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The reason that you do NOT hear about President Barack Obama's roles in CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES is because the Media is PRO-OBAMA and it appears KEY/TOP Major Executives may be aware of the CRIMES and CONSPIRACIES used to get Barack Obama into the White House although he did NOT meet the QUALIFICATION Requirements under the 25th Amendment of the United States Constitution.
Provides information as to the REASONS why the FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION, JUDICIAL COMPLAINTS and CONGRESSIONAL COMPLAINTS Filed by Vogel Denise Newsome are being OBSTRUCTED from being PROSECUTED!
Garretson Resolution Group appears to be FRONTING Law Firm for United States President Barack Obama and Legal Counsel/Advisor (Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz) which has submitted a SLAPP Complaint to OneWebHosting.com in efforts of PREVENTING the PUBLIC/WORLD from knowing of its and President Barack Obama's ROLE in CONSPIRACIES leveled against Vogel Denise Newsome in EXPOSING the TRUTH behind the 911 DOMESTIC TERRORIST ATTACKS, COLLAPSE OF THE WORLD ECONOMY, EMPLOYMENT violations and other crimes of United States Government Officials. Information that United States President Barack Obama, The Garretson Resolution Group, Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz, and United States Congress, etc. do NOT want the PUBLIC/WORLD to see. Information of PUBLIC Interest!

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  1. 1. Did Obama, the Media’s Favorite Candidate, Create a Cult of Personality to Win the Presi... Page 1 of 6 Did Obama, the Media’s Favorite Candidate, Create a Cult of Personality to Win the Presidency? 69 By Chris Chen Barack Obama’s meteoric rise to become the first African American President is historic not only for its celebrated shattering of the racial barrier but equally for how the mainstream elite media failed to critically vet him during the primary campaign as the first “post racial” Democratic presidential nominee. Obama first came to national prominence in 2004 after delivering an inspiring key note address at the Democratic National Convention in Boston while he was still running for the United States Senate. Just two short years later he would launch his momentous “cult of personality” campaign for the presidency under the guidance of chief strategist David Axelrod. Surprisingly, he would under extreme odds triumph over much older and experienced politicians including Hillary Clinton the presumptive democratic leader who had command of See all 21 photos the national political stage when Obama was still a community organizer for the south side public housing BARACK OBAMA THE MEDIAS FAVORITE projects of Chicago. CANDIDATE How did Barack Obama do it? What was the secret to his phenomenal success? Of course for anyone to ascend to the presidency there must be the favorable convergence of numerous factors but even then it also requires lots and lots of money which Obama raised in copious amounts via the internet (in fact a record half a billion dollars). However, perhaps the most important factor was the unprecedented favorable news coverage of this young charismatic African American politician received by the national print and broadcast news media. One could even argue that the media’s unabashed even shamelessly enthusiastic support of Obama was essential to put his audacious candidacy over the top and past his political rival Senator Clinton. In support of this thesis I will proffer three largely overlooked aspects of Obama’s political career and campaign the media by and large failed to develop and disclose to the American people that would certainly have been relevant if Obama was either a republican or not an African American democrat. Although much of this information is public record and has been published in several partisan books critical of Obama they were not pursued or reported in any coherent way by any of the mainstream news media including nationally circulated newspapers (NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post) and prominent news magazines (Newsweek, Time, US News & World Report) as well as major television networks (NBC, ABC, CBS). These mostly obscure facts were originally reported in several critical books on Obama, the most telling and first negative biography “The Case Against Barack Obama” by David Freddoso argues, based on his senate voting record, against Obama as either an agent of change or as a political reformer. Freddoso’s investigation as a reporter for the National Review reveals that Obama was an integral part, indeed another political cog, in the “Chicago Political Machine” only now receiving increased scrutiny in light of the recent conspiracy accusations against the Illinois governor Rod Blogoavich. Freddoso claims Obama essentially has no record of going up against his own party while an Illinois senator nor did he introduce or support any legislation to abolish the “pay to play” dealing of Chicago patronage politics. In fact Obama used the machine to advance his political career by obtaining the blessing of Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley and aligning himself with the powerful leader and President of the Illinois General Assembly Emil Jones who became his political mentor routinely steering high profile pieces of career-building legislation toward Obama to artificially boost his Senate accomplishments. If his public record as an Illinois Senator was largely ignored by the national press what else in Obama’s political life did the elite media overlook and fail to disclose to the American people. Appropriately, Freddoso subtitled his best selling book "The Unlikely Rise and Unexamined Agenda of the Medias Favorite Candidate". MEDIA OVERSIGHT #1 Barack Obama arose from and was an integral part of the "Chicago Political Machine". In1996 Obamas first foray into Illinois politics was duplicitous and tainted by controversy. In his first political race Obama with the blessing ofhttp://chrischen.hubpages.com/hub/Did-Obama--the-Medias-Favorite-Candidate--Created-... 9/25/2011
  2. 2. Did Obama, the Media’s Favorite Candidate, Create a Cult of Personality to Win the Presi... Page 2 of 6 Alice Palmer contested for the State Senate and used Illinois arcane and unconstitutional election laws to disqualify every other candidate on the ballot including the former holder of the office Alice Palmer an African American woman who after her unsuccessful Senate bid decided to withdraw her support for Obama to run again for her old job. Obama knew he would have a very difficult time defeating the popular Palmer and resorted to typical “Chicago Machine” politics challenging her petition signatures in the hope of REZKO WITH TIES TO THE "CHICAGO MACHINE" WAS A MAJOR FUND RAISER getting them disqualified which he did along with other FOR OBAMA lesser known candidates. With Palmer and the others ineligible Obama won office without opposition. Throughout his tenure in the Illinois General Assembly, Obama generously bestowed favors and steered lucrative state contracts to campaign contributors and friends. In particular, he had close ties to real estate developers such as public housing mogul and convicted felon Tony Rezko who benefited handsomely from Obama’s state legislative career. In 2004, the ever ambitious Obama ran for the US Senate but the sexual dalliances of his main primary opponent doomed his rival. Likewise, in the general election race his republican opponent, Jack Ryan, bowed out after his divorce files were made public. Obama eventually ran against the ultra conservative outsider Alan Keyes who FOR 20 YEARS OBAMA HEARD ANTI barely offered any resistance to Obama’s political AMERICAN SERMONS AS A REGULAR onslaught. Again Obama won without any substantial MEMBER OF REV JEREMIAH WRIGHTS CONGREGATION opposition. Remarkably, with just a decade in public office Obama faced his first true political challenge when he went up against the Democratic establishment candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton and prevailed thanks in part to a complicit media. THE CASE AGAINST BARACK OBAMA: THE UNLIKELY RISE AND UNEXAMINED AGENDA OF THE MEDIAS FAVORITE CANDIDATE EMIL JONES PRESIDENT OF IL LEGISLATURE WAS OBAMAS MENTOR IN CHICAGO MACHINE POLITICS MEDIA OVERSIGHT #2 Barack Obama’s explicit even extreme support for abortion on demand. Obama supports unequivocally the legal right to abortion as defined by Roe v Wade and has a 100% rating from NARAL (National Abortion & Reproductive Rights Action League) and Planned Parenthood the largest abortion provider in the US. As an Illinois legislator Obama opposed the bill to ban partial birth abortion and the state’s “Born Alive Infants Protection Act” that ensures the rights of children who survive failed abortion attempts by giving them life saving medical treatment. He also voted againsthttp://chrischen.hubpages.com/hub/Did-Obama--the-Medias-Favorite-Candidate--Created-... 9/25/2011
  3. 3. Did Obama, the Media’s Favorite Candidate, Create a Cult of Personality to Win the Presi... Page 3 of 6 legislation banning state funding for abortions. Indeed, Obama has never supported any limitation of abortion to either lessen the availability or government funding for abortions. He has made it clear that he opposes any and all restrictions on abortion, including partial-birth abortions. Obama has earned a rating of 0% by the National Right to Life Committee the largest prolife advocacy organization. If that isn’t pro-abortion enough in July 2007 Obama gave a speech to Planned Parenthood promising "The OBAMA VOTED AGAINST THE "BORN ALIVE first thing Id do as president is sign the Freedom of INFANTS PROTECTION ACT" Choice Act (FOCA)," which as co-sponsor along with 18 other pro abortion senators would nullify every federal, state, and local law limiting or regulating abortion including the federal ban on partial birth abortions. Besides making abortion on demand a "fundamental right" throughout the United States, FOCA would effectively invalidate all laws on informed consent and parental notification as well as waiting periods, and would eliminate all state restrictions on taxpayer funding of abortions and health safety regulations for abortion clinics. It would also for the first time require BARACK OBAMA PROMISED PLANNED Catholic and other religious hospitals to provide PARENTHOOD TO SIGN THE FREEDOM OF CHOICE ACT abortions. Perhaps Obama’s most revealing and personal statement regarding abortion was when he said if his daughters "make a mistake, I dont want them punished with a baby." Not exactly a ringing endorsement for family values. In another interview when asked when life begins Obama glibly replied “I don’t know” that “is above my pay grade”. Now as the 44th President of the United States and new commander in chief, it is surely no longer above his pay grade since he will likely have the opportunity to select the next Supreme Court justice. As for the type of justices he might choose, Obama believes the constitution is a “living document” and is likely to appoint liberal non strict constructionalist to the bench along the lines of Breyer, Ginsberg, and Souter. Obama voted against both of Bush’s appointments, Chief OBAMA VOTED AGAINST BANNING STATE Justice John Roberts and Sam Alito each confirmed by FUNDING FOR ABORTIONS comfortable senate margins. PRESIDENT BUSH SIGNED THE BAN ON PARTIAL BIRTH ABORTIONS IN 2003; CONSTITUTIONALITY OF THE BAN WAS UPHELD IN 2007; OBAMA CRITISIZED THE RULING OBAMA OPPOSED IN 1997 THE ILLINOIS BILL BANNING PARTIAL BIRTH ABORTIONShttp://chrischen.hubpages.com/hub/Did-Obama--the-Medias-Favorite-Candidate--Created-... 9/25/2011
  4. 4. Did Obama, the Media’s Favorite Candidate, Create a Cult of Personality to Win the Presi... Page 4 of 6 MEDIA OVERSIGHT #3 Barack Obama down played issues during the primary instead relying on a “cult of personality “campaign to endear himself to the electorate. The Obama campaign effectively exploited Barack Obama’s soaring rhetoric, charismatic persona, and ubiquitous themes of “hope” and “change” as well as his mixed racial background and diverse cultural upbringing to promote a powerful personality cult. Obama under the guidance of chief strategist David Axelrod ran an effective cult of personality campaign emphasizing the grandiose overarching themes of hope and change packaged in slogans like “Yes We Can” and “Change We Need”. All the while Obama purposely and skillfully skirted the most important campaign issues. Obama’s cult of personality was not so much an oversight of the fawning media as much as they were sycophants in its creation. Case in point, contrast the media’s treatment of Obama with Sarah Palin. The media all but ignored Obama’s associations with the domestic terrorist Bill Ayers and radical preacher Rev. Jeremiah Wright and convicted felon Tony Rezko. In contrast, Palin’s daughter’s out of wedlock pregnancy and her firing of a state trooper were plastered all over the main stream media. Since the election Obama has taken his cult of personality to new levels and it seems the press now has an agenda to get Obama elected “celebrity in chief” with his visage on the cover of nearly every tabloid and celebrity magazine on the newsstands (People, Us, Self). Recently, a shirtless photo of Obama made front page news on the New York Post under the headline “Fit for Office” with the subtitle “Buff Bam is Hawaii Hunk”. Obama is so photogenic and so universally appealing he even made the cover of Tiger Beat Magazine. His cult of personality is also becoming lucrative business. Acolytes as well as his minions can now buy almost anything with Obama’s image on it from patriotic gold coins to hip T-shirts, ball caps, and coffee mugs. NBC has even produced a commemorative DVD titled “Yes We Can the Story of Barack Obama” an unusual offering for a hard news organization since I don’t recall a DVD called “Bush Political Dynasty the Story of Father and Son Presidents”. Obama’s election as the first African American President may be viewed as an ultra-historic event that could easily make him the first president to be on a US postage stamp while still living, or if the media has its way, while still in office. Obama’s historic inauguration will be the most lavish and expensive in US history and will be covered by nearly every major news outlet in the country and will likely get unparalleled worldwide coverage. In Great Britain the BBC is devoting an unprecedented five hours of in depth coverage to the new President’s inauguration. The total cost of $150 million will be 4 times more than Bush’s inauguration in 2004 which was vociferously criticized by the mainstream media for the administration’s profligate spending in a time of war. I’ll stick my neck out and guarantee there will not be a peep out of the press for Obama’s outlandish spending. As further evidence to the power Obama’s cult of personality campaign pollster Frank Luntz asked college students at a pre-election focus group to name the presidential candidate they were going to vote for. All of them said Obama, but when Luntz followed up by asking them to name an accomplishment of the senator, nobody could name one, not a single accomplishment. A recent Zogby poll commissioned by John Ziegler in which 512 Obama voters were asked 12 multiple choice questions and a Wilson poll that also included McCain voters found that Obama voters were significantly less politically informed than McCain voters; 35% of McCain voters answered at least 10 correct compared to only 10% for Obama voters. Voters who knew which party controlled congress voted by a margin of 56http://chrischen.hubpages.com/hub/Did-Obama--the-Medias-Favorite-Candidate--Created-... 9/25/2011
  5. 5. Did Obama, the Media’s Favorite Candidate, Create a Cult of Personality to Win the Presi... Page 5 of 6 to 43 for McCain. A particularly telling question revealed that 82.6% of Obama voters could not correctly say that Barack Obama won his first election by getting opponents kicked off the ballot. In contrast, only 6.2% of Obama voters failed to identify Sarah Palin as the candidate with a pregnant teenage daughter and 13.7% failed to identify Palin as the person on which their party spent $150,000 in clothes. The striking disparity in the performance of the McCain and Obama voters suggest a strong media bias exists that is affecting the political information being presented to these two different groups of voters. Interestingly, the Wilson poll also asked voters to identify the media source of their news. Those exposed to Fox news got the “congressional control” question correct 64-24 (+39) whereas those exposed to network news only got 48-39 (+9). Fox news viewers voted 70- 29 for McCain while viewers of the network newscasts voted 62-37 for Obama and those exposed to national newspapers voted 64-36 for Obama. These stunning differences lend credible support for the thesis that the mainstream news media including network newscasts and national newspapers as well as certain cable news channels (MSNBC and CNN) have a decidedly liberal bias that favored the Democratic candidate. Just how long the media’s love affair with President elect Obama will continue only the news media can answer but this country certainly deserves better from its press since the founding fathers guaranteed a free independent press in the constitution as a further check on the power of government. From this past presidential "cult of personality" campaign it now appears that the press is “in bed” with the government instead of playing its traditional adversarial role. As Sean Hannity recently declared “2008 will be known as the year that journalism died”. Related Articles by Chris Chen Barack Obama  OBAMANIA! How Obamas Personality Cult Made Him "Celebrity in Chief" Barack Obama’s spectacular achievement to become the first African American President is historic not only forhttp://chrischen.hubpages.com/hub/Did-Obama--the-Medias-Favorite-Candidate--Created-... 9/25/2011
  6. 6. Did Obama, the Media’s Favorite Candidate, Create a Cult of Personality to Win the Presi... Page 6 of 6 its celebrated breaking of the racial barrier but also for the unprecedented favorable...  OBAMABORTION: What is Barack Obama’s agenda for abortion? Barack Obama the 44th President of the US It has been over 35 years since the controversial Roe v Wade Supreme Court (7-2) decision to make early term abortions legal in the US. Despite the landmark decision...http://chrischen.hubpages.com/hub/Did-Obama--the-Medias-Favorite-Candidate--Created-... 9/25/2011