Keyword Grouper Tool for SEO and PPC


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The Keyword Grouper Tool from WordStream is intelligent, actionable and built for keyword grouping.

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  • Keyword Grouper Tool from WordStream gives search marketers a smart, actionable tool for mass keyword grouping in a few clicks. Try our Keyword Grouper FREE Today!
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Keyword Grouper Tool for SEO and PPC

  1. 1. Keyword Grouper Tool: Dramatically Boost Your Search-Driven Revenue <br />Adopting an intelligent keyword grouping strategy is one of the most underrated aspects of achieving search marketing success.<br />Keyword grouping allows you to intelligently manage your keyword lists. To do this effectively, you need to group and organize your keywords into closely knit segmentations that are semantically related. Once you have achieved tight, relevant AdWords keyword groups, you can craft original ad copy and generate landing page text that is more in sync with the keywords in your niche groups.<br />Here we see that broader groups like " dog" and " pet" have been effectively segmented into more specific keyword segmentations that can easily have very effective ad text written for them.<br />By creating these related keyword groups, you will:<br />Drive Quality Score UP: relevant ad text coupled with keyword-frequent landing page copy has a dramatic influence on your AdWords Quality Score.<br />Drive Ad Costs DOWN: the better your Quality Score, the less you have to spend on your pay-per-click ad bids to maintain the same ad position.<br />Quality Score can make or break your search engine marketing campaigns and has a big impact on search-driven revenue. Thus, an effective keyword grouping tool can dramatically affect your bottom line.<br />Grouping Keywords with Conventional Keyword Grouper Tools<br />If you're running PPC AdWords or an organic Search Engine Optimization campaign with thousands of keywords, having to manually organize and segment them into groups and even smaller subgroups is a huge undertaking, costing time, money and energy that may be better spent elsewhere.<br />The need to group keywords has prompted a number of keyword grouper tools to sprout up across the Web. The aim of these tools was to save time and frustration for AdWords Pay-Per-Click and SEO marketers, but the reality is many of these tools fall short.<br />Intelligent Relevance - Many keyword grouper tools on the Web are not clever enough to distinguish between analogous words (like “mailbox” and " sandbox" ), so they're lumped into the same group, despite their obvious differences.<br />Right Job, Wrong Tool - Using programs like Microsoft Excel or Access to group large lists of keywords is a common tool for grouping. Those programs weren’t really designed as keyword groupers, so their functionality is clumsy, like jamming a square peg into a round hole.<br />Not Actionable – With no actionable interface, importing a .CSV file of keyword groups to AdWords is not always straightforward and many users have difficulty with successful imports.<br />Yes, keyword organization is a necessity for search marketing. And keyword groupers have tried to make a difficult task easier. But unfortunately, none have really gotten it right.<br />WordStream's Keyword Tool: A Smarter, Faster Keyword Grouper Solution<br />Unlike other keyword groupers, the WordStream Keyword Tool was built specifically for organizing large groups with thousands of keyword into relevant groups of related terms, quickly and efficiently.<br />With WordStream’s keyword grouper tool, the software uses your unique keyword analytics to create a large database of keywords. That way, you get access to real data from visitors who have actually interacted with your website.<br />Here, we see WordStream has tapped into our website analytics and suggested we segment the “dog” group under the parent “pet store” ad group.<br />With one click, we can segment these keywords into groups:<br />Once segmented into smaller, niche groups, we can take action and turn these groups into AdWords ad groups.<br />So you see that WordStream is a Keyword Grouper that fulfills every wish an AdWords user would want in a keyword grouping tool: it’s intelligent, actionable and built for keyword management.<br />Try the WordStream Keyword Grouper Tool FREE Today!<br />There are a lot of keyword groupers out there, but there's only one best-in-class keyword grouping tool.<br />Sign up and try WordStream now.<br />You'll see lower bids and more conversions with WordStream.<br />Learn more about WordStream's keyword grouper tool-set by:<br />Trying WordStream Free Today<br />Requesting a Live Demonstration<br />Signing up for our Search Marketing Webinar<br />Subscribing to our Newsletter<br />