provides environmentally friendly “cars by the hour” from hundreds of neighborhood locations in Philadelphia. The regional initiative also became the largest of its kind in the world, serving over 50,000 local members. DANISH KURANI Danish Kurani is an award-winning architect and urban designer focused on developing stronger learning environments for schools. As Dean’s Merit Scholar at Harvard University (2011-13), he examined the nature of urban education. With a multidisciplinary approach that combines spatial thinking and anthropological research, Kurani emphasizes the importance of understanding an institution’s unique needs and context before designing. This visionary designer has worked with primary and secondary schools in the US, Brazil, and Australia.
  31. 31. PROFILES WORLD CITIES SUMMIT YOUNG LEADERS PAGE 61PAGE 60 MATHIEU LEFEVRE LI HU Li Hu is currently the Principal of OPEN Architecture. In addition to practicing architecture, Mr Li is also the Director of Columbia University GSAPP’s Sudio-X-Beijing, which is a global network of advanced research laboratories. He is a Visiting Professor at both Columbia University and Hong Kong University. Prior to becoming the Principal of OPEN Architecture, Mr Li led Steven Holl Architects (SHA)’s Beijing office and spearheaded many of its large- scaled and prominent projects, like Linked-Hybrid, Vanke Centre, the Nanjing Museum for Architecture, and Chengdu Raffles City. Mathieu Lefevre is the Executive Director of the New Cities Foundation, a non-profit that incubates promotes and scales urban innovation. Previously, he worked for the World Bank in the area of governance and as a political officer for the UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations, serving in Afghanistan and the Middle East. Mathieu is also a Senior Advisor to Purpose, a social business that builds movements driven by people and enabled by technology. Mathieu is a Board Member of Impulsion 75, a non-profit that works to reintegrate underprivileged youth in Paris. Mathieu is Franco- American and has published articles in The Economist magazine, the Foundation for Strategic Research, the French Almanac of International Relations and the Afghanistan Analysts Network. LAURENCE LIEN Laurence Lien is currently the CEO of the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) since 2008, as well as a Nominated Member of Parliament. Mr Lien is actively involved in the local community scene, serving as the Governor of Lien Foundation, Chairman of the Community Foundation of Singapore, Vice- President of the Centre for Non- Profit Leadership and Director of Caritas Singapore Community Council Limited. Mr Lien has received awards and decorations for his contributions, such as the NUS Eminent Business Alumi Award (Young Alumni Category) in 2010, and the Eisenhower Fellowship in the same year. KENNETH LEE Kenneth Lee is the Founder and CEO of Green Koncepts, where he utilized cloud computing, advanced networking and softwares to exploit technologies to create energy management solutions which are cost-effective, simple and usable. Prior to his current designation, Mr Lee spent 16 years in the IT industry in Sales and Management Roles across the Asia Pacific. There, he worked with large global multinational software companies like Dow Jones, Oracle and SAP, where he managed many country and regional operations.
  32. 32. PROFILES WORLD CITIES SUMMIT YOUNG LEADERS PAGE 63PAGE 62 LIM MING YAN DIAAN YI LIN Diaan-Yi Lin is a Partner with McKinsey & Company. She is a leader in our Public Sector, Private Equity and Infrastructure practices in Asia, and helps direct our work with sovereign wealth funds in the region. Diaan-Yi is an expert in building alignment among multiple government entities. Diaan-Yi has also spoken on public-private partnerships and its state of play in Southeast Asia at major conferences such as the Network ASEAN Forum and the inaugural IE Singapore Asia-Singapore Infrastructure Roundtable. Diaan- Yi has also authored “Infrastructure productivity: How to save $1 trillion a year” and “Improving performance at state-owned enterprises.” DIANA LIND Diana Lind joined Next City in 2008 and is the organization’s executive director and editor in chief. Her writing has been published in the New York Times, Architectural Record and many other publications and her work with Next City has been profiled in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Monocle and many other media outlets. Mr Lim Ming Yan is the current President and Group Chief Executive Officer of CapitaLand Limited. He is a Director on both the Boards of CapitaLand Limited and CapitaMalls Asia Limited, which is CapitaLand’s listed shopping mall subsidiary. Mr Lim leads CapitaLand’s Executive Management Council. Prior to his current appointments, Mr Lim was the Chief Operating Officer of CapitaLand Limited (2011-2012), Chief Executive Officer of The Ascott Limited (2009-2012) and Chief Executive Officer of CapitaLand China Holdings Pte Ltd (2000-2009). Mr Lim is also a current Board Member of the Building and Construction Authority of Singapore, Director of Business China, and Board Member of the Singapore Tourism Board. LIM ENG HWEE Mr Lim Eng Hwee is the Chief Planner and Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA). He has extensive experience in urban planning, urban design, implementation of land use policies and development initiatives. He has also served in the Ministry of National Development and the Ministry of Trade and Industry. Mr Lim graduated with a Bachelor of Planning from the University of Auckland in 1989 and a Master in Public Administration from Harvard University in 1997. He attended the Wharton Advanced Management Program at the University of Pennsylvania in 2012.
  33. 33. PROFILES WORLD CITIES SUMMIT YOUNG LEADERS PAGE 65PAGE 64 ABHISHECK LODHA Mr Abhisheck Lodha is recognized as one of India’s promising young entrepreneurs in the infrastructure industry. He is currently the Managing Director of Lodha Group, where he is involved in the overall development and expansion efforts for the Lodha Group of companies. Some of his major achievements at Lodha Group include: the building of India’s biggest land deal, and the world’s tallest residential tower, which stands at 117 storeys. PEGGY LIU Peggy Liu is the current Chairperson of JUCCCE, a non-profit organization dedicated to speeding China’s greening and creating systematic evolutions in sustainable cities. Ms Liu is an Executive Advisor to Marks & Spencer and Hewlett-Packard, Advisor to the World Economic Forum Project Board, and Member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Councils on Sustainable Consumption (2012-13). For her contributions to green developments, Ms Liu was named as a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader, a Time Magazine Hero of the Environment (2008), China Business News Weekly’s One of China’s Top 50 Innovative Business Leaders (2012), and the Hilary Laureate for climate change leadership (2010). ENRIQUE LOMNITZ Enrique Lomnitz is the director of IslanaUrbana,anorganisationwhich aims to solve the water shortage in Mexico City by creating a sustainable system based on rainwater capture systems. After graduation from college in 2006, Enrique traveled for three years between throughout the U.S. and Mexico working on various sustainability projects. His travels served as a time of learning and development before embarking on his own project because he learned valuable sustainability project management skills. GREG LINDSAY Greg Lindsay is a journalist, urbanist, and speaker. He is also a senior fellow of the World Policy Institute, a visiting scholar at New York University’s Rudin Center for Transportation Policy & Management, and a research affiliate of the New England Complex Systems Institute (NECSI). Greg speaks frequently about globalization, innovation, and the future of cities. He is a term member of the Council on Foreign Relations, a Young Leader of the World Cities Summit, and a fellow of the Hybrid Reality Institute. His work with Studio Gang Architects on “The Future of Suburbia” was displayed at MoMA in 2012. He is currently working with OMA/AMO to explore the intersection of the office with the city, the cloud, and Big Data.
  34. 34. PROFILES WORLD CITIES SUMMIT YOUNG LEADERS PAGE 67PAGE 66 LU BO Lu Bo is currently the Managing Director of World Future Foundation Ltd, the Deputy Executive Director of Beijing Vantone Foundation, as well as the Board Director of the Research Centre for International Dispute Resolution at Beijing Foreign Studies University, just to name a few. Dr Lu has also acumulated extensive experience in internationalaffairsandglobaltrade, having worked with international non-profit organizations such as the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Boao Forum for Asia, US- China Business Council, and the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation. Dr Lu is also very prominent in the international non-profit community, where he is a board member, speaker and consultant on areas like philantrophic development, fund raising strategies and corporate social responsibility. LOW YEN LING Low Yen Ling is currently the Parliamentary Secretary of Singapore’s Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF), as well as a Member of Parliament for Singapore. Prior to her position as Parliamentary Secretary for MSF, Ms Low was the CEO of Business China. She held key appointments in the Economic Development Board, AutoHub Pte Ltd, and the United Overseas Bank Ltd. She has also served as Chairman of the National Youth Endowment Fund Advisory Committee, Co-chairperson of the National Family Celebrations 2013 Organizing Committee. In addition, Ms Low is also a member of the current Board of Directors for both the Singapore Centre for Chinese Language Limited, and the Chinese Development Assistant Council. MA YANSONG A Chinese Architect, Mr Ma Yansong is the founder of MAD architects that is known to develop futuristic architectures based on contemporary interpretation of nature. MAD projects are orientated towards nature, often projecting a symbiotic relationship between Man and nature. Mr Ma’s concepts and creativity have earned him several awards, with the more prominent ones being the Young Architecture Award from the New York Institute of Architects in 2006 and the RIBA International Fellowship in 2011. This year, Mr Ma was named a Young Global Leader, an award bestowed each year by the World Economic Forum to recognize the most distinguished leaders under the age of 40. MARIA LAARNI LOPEZ CAYETANO Mayor Maria Laarni “Lani” Lopez Cayetano is currently the first female Mayor of Tagiug City. Mayor Lani was also the first female Representative of the first drict of Tagiug-Pateros in Congress, as well as the youngest elected President of the Zonta Club of Pateros and Taguig (2008-2010). She has also championed women’s rights and welfare by forming the Progressive Ladies’ League of the Philippines (PLLP). For Mayor Lani’s achivements, she was recognized as One of the Most Distinguished Alumna of Centro Escolar University (2008). Also, she was awarded the United Nations Associations of the Pillippines recognision for her outstanding achievements in Politics and Government Service.
  35. 35. PROFILES WORLD CITIES SUMMIT YOUNG LEADERS PAGE 69PAGE 68 BULELWA MAKALIMA- NGEWANA Bulelwa Makalima-Ngewana is the Chief Executive Officer for Cape Town Partnership. She is a qualified town planner with extensive experience in managing and coordinating public- private partnerships. An urban revivalist at heart, she has spent the last eight years with the Cape Town Partnership managing, developing and promoting Cape Town’s Central City as an economically thriving, creative and valued public and private space in which to live, work and play. HAMDAN ABDUL MAJEED Hamdan Abdul Majeed is currently the Executive Director of ThinkCity, an agency that manages a public grants programme to catalyze urban regeneration in the Georgetown UNESCO World Heritage Site. He has overseen more than 100 projects which range from complex physical conservation work to conceptualisation of affordable housing schemes to minimising the negative effects of gentrification. Mr Hamdan is also the Director of Khazanah Nasional Berhad, the Malaysian Government’s investment arm which manages portfolios and fund sizes worth approximately $37 billion. AARON MANIAM Mr Aaron Maniam is currently a Master’s in Public Policy (MPP) Candidate for the Blavatnik School of Government, Oxford University. Mr Maniam began his career in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2004-2008). Since then, he has undertaken many portfolios: the Strategic Policy Office at the Public Service Division in 2008, Head of the Singapore Government’s Centre for Strategic Futures (CSF) in 2010, and Director of the Institute of Policy Development at the Civil Service College. Mr Maniam has received many accolades: Asia Society’s “Asia 21 Young Leaders’ (2006), the Orchid Jayceettes of Singapore’s “Outstanding Young Singaporean (2011), the Singapore Youth Award (2012), and a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader (2013), just to name a few. ROMILLY MADEW Romilly Madew is the current Chief Executive of the Green Building Council Australia, where she spearheads projects pertaining to the creation of sustainable buildings and places. She is also a Board Member of the World Green Building Council, Deputy President of the Australian Sustainable Built Environmental Council, and the Founder and Steering Committee Member of the Built Environment Meets Parliament initiative. For her contributions to sustainable built environments, Ms Madew was made a Board Member of the Australian Government’s National Urban Policy Forum (2011-2013), and the State of Australian Cities indicators reference group (2012).
  36. 36. PROFILES WORLD CITIES SUMMIT YOUNG LEADERS PAGE 71PAGE 70 NTHATO MINYUKU- GOBODO Nthato Minyuku-Gobodo is currently a development activist and an independent consultant for the World Bank. In addition, she supports a technical assistance programme with the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform in the World Bank. Ms Minyuku-Gobodo is also the Deputy President of the South African Planning Institute (SAPI), which oversees planning-related issues in South Africa. She was appointed as a Member of the South African Council of Planners (SACPLAN) in 2010, where she received invitations to participate in the National Planning Commission’s National Spatial Vision working group. SITHOLE MBANGA Sithole Mbanga is currently the Chief Executive Officer of the South African Cities Network, which aims at helping South African cities grow their economies, promote good governance and management, foster cooperation and exchange best practices. He spearheaded recent projects, such as the Urban & Township Renewal, as well as the State of City Finances Report for 2013. Prior to this, Mr Mbanga was the Local Government Co-Ordinator of the National Business Initiative (NBI). LILIANA MIRANDA Liliana Miranda is currently doing a PhD in Architecture at Amsterdamn University. She was previously the Executive Director of the Foro Ciudades para La Vida (Cities of Life FORO), where she oversees research projects sponsored by the European Union and the German Ministry of Education and Research. In Cities of Life FORO. Dr Miranda is also a university lecturer on topics like sustainability and architecture in Lima’s Ricardo Palma University. She has also published many articles, books and reports on Consensus Building, Capacity Building and Political Incidence Campaigns in Sustainable Construction for the poor. SERGIO MASSA Sergio Tomas Massa is currently the Mayor of Tigre since 2009. Mayor Massa has also served as the Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers of Argentina, where he was the youngest person in history to hold this influential position. Before entering politics, Mayor Massa was the Executive Director of Argentina’s Social Security administration.
  37. 37. PROFILES WORLD CITIES SUMMIT YOUNG LEADERS PAGE 73PAGE 72 YOUR WORSHIP FIDELE NDAYISABA Ndayisaba Fidele is currently the Mayor of the City of Kigali, which is the capital of Rwanda. Mayor Ndayisaba has wide experience in tax administration both at the local government level, and the national level, where he was one of the architects of Rwanda’s local government fiscal system. As Mayor of the City of Kigali, he has spearheaded infrastructural developments, put in place structures that facilitate business operations, and introduced smart public finance management initiatives in the city management. ABDUL MUTALIB PEHIN DATO YUSOF NAHEED NENSHI Naheed Nenshi is currently the 36th mayor of the City of Calgary. Prior to public office, Mayor Nenshi was the Chairman of the EPCOR CENTRE for the Performing Arts, and offered his expertise to many non-profits: the Calgary Foundation, United Way, Coral Springs Community Association, and Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids. He also co-founded the Better Calgary Campaign and CivicCamp. He also founded the Ascend Group, a business which helps public, private and non-profit organizations grow, where he accumulated many accomplishments: he designed major policies for the Alberta government, assisted in creating a Canadian strategy for The Gap and Banana Republic, and worked with the United Nations to determine the ways in which global businesses can assist the poor. Mr. Abdul Mutalib is currently the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Communications, Brunei Darussalam. He was previously Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Communications, Deputy Permanent Secretary at the Prime Minister’s Office, and assumed senior level positions as Acting Director of Planning, E-government and Media at the Prime Minister’s Office and Acting Chief Executive of AITI (Authority for Info-communications Technology Industry) of Brunei Darussalam. Abdul Mutalib holds other official portfolio among others as Chairman and Member of the AITI for 2013- 2015, Chairman of the Board for Brunei International Gateway Pte Ltd, Chairman of the National Road Safety Council, Board of Directors for the Centre for Strategic and Policy Studies of Brunei Darussalam. ANA B. MORENO Ana Belen Moreno is currently the Chief of Communications and Advocacy for United Nations Habitat, where she leads Dr Joan Clos’s office. She spearheads a team of communications professionals, tasked to bring awareness of cities to the world’s decision-makers. Ms Moreno is recognized as an expert leader in communications about cities and policy interventions for cities
  38. 38. PROFILES WORLD CITIES SUMMIT YOUNG LEADERS PAGE 75PAGE 74 CARLOS OSÓRIO Carlos Osorio is currently the Professor and Founding Director of the Master on Innovation at the Adolfo Ibanez School of Management, Universidad Adolfo Lbanez. He is also a Visiting Researcher at the Institute for Basque Competitiveness at Deusto University, and a Fellow at the Centre for Social Innovation of Un Techno para mi Pais. He founded Designing Better Futures, a design and innovation consultancy firm, which has helped firms across various sectors with their innovation processes. Professor Osorio’s work has been widely recognised and published by Harvard Business Review, World Economic Forum, Brookings Institution, and The Economist, just to name a few. TAISUKE ONO Taisuke Ono is currently the Vice- governor of Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan. Prior to this, Mr Ono was the Policy Advisor of Kumamoto Prefecture, where he served as the Governor’s assistant, as well as the Policy Coordination Advisor for Kumamoto before that. During his term, Mr Ono has initiated many projects, such as the management of Aso’s grasslands, biodiversity and sustainable agricuture, as well as promoting Aso as a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System (GIAHS) candidate. LINDSAY O’SULLIVAN Lindsay O’Sullivan is currently the Chief Officer of Business Solutions at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Western Australia. In his present capacity, Mr O’Sullivan works with companies and enterprises to deliver professional services and promote sustainable economic development in Western Australia. Apart from his professional life, Mr O’Sullivan works with many non-for-profit organizations like Artrage, which is involved in producing contemporary cultural art programmes. YUMIKO NODA Ms Yumiko Noda is is a Partner at PwC and also the head of HTTT and Infrastructure for the Asia Pacific region. Prior to this, she served as the Deputy Mayor of Yokohama City, where she oversaw the city’s Creative City policy and the Economic and Tourism Bureau. She is recognized as one of the pioneers introducing the PFI/PPP concept into Japan. Prior to PwC, she was Head of the Structured Finance Division in the London Branch of the Long-Term Credit Bank of Japan (LTCB), and vice president and manager of the New York and Tokoyo Branches respectively. Ms Noda currently serves as a member of “Future City Initiative” under Cabinet Secretariat Government of Japan and “Council for Transport Policy” under Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
  39. 39. PROFILES WORLD CITIES SUMMIT YOUNG LEADERS PAGE 77PAGE 76 EDUARDO RIVERA PEREZ Eduardo Rivera Perez is currently the outgoing Municipal President (Mayor) of Pubela, Mexico. As Municipal President, he is credited for improving the north zone of the historic downtown, rehabilitating existing heritage and cultural developments, as well as parks and gardens, and reorganizing northern transportation developments. EDUARDO PAES Eduardo Paes started his political career as the head of the Barra da Tijuca and Jacarepaguá in Rio de Janeiro. He then became a city councilman, a congressman, the Municipal Secretary for Environment and State Government’s Secretary for Sports and Tourism in 2007. In 2008, Eduardo Paes was elected Mayor of Rio de Janeiro. He has created programmes such as Porto Maravilha, Morar Carioca, UPP Social, the Rio Operations Centre, and the establishment of the BRT system. TRAN THE PUONG Tran The Phuong is the current Head of the Urban Infrastructure Development Planning Office, Hanoi Authority for Planning and Investment. In his present capacity, Mr Tran supervises and manages planning and investment efforts of Hanoi’s urban infrastructure developmentsandprojects.Heisalso involved in conceptualizing various urban infrastructure development projects and development plans, as well as managing and evaluating the ongoing urban development projects. CHRISTINE OUTRAM Christine Outram is Re:Imagine’s Creative Director. A ‘UX designer for the Smart City’, she is passionate about leading projects that combine digital technologies with design- thinking, to build engaging real- world experiences. A skilled researcher and writer, Christine also works on the group’s digital strategies and research/ publications. This includes the forthcoming book The Citizen, The Cloud & The Smart City: why open data and urban prototyping are the secret to civic reinvention.
  40. 40. PROFILES WORLD CITIES SUMMIT YOUNG LEADERS PAGE 79PAGE 78 POH HEE JOO Poh Hee Joo is currently the Research Scientist and Capability Group Manager (Environmental Modelling) in the Fluid Dynamics Department of IHPC, as well as an Adjunct Assistant Professor to the Mechanical Engineering Department of NUS. Dr Poh is also a lecturer for the BCA Green Mark Professional course module for the CFD Airflow Modelling for Green Buildings, and also an external assessor for the BCA Green Mark projects. He has over 15 years work experience in CFD research and consultancy jobs, and has personally been involved in more than 50 CFD projects, mainly focusing on system design and building ventilation simulation works. MARISSA ELLIS PLOUIN Marissa Ellis Plouin is currently an Urban Policy Analyst Consultant in Regional Development Policy Division, Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Prior to that, Ms Plouin was a Consultant at DRIEA-IF, where she developed reports on noise pollution and sustainable development indicators. She has also participated in many international conferences, such as the Strategic Planning Workshop for a Sustainable Greater Wuhan and the 26th Aelier International de Maltrise d’ Oeuvre Urbaine in Cergy-Pontoise. HENDRAR PRIHADI Hendrar Prihadi is currently the Mayor of Semarang, Central Java, in which he was appointed in 2013. Mayor Prihadi has been involved in numerous projects which are aimed at resolving certain deficiencies, to create a Semarang which is safe and comfortable. He has also encouraged many students to attend Semarang’s vocational schools and courses, for they have produced individuals who are capable and skilled in assembling cars and motorcycles. His innovative and practical approaches have been successful in promoting growth. EDGAR PIETERSE Edgar Pieterse is an urban scholar, writer and creative agent whose interests include the theory and practice of policy discourses and interventions to make the African city more just, open and accessible. He holds the South African Research Chair in Urban Policy at the University of Cape Town and is director of the African Centre for Cities. Formerly a special policy advisor to the premier of the Western Cape, he is the author of City Futures: Confronting the Crisis of Urban Development.
  41. 41. PROFILES WORLD CITIES SUMMIT YOUNG LEADERS PAGE 81PAGE 80 QIU AIJUN Qiu Aijun is currently the Deputy Director General of the China Centre for Urban Development (CCUD), National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC). Prior to her current position, she was Director of the Division of Urban Development Planning and the Division of International Cooperation. Her research centres on urban planning, development and policies. Dr Qiu has also spearheaded and coordinated many national and international research projects initiated by the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank and the Beijing Development and Reform Commission. ROOPA PURUSHOTHAMAN Roopa Purushothaman is the Managing Director and the Head of ResearchatEverstoneCapital,where she covers macro and thematic issues on income, demographics and consumption patterns. Prior to this, Ms Purushothaman was Vice-President and Global Economist at Goldman Sachs. Ms Purushothaman sits on the Prime Minister’s Advisory Committee for the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission, and is a member of the Aspen Institute’s India Leadership Initiative. She also founded the Avasara Leadership Institute, an educational institution that focuses on providing and accelerating academic and leadership opportunities for India’s brightest girls. Kgosientso David Ramokgopa is currently the Executive Mayor of the City of Tshwane (Pretoria), South Africa. Councillor Ramokgopa is also a member of the African National Congress (ANC), and Chairperson of the ANC in the Tshwane region. He has committed himself to combat corruption in the city municipality and in the Tshwane region. An example of Councillor Ramokgopa’s efforts to do so would be how he brought his ANC regional deputy chairman to court over the awarding of a tender for a service provider to market a ward committee’s elections KGOSIENTSO D. RAMOKGOPA BASUKI TJAHAJA PURNAMA Basuki Tjahaja Purnama was elected governor and vice governor of Jakarta. Previously, he served as Regent of East Belitung, taking over Saleh Usman. In 2004, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama then joined the Association of New Indonesian Party (PIB Party), and in the 2004 elections he was elected as a member of the Pacific District Council until 2009. He also launched a book titled “Changing Indonesia” in 2008
  42. 42. PROFILES WORLD CITIES SUMMIT YOUNG LEADERS PAGE 83PAGE 82 KELLY RATTIGAN Kelly Rattigan is currently the Managing Director of Formworks Architecture. She was previously its Project Director and Design Director on various complex and challenging new Western Australian projects, where she proactively sought and obtained extra funding for sustainability initiatives on behalf of her clients. Ms Rattigan also developed one of Western Australia’s leading Building Information Technology (BIM) teams. She was awarded the Emerging Architect Prize at the 2012 Australian Achievement in Architecture Awards, and the Western Australia AIA Emerging Architect Award in 2011. CARLO RATTI An architect and engineer by training, Carlo Ratti practices in Italy and teaches at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he directs the Senseable City Lab. Ratti has co-authored over 200 publications and holds several patents. His work has been exhibited worldwide at venues such as the Venice Biennale, the Design Museum Barcelona, the Science Museum in London, GAFTA in San Francisco and The Museum of Modern Art in New York. He is a regular contributor to the architecture magazine Domus and the Italian newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore. MARIANA MOGUEL ROBLES Ms Mariana Moguel Robles is the Deputy General Manager of the Regional Ministry of Governance, Mexico City. Mariana is also a project coordinator for the Mayor’s Office at the Ministry of Interior. FAHD AL RASHEED Fahd Al-Rasheed is Managing Director and CEO of Emaar Economic City. Emaar Economic City is a publicly listed Saudi company leading the development of King Abdullah Economic City. Currently, Mr. Al-Rasheed serves on the boards for several organizations including Emaar Economic City, the Ports Development Company, Saudi Airlines Catering Company, the New Cities Foundation, the Foundation Board of the Global Shapers of the World Economic Forum, and the Jeddah Chapter of the Young President Organization.
  43. 43. PROFILES WORLD CITIES SUMMIT YOUNG LEADERS PAGE 85PAGE 84 ROMAN RUTKOWSKI Roman Rutkowski currently heads the Wroclaw-based Roman Rutkowshi Architects. He also teaches Architectural Design and Theory at both the Wroclaw University of Technology and the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava. In addition, Mr Rutkowshi serves a member of the Expert Committee of the European Prize for Urban Public Space since 2012. ORNA S ROSENFELD Dr. Orna Rosenfeld is a senior housing expert for the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and an award- winning urban strategist with over fifteen years of professional and academic experience. She specialises in affordable housing provision, housing market renewal and sustainable city development. Dr. Rosenfeld teaches at the Westminster University in London, Sciences Po - L’Institut d’études politiques in Paris, serves as a head of research and member of executive committee at the Association for the Economic Empowerment of Women (NGO) in Serbia. A passionate housing professional and inspirational speaker, Orna has been invited to present at the UNECE (2014), EBRD (2009), Capitol Hill (2001) and the World Bank (1999) among other places. KAMARUL RASHDAN SALLEH Kamarul Rashdan Salleh is currently the Managing Director of Syarikat Perumahan Negara Berhad (SPNB). SPNB is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Malaysian Ministry of Finance, and seeks to provide quality affordable housing throughout Malaysia. Dr Salleh has accumulated over ten years of experience in the areas of education, healthcare and construction. He is also an Associate Director of the Mace Group, an international consulting and construction firm based in London. DAAN ROOSEGAARDE A Dutch artist and architect, Daan Roosegaarde is the Founder and Creative Director of Studio Riisegaarde, which is an independent artistic laboratory that develops interactive artworks and focuses on the relationships between people, art, space and technology. Mr Roosegaarde spearheads public site-specific art installations and projects, such as Dune, Intimacy, Crystal and Smart Highway. In 2013, Mr Roosegaarde developed an electronic vacuum cleaner which can remove smog and dust from urban skies, and is currently working with the Mayor of Beijing to utilize this technology in one of the City’s new parks.
  44. 44. PROFILES WORLD CITIES SUMMIT YOUNG LEADERS PAGE 87PAGE 86 RAPHAEL SCHOENTGEN FERNANDO ABOITIZ SARO Fernando Aboitiz Saro is the Executive Director of Local Development Observatory. In 2000 he began his career in public administration as deputy federal in the LVII Legislature of the Congress of the Union. Later, he served as the Director General of Social Development. He was also appointed Secretary of Works and Services of the Federal District, where he spearheaded the construction of large infrastructure projects and promoted innovative initiatives on urban services. With all his experience and leadership, he was appointed as the head of the Urban Management Agency of the City of Mexico in 2013. Raphael Schoentgen is the President of GDF SUEZ Group in China. Previously, Mr. Schoentgen was working for the French government. He was between 2004 and 2007 diplomatic advisor to the French Minister in charge of Energy, Telecommunications and Industry, and prior to that position he worked as a detached national expert to the European Commission’s Competition General Directorate and was Head of the State Economic Development Department of France’s Northern Region (similar to local NDRC). Raphael has been nominated in 2011 amongst the Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum, in 2012 amongst the Young Leaders of the France China Foundation, and was recently elected Chair of the Energy Group of the European Trade Chamber in China. STEFAN SCHURIG Stefan Schurig is an architect by training, but devoted most of his career to energy and climate change issues. Before he started working for the World Future Council (WFC) in 2007 he was the spokesperson for Greenpeace in Germany and headed the Greenpeace Climate and Energy department for nine years. During this time he also co-founded Germany’s second largest green electricity supplier. As Director Climate Energy at the World Future Council Schurig initiated the international policy campaign on renewable energy and the worldwide promotion of ‘Feed- In tariffs’ as one of the best policies for a massive uptake of renewable energy. Schurig also founded and coordinates the WFC international expert commission on Cities and Climate Change. SANJEEV SANYAL Sanjeev Sanyal is an economist, urban theorist & best-selling writer. Currently Deutsche Bank’s Global Strategist, he was named “Young Global Leader 2010” by the World Economic Forum. In 2007, he was awarded the prestigious Eisenhower Fellowship for his work on the economics of cities. He has had many attachments including Visiting Scholar at Oxford University, Adjunct Fellow at the Institute of Policy Studies, Singapore and Honorary Senior Fellow of the World Wildlife Fund. He has served on the boards of organizations including AFPRO, India’s largest food security NGO, and in the steering committee of Urban Age at the London School of Economics. A pioneer in the field of environmental accounting, he co-founded GIST Advisory, and has advised the UK government, the United Nations Environment Program.