Indians in Pakistan - The Best Indian Novel written by the best Indian Author in English


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Indians in Pakistan is the best work of literature that's written by the best Indian author. This top Indian novel focuses on terrorism, love and patriotism in its action-packed pages. It has received great book reviews for its amazing plot and full-of-life characters. Get a copy now of this all time best work of fiction put together by the best Indian author ever.

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Indians in Pakistan - The Best Indian Novel written by the best Indian Author in English

  1. 1. Now Available for the Kindle and the Kindle Apps on Smartphones, Laptops & PCs for 0.99$ Only. IINNDDIIAANNSS IINN PPAAKKIISSTTAANN AAnn AAccttiioonn TThhrriilllleerr bbyy VViivveekk PPeerreeiirraa Cover Design by Santosh Patil
  2. 2. Available in both Print & ebook formats
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  4. 4. Indians in Pakistan is an action-packed novel that explores the realm of terror training in Pakistan with a soul-stirring tale of love, hatred, betrayal, patriotism and hope.
  5. 5. The contemporary history of the Indian subcontinent is also explored in this book with a holistic and in-your- face view of some of the key socio-political issues affecting the two countries, namely, communalism, religious fanaticism and terrorism.
  6. 6. This exciting novel will surely entertain and enlighten you, revealing bitter truths, warped perceptions and diabolical designs, which together make the Indian subcontinent one of the most volatile and dangerous regions in the world.
  7. 7. So grab hold of a copy of this thriller at the nearest bookstore or order it from select websites like,, and ans-Pakistan-Vivek- Pereira-ebook/ dp/B00N0WYM5O
  8. 8. Vivek Pereira had earlier written a book entitled Rose Gardens and Minefields, an eclectic compilation of fabulous poems, short stories and essays. This book was published by Leadstart Publishers.