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  1. 1. INTRODUCTION OJIJO international (T) ltd is an engineering firm duly registered and incorporated under the laws of Tanzania. It was formed primarily to provide comprehensive solutions in the dynamic and ever expanding civil engineering market in Tanzania and east-Africa. At OJIJO international, we believe in delivering to exceptional quart in order to enhance customer satisfaction as well as increase profitability. This in turn builds a strong financial base that is necessary for our growth. We believe that good capital base leads to ease and more efficiency in delivering our clients needs, and to that end, OJIJO international has built its financial base to enable us to complete our projects successfully. At OJIJO international, we believe that profitability leads to stability and stable profits amounts to wealth for the growth of our communities and nation. OJIJO international has a vision of leadership in project implementation that enables us to operate across the spectrum of construction related projects. COSTOMER FOCUS OJIJO international recognizer that our clients and supplies are our most important partners and we are highly focused on their needs and expectations, this enables us to provide responsible and dependable service. We try to anticipate our client’s future needs in order to better address their current needs STAFF Engineering is an exact science that requires due diligence and utmost respect for its key fundamentals. In this respect, we at OJIJO international employ only the most competent and capable employees. We believe that as satisfied worker is an asset to any organization and as such endeavor to remunerate our employees in accordance with existing market rates in order them to render exemplary service. QUALITY AND SAFETY At OJIJO international, we are committed to achieving quality in our services to meet the customer’s requirement ever time, on time and at an optimum cost. It is our aim to give our customers confidence in the provision of our service. Our commitment to quality is based on the company’s customer centered orientation that seeks to create value for our customers. We are committed to the highest levels of safety for our employees, equipments, materials and other stakeholders in all our operations
  2. 2. PRODOCTS AND SERVICES With our sound knowledge of products and a fundamental awareness of all the work which must be done to execute a project band starting with the customers need for simple ,but comprehensive solutions ,we can take on anything from equipment ,software supply ,professional planning ,civil work and installation to a typical implementation of the correct professional technical expertise required. Regardless of the solution ,we are in the best position to get it into operation OJIJO group limited has the capacity to render efficient and cost effective services the in the areas ,which consist of the following ; 1. Civil works and building construction  Renting of earthmoving machines (excavators, graders, bulldozers, cranes, wheelloaders, rollers, and dump trucks.)  Crushing of granite aggregate  Sale of earth moving, agricultural and industrial tires 2. Customs agencies,  Imports, exports, transshipments, warehousing ,goods clearance and general transportation 3. Installation and commissioning of telecommunication equipment’s like:  BTS,BSC,MSC,IN,PDSN and billing system for both CDMA and GSM network  Microwave links  Broadband wireless access network  Optical fiber equipments  Free space optical links  Radio a TV transmitters  Installation of CDMA ,GSM antennas  Installation of feeder cable s  Installation of rectifiers ,battery banks and ups  CCTV and access controls  Uninterrupted power supplies (UPS)system  High voltage installations  Low voltage installations 4. Deploy civil infrastructure for telecommunication network i.e.  Construction of telecommunication sites  Supply and installation of mounting poles  Supply and construction of towers and masts  Supply and instruction of cable trays  Technical equipments  Safety structure and supporting walls.
  3. 3. 5. Installation of power system and air conditioning  Installation of generation s  Wiring of telecommunication shelters  Supply and installation OPF air conditioners 6. Site acquisition  Project management .OJIJO group specializes in the management of all types of projects whether public ,industrial ,commercial or residential .we offer profession supervision and oversight of projects dealing with every stage of the process from conception ,design ,construction ,completion ,implementation and handover .project management  Procurement management  Security and risk management  Human resource management  Quality management  Cost management  Time management  Integration management  Scope management  Preconstruction services  Design management  Construction management  Cost management  Construction  Interior design  Facility management  Equipment requisition management 7. Technical solutions ,structural and electrical cabling installation  Planning ,design and installation of wireless ,structural and electrical networks  Modernization and upgrading of the existing wireless ,structural and electrical networks  Supply of structural cabling material and equipment  Supply, installation and service of central power systems (ups) and generators. OUR STAFF OJIJO group limited draws its strength from a well of very experienced qualified expertise that has been involved in the network implementation for leading telecommunication equipment manufactures in Tanzania; they have deployed networks for major telecommunication operators in Tanzania Our staff has immense experience, in installing and commissioning GSM, transmission and broadcasting equipment’ sand in planning and rolling out CDEMA network
  4. 4. PLANT AND EQUIPMENT At Ojijo International, we believe that investing in modern Equipment is essential to completing our client’s projects on time and within budget. We have in our possession a number of plant and machinery including the following: Motor graders; - champion 720 ` Komatsu GD 830 Volvo 920 Cat 14OG Wheel-loaders - Cat 936 Cat 966 Komatsu Cat 910 Excavators - Viatalis Komatsu PC210 Hyundai 360 LC-7A Cat 320 BL Vibrating roller; - CASE VIBROMAX Ingersoll rand SP56DD HAMM Dynapac Tipper Truck; - 15UMP-truck 15 cubic meters capacity 5water-bowsers of cubic meters capacities 5- Semitrailers Compressor; - Ingersoll rand 460 Low-bed trailer; - Bulldozer Dumpers Mobile crusher Cranes
  5. 5. PROJECTS UNDERTAKEN AND SKOPE OF WORK DONE 1. Beijing construction  Supply of machines and construction materials for station premises in Banana Ukonga and upgrading the service roads to bitumen standard  Supply of construction materials and earth moving machines for VIP lounge at Julius Kambarage Nyerrere Airport in Dar es salaam 2. China hunan international corporation group ltd  Transportation of heavy duty earth moving machines upgrading of Mwandinga – Manyavu road 60km to Bitumen standard project 3. Maltauro specon sterling JV  Supply of aggregate for upgrading Mandela road project 4. Reli assest holdings (RAHCO)  Supply of earth moving machines for railway line rehabilitation in Dodoma ,Kilosa and Gulwe 5. Biheco investment ltd  Supply of earth moving machines and building materials in bagamoyo ,msata 12km road 6. CCECC  Upgrading of Magole –Turiani –Mzih Road to Bitumen standard lot 1 Magole – Turiani section (48.6km )  BRT Janguani project  Sengerema water project 7. Songea Satom – Arusha Minjingu road projecyt 100km 8. Southern link  Supply of base course for 24km Kisarawe road upgrade project to bitumen standards 9. Strada international. 26km Kia –Mererani road to bitumen stand 10. Kassam trading limited  6 month supply of earth moving equipment and tipper trucks for various road rehabilitation projects in Mbeya 11. Tancoal energy ltd  Shanting of coal from Ngaka coal field in Songea to Amani Makolo stock pile
  6. 6. 12. Safa petroleum Co.Ltd  Joint venture for supply of earth moving equipment and tipper trucks for various road rehabilitation projects 13. Takopa construction  Supply of earth moving machines for rehabilitation of Msata – Bagamoyo 64km upgrade of road to Bitumen standard 14. Rombek East Country  Opening of a feeder road of 150km connecting country head quators to bar parking market ,Akech marker and street roads in thon adwel ,southern sudan Contact Person Tel: 0758992683 +254717108714

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