10 Shopping Tip for Choosing Greenhouses


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Find out how you can choose and buy greenhouses and greenhouse accessories online, at the best cost and with the highest quality.

10 Shopping Tip for Choosing Greenhouses

  1. 1. Articles of Greenhouse Advice Blog @ USA Greenhouses for Sale Store10 Shopping Tips for Choosing Greenhouses2011-08-27 00:08:24 AdminAre you in the market for a new greenhouse? The following guide will help you maneuver the market and come out with the perfect unit for your home or commercial needs.1. Get familiar with the different types of greenhouses on the market today.From portable and cold frame greenhouses to Cape Cod styles and commercial products, there aremany different types of greenhouses on the market right now. You have to know what the difference isbetween all of them so you can determine what design best fits your needs.If you just run out and purchase a greenhouse in a hurry to get started, you are likely to find that what youpurchased doesn’t really fit your needs. Take the time to study the market and you are more likely to comeout with a greenhouse you really love.2. Make sure your expectations match up to your budget.One problem many people have when purchasing a greenhouse is expecting a lot more for the budgetthey have to work with. As you get familiar with the different types of greenhouses being sold, make sureto pay attention to prices for different designs and sizes. Look up some accessories that you may needsuch as fans and vents so you can see what they will cost you as well. You have to develop a budget and stick to it, but you don’t want to be disappointed if the greenhouses you can afford are much smaller than what you wanted to purchase initially. If you get familiar with the prices and then determine the maximum amount you want to spend, you should have a realistic idea of what you should expect when your greenhouse is put up and ready to use.
  2. 2. 3. Consider the accessories that you will need to purchase.There are certain greenhouse accessories that you will need just to keep your unit functional and othersthat may not be needed at all. You will need to purchase fans, vents and tie-downs at the very least, butyou may also need additional heating and cooling systems. The types of grow racks, greenhouseshelving, or tables used inside the greenhouse are accessories to keep in mind as well.In order to determine what you need in this area, you will need a good idea of what you will be doing insideyour greenhouse. Someone trying to garden all year round in a cold region will need different accessoriesthan someone in a warm climate who just wants occasional flowers.4. Decide whether you want to save money with plastic or invest in the luxury of glass.There are many plastic greenhouses on the market because they are so affordable. There are fewerglass models being sold, simply because they are a bit more expensive and many people cannot affordthem. Glass is not necessarily more efficient than plastic and many people achieve great results withplastic greenhouses, but there is a luxurious charm to glass. These units are more stable and secure andthey look a lot more modern and refined than plastic units.There are also different types of plastic material that can be used on a greenhouse. Some are moredurable than others, so make sure you know your options and choose wisely. Plastic may be cheaper, butglass lasts longer without needing replaced.5. Decide whether you need a commercial greenhouse or can make due with a
  3. 3. residential or hobby greenhouse.Don’t rule commercial greenhouses out because they tend to be larger and more expensive. They alsotend to be a lot more functional, since they can be designed to accommodate different types of plants allunder one roof. Smaller greenhouses are more affordable, but they only keep one humidity level andtemperature so it is difficult to grow different types of plants or germinate different seeds all at the sametime.6. Decide where you want your greenhouse to sit.Greenhouses can sit independently as small structures on your property or they can be built off of anotherstructure like the side of your home or an outbuilding. They can also be formed outside of a door to yourhome, creating an enclosed area similar to a screened porch. Consider the ideal placement for yourgreenhouse and make sure you can find the size you need with that building style. Consider how far youwill have to go from your home or business to reach the greenhouse as well as where your greenhousecould be placed to get the maximum sunshine year round.7. Consider purchasing a second door, if it is available.Most greenhouse kits come with just one door, but some brands allow you to purchase a kit that adds in asecond door if you need it. This allows you to place a door on each end of a larger sized greenhouse,making it much easier to access. Not everyone will need two doors, but it’s important to know that theoption is there if you do need it.8. Look for ways to save on shipping expenses.If you are purchasing a larger hobby greenhouse, the kit can be quite expensive to ship. You have to
  4. 4. consider the shipping charges as part of the overall price of the unit. If this breaks your budget, look foronline retailers that give special deals on shipping expenses. Some will even give completely free shippingif you purchase a larger greenhouse over a certain price. You may even be able to get accessoriesdelivered for free when ordered with the greenhouse kit.9. Consider a series of different greenhouses rather than one larger unit.If you want to use your greenhouse for different purposes, consider purchasing different types ofgreenhouses rather than just one larger unit. This is a great way to meet all of your growing needs withouttrying to rig one unit to do everything you want. For instance, you may position a cold frame greenhouseoutside a larger greenhouse.10. Watch the warranties.Some greenhouse kits will come with a more impressive warranty than others. You should make sure youhave some type of warranty, just in case something shows up defective or broken. Any high qualitygreenhouse should have some type of warranty to protect against potential defects.Related Posts: The New Greenhouse Gardening Tips Blog is Live with Version 1.0! Link to this page Link to this pageCopy the code below to your web site.x<ahref="http://www.greenhousesforsale.us/blog/2011/08/27/shopping-tips-choosing-greenhouses/" title="10 Shopping Tipsfor Choosing Greenhouses">10 Shopping Tips for ChoosingGreenhouses</a>Thanks, your support is greatly appreciated!