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October 2012 Global Video Insights


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October 2012 Global Video Insights

  1. 1. Global Video Insights • October 2012 For millions of people around the world, Vuclip is an essential part of their daily lives. We deliver video on-the-fly, on any device, and in any country, providing unparalleled reach for our partners.
  2. 2. 2Global Video Insights • October 2012 Hello and welcome to this month’s Global Video Insights Report. This month’s report highlights the connection between branding and mobile video in a number of ways. First off, we conducted a global mobile survey on the subject of autos. We received more than 60,000 responses from over 125 countries in six days and uncovered some trends car makers would love to know. We determined the most-preferred global brands, which luxury brands consumers are aspiring to, when they intend to purchase a car and the features most important to make that decision. Secondly, in tracking the most-watched mobile video clips, not only did we find that movies, sports, humor and religious content are front and center, but big brands Pantene and Range Rover also captured the attention of a fully-engaged mobile audience. Both brands had ads that hit the top ten most-viewed clips in various countries. I hope you enjoy this month’s report! Cheers, Judith Coley Vice President, Marketing Vuclip • 1551 McCarthy Boulevard, Suite 213, Milpitas,CA 95035 • Phone: +1.408.649.2240 Fax: +1.408.649.2245 • Global Video Insights • October 2012 • Sign up to receive Global Video Insights each month
  3. 3. 3Driving Trends: Worldwide feedback on automotive choices and preferencesWe recently conducted a global mobile survey on autos.With more than 60,000 responses in over 125 countries,we uncovered some fascinating data about automotivepreferences and purchase intentions. Most-preferred global auto brands None   8%   Most-desired global luxury auto brand Other   Toyota   Acura   Alfa  Romeo   12%   Suzuki/MaruF   32%   2%   3%   4%   Cadillac   Other   Hyundai/Kia   4%   7%   4%   Bentley   5%   BMW   Volkswagen   35%   Honda   6%   Porsche   Ford   11%   7%   Nissan   7%   7%   Lexus   Chevrolet   7%   9%   Audi   Mercedez   7%   Benz   Toyota lapped the field as the world’s most wanted (non 16%   luxury brand) car? Nearly a third of all respondents said that Jaguar   Toyota was their top choice. Given the brand’s reputation 7%   for reliability and affordability, it’s not a huge surprise, but it If Toyota speaks to the universal preference for reliability and is interesting how Honda seems to be sputtering in terms of price, BMW inspires those who aspire to a luxury vehicle. 35% preference. of global respondents chose BMW as their top luxury brand. Vuclip • 1551 McCarthy Boulevard, Suite 213, Milpitas,CA 95035 • Phone: +1.408.649.2240 Fax: +1.408.649.2245 • Global Video Insights • October 2012 • Sign up to receive Global Video Insights each month
  4. 4. 4 4 Driving Trends: Worldwide feedback on automotive choices and preferences Top features when evaluating auto purchases Service  Plan   7%   Features   7%   We asked consumers Cost   Value   19%   what they consider as 8%   the top feature when buying a car. Nearly 20% Comfort   Safety   of respondents said cost 8%   15%   was the top factor. Safety Brand   came in second with Engine/ 11%   Style/ Looks   Power   engine power revving not 13%   12%   too far behind. All   Timing of next auto purchase Never   Over one-third of our 12%   respondents are eager toNot  in  the  near   In  3  Months   future   make a car purchase in the 25%   19%   next three or six months. That’s a whopping number In  6  Months   of motivated auto buyers In  2  Years   In  1   12%   that brands can reach 19%   Year   13%   through mobile marketing. Vuclip • 1551 McCarthy Boulevard, Suite 213, Milpitas,CA 95035 • Phone: +1.408.649.2240 Fax: +1.408.649.2245 • Global Video Insights • October 2012 • Sign up to receive Global Video Insights each month
  5. 5. 5Spotlight on India Madhur Bhandarkar’s movie “Heroine” starringCricket is always near and dear to the Kareena and Anuraghearts of Indians. Such is the passion Basu’s “Barfi” featuringaround cricket in India that a large chunk Ranbir Kapoor, Priyanka Top India Searchesof population is addicted to the sport and Chopra and Ileana d’Cruz October 2012the cricketers draw a huge fan following. both created a lot of buzzEven though India did not make it to the before they hit theaters 1 Ek Tha Tiger SongsT-20 Worldcup finals and the West Indies but could not sustain a 2 Ek Tha Tigercaptured the title, it didn’t deter the lasting impact among 3 Bollywood Unpluggedcricket crazy nation from watching their mobile viewers for long.favorite sport. The game remained in our Both the movies landed 4 Sheryln Chopratop five searched items this month. at #9 and #8 respectively. 5 Cricket 6 Sunny Leone 7 Raaz 3 Top 10 India Videos Yash Chopra’s last movie as a director, the long-awaited , “Jab Tak Hai Jaan” hit 8 Barfi! 1 Talaash Theatrical Trailer second rank amongst the top 10 most 9 Heroine watched videos this month. On the other 10 Emraan Hashmi 2 Jab Tak Hai Jaan Teaser hand, Aamir’s suspense thriller “Talaash” 3 Mashallah Full Song - Ek Tha Tiger has already created ripples amongst the October 2011 audience with his cop act again after 4 Bipasha’s Long Kiss To Emraan 1 Katrina Kaif “Sarfarosh”. The movie bags the top position 5 Sunny Leone’s Family Drama this month. We’ll see if these two can break 2 Bodyguard the records of Salman’s “Ek Tha Tiger.” 3 Mere Brother Ki Dulhan 6 Ek Tha Tiger - Mashallah 4 Kareena Kapoor 7 Grandma’s Gift - Giving Birth To Bollywood’s bombshell Bipasha Basu 5 Sonakshi Sinha Granddaughter and serial kisser Emraan Hashmi’s latest 6 Mausam 8 What’s This Friday: Raaz 3 Review horror flick “Raaz 3” sparked enough 7 Chammak Challo 9 Mashallah - Ex Tha Tiger interest amongst mobile users to grab the eighth position in this month’s top 8 Deepika Padukone 10 Jab Tak Hai Jaan Trailer 10. Thanks to the four-minute-long 9 Force Movie kiss, the hottest new jodi in Bollywood 10 Ganesha secured the fourth rank in the list. Vuclip • 1551 McCarthy Boulevard, Suite 213, Milpitas,CA 95035 • Phone: +1.408.649.2240 Fax: +1.408.649.2245 • Global Video Insights • October 2012 • Sign up to receive Global Video Insights each month
  6. 6. 6Spotlight on UAEMusic and entertainmentwere the most-searched forcategories in mobile videosin UAE in September. Movies Top UAE Searchesand celebrities also remained October 2012a strong focus. Additionally, 1 Pakistanreligious sermons telling stories 2 Danceof the prophets were among ourmost watched. With the start of the new football/soccer season in Europe and 3 Manchester United also the beginning of the UEFA Cup (Union of European Football 4 Real Madrid Associations), it’s no surprise that Real Madrid was one of the 5 Cricket most searched for phrases for this month. 6 Hollywood Trailer 7 Kim Kardashian Top 10 UAE Videos Comedian Mr. Bean 8 WWE was the subject of the 1 Mr. Beanbastic 9 Morena most-watched video this 10 Salma Hayek 2 Omani Demonstrate month. In this clip Mr. Bean performs his famous 3 Religion Poetry dance and sparked a huge October 2011 Funny Video About Women number of tweets and 1 Britney Spears 4 Driving sharing among viewers in 2 Lindsay Lohan 5 TV Show About Chicken Farms the Middle East. 3 Beyonce 6 Yamani Music and Dance 4 Kim Kardashian 7 New Star Funny Video One of the most watched videos 5 Dance this month was a strange one titled 6 Mihd Hamad Moon Landing Biggest 8 “Baby ghost in the mirror” in which Lie in History 7 Justin Bieber a young child plays, while his image 9 Standup Comedy Funny 8 Patturumal in the mirror stays still. Viewers 10 Baby Ghost in Mirror debated on social media whether 9 Shakira this was real or an optical illusion. 10 FTC Vuclip • 1551 McCarthy Boulevard, Suite 213, Milpitas,CA 95035 • Phone: +1.408.649.2240 Fax: +1.408.649.2245 • Global Video Insights • October 2012 • Sign up to receive Global Video Insights each month
  7. 7. 7Spotlight on Indonesia Popular South KoreanWhen Facebook crossed a billion users this idol group, Supermonth, the company named Indonesia as Junior is also enormousone of its five biggest user markets. With in Indonesia. Formed Top Indonesia Searchesan appetite for social media, the country is in 2005 by produceralso a huge consumer of and trendsetter for October 2012 Lee Soo-man of SMmobile video. Indonesia found that linking its Entertainment, the Radio Galau FM The 1thousands of islands by a fixed nationwide group comprised a Movienetwork was prohibitively expensive, so they total of thirteen members at its peak. Super Junior 2 Super Juniorprioritized the build-out of a mobile network. launched into international recognition following the 3 Spice GirlsWithout a doubt, this is a country to watch release of their best-selling single “Sorry, Sorry” in 2009 4 Robin Van Persiewhen it comes to all things mobile. and wins big as a top mobile video search this month. 5 Julia Perez 6 Naruto Top 10 Indonesia Videos Indonesia has not been 7 Tiger JK immune to Gangnam Style 8 Pixie Lott 1 PSY - Gangnam Style fever. A viral sensation globally, 9 Gangnam Style 2 Sepucuk Surat Dari Ibu Dan Ayah this clip has also inspired flash 10 Alicia Keys mobs in Jakarta. As both a 3 3D Bug Race top search and a top view, October 2011 Gangnam Style is a sensation. 4 HolyMonks 1 Luna Maya 5 NOAH - Separuh Aku 2 Julia Perez 3 Naruto 6 Bernard Bear Ngakak 4 Suster Keramas 7 Dikerjain Setan Mobile video continues to prove itself 5 Sarah Azhari as an effective medium for branding, 8 Pantene reaching consumers where they are 6 Briptu Norman most engaged – on their mobiles. 7 Ayu Azhari 9 Tom Jerry Funniest Scenes Among music, film, humor, Pantene 8 Saipul Jamil 10 Christina Perri - A Thousand Years cracks the top 10 mobile video clips 9 Wonder Girls viewed this month, just as Range Rover 10 Nadine Alexandra does in the U.S. Vuclip • 1551 McCarthy Boulevard, Suite 213, Milpitas,CA 95035 • Phone: +1.408.649.2240 Fax: +1.408.649.2245 • Global Video Insights • October 2012 • Sign up to receive Global Video Insights each month
  8. 8. 8Spotlight on the U.S.A. In many ways mobile video is cutting edgeSomething, someone is missing this and blazing newmonth! Where have you gone Justin territory. But the childBieber? Is it just a September anomaly? star gone astray is an Top U.S.A. SearchesOr is it a sign of the teen heart throb’s old cliché. Amandawaning celebrity? Only time will tell. October 2012 Bynes, with her recentOne thing is for sure though – the viral DUI charges, hit and run 1 Hollywoodnature of Gangnam Style his impacted accidents and all around 2 Lady Gagamobile video in a big way, both in terms bizarre behavior, has us 3 Kim Kardashianof searches and views. all watching and hoping 4 Lindsay Lohan for a happy ending. 5 Gangnam Style 6 Beyonce 7 Jersey Shore Top 10 U.S. Videos ”Bachelorette” is a comedy-drama with some big names attached. With Kirsten 8 Amanda Bynes 1 Grandma to Give Birth to Dunst and Isla Fisher playing major 9 Rihanna Grandchild roles and Will Ferrell as producer, it 10 Shakira Skeleton Of Prehistoric Man! 2 Funny premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January. The film has already enjoyed 3 Bachelorette - Movie Clip October 2011 success on the Video on Demand 4 Dunst Fisher Break the Mold platform, reaching #1 on iTunes and 1 Hollywood in Bachelorette is also a big hit with mobile video 2 Britney Spears 5 Top 10 Good Movie Robots “snackers” viewing short clips. 3 WWE Tough Soft Make Intriguing 6 4 Lindsay Lohan Mix at Edun Not only is mobile video a valuable 7 New Range Rover 5 Beyonce barometer of what’s cool right now, 6 Justin Bieber 8 New iPhone Thinner, Lighter but it’s also a tremendous medium for branding. Range Rover is clearly 7 Kim Kardashian 9 PSY – Gangnam Style aware of this fact and the automaker 8 Katy Perry delivered a clip that cracked our top 9 Rihanna 10 Praise For Britney 10 for the month, alongside popular 10 Harry Potter news and celebrity content. Vuclip • 1551 McCarthy Boulevard, Suite 213, Milpitas,CA 95035 • Phone: +1.408.649.2240 Fax: +1.408.649.2245 • Global Video Insights • October 2012 • Sign up to receive Global Video Insights each month