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The Best Career Lessons


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The members of Connect: Professional Women’s Network share the best advice they've learned throughout their careers. Read more of their tips here:

Connect is online community with more than 400,000 members that discusses issues relevant to women and their success. The free LinkedIn group powered by Citi also features videos interviews with influential businesswomen, live Q&As with experts and slideshows with career advice.

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The Best Career Lessons

  2. 2. “You must give respect to earn respect.” MARY K STELL, Registrar
  3. 3. “Do what you say you are going to do. Your word is your integrity.” SUSAN QUASH-MAH, Ph.D., Consultant
  4. 4. “Trust your gut. If something is not working the way you want it to, it is probably because you should not be continuing down that path.” MARY BALISTRERI, Leadership Coach
  5. 5. “Keep your people informed. This works for subordinates and bosses––make sure they know what is going on.” REBECCA BLUNDEN, Attorney
  6. 6. “When you're stuck, there is usually some anchor holding you back. We trick ourselves into thinking certain people/items/ practices add value, but they actually hinder us. Identify what is giving you a false sense of security in your life and then let it go.” BRANDY N. LYON, Project Management Consultant
  7. 7. “If there's something I can't do, it's not because I can’t. It is because I haven’t exercised that muscle.” LILLIAN CHUNG, Director of Design
  8. 8. “Know how and when to delegate.” AILEEN WALDEN, Executive Director, Nonprofit Consultant
  9. 9. “Success should not be measured by the end result but by the obstacles one has overcome in the journey.” SUSAN CASEY, Senior Analyst
  10. 10. “When you have the power to exercise authority over someone and choose not to do it, it is a much greater exercise of authority than actually doing it.” KIM IGLEHEART, Legal Assistant
  11. 11. “You can be a serious businesswoman for most of the time, but sometimes we all need to have a little fun. So get in on your company's fantasy football league, attend the after-hours events and get involved!” HANNAH BURNWORTH, Marketing Specialist
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