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Omni channel customer engagement


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FlippAR is an mobile platform that helps build omni channel customer experiences using Augmented Reality, iBeacons. It also provides rich analytics that can help build personalisation

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Omni channel customer engagement

  1. 1. +91 98456 87447 | Bangalore
  2. 2. Addressable Need ' | 98456 87447 From a customer’s perspective, they are today looking at: 1. Quick access to product information 2. Instant gratification - could be purchase, information, etc 3. Personalized information 4. Rewards & Offers 5. Recommendations on products/reviews prior to making a buying decision From a retailer's perspective, they are today looking at: 1. Being able to convert interest to purchase in the quickest possible way 2. Providing customized information/offers to customers 3. Omnichannel engagement 4. Customer loyalty 5. Convenience to buy 6. Analytics to provide better customer experiences FlippAR’s objective is to provide highly personalised information/experience to its users - based on their preferences, usage, etc. It would also enable immediate call-to-action - wherein purchases/transactions can happen by just pointing at a product itself or an image of the product - very soon by just looking at the product using wearable devices like google glass, etc. There are over 350 million smartphone users in India and over 200 million people who access internet using their smart phone. Of which most of them are potential retail customers. Hence, the target segment is as large as the smartphone users accessing the internet - which is growing at a rapid pace as well
  3. 3. Some interesting infographics ' | 98456 87447
  4. 4. Some interesting infographics ' | 98456 87447
  5. 5. Value Proposition ' | 98456 87447 The primary value proposition is to be able to provide an experience that converts an interest to an immediate transaction FlippAR intends to provide an integrated application for Augmented reality + Beacons. Apart from being able to engage with customers omnichannel, it also provides for a lot of customized information to the customer FlippAR is also introducing the concept of Point & Buy, which can disrupt the way people buy products The mind map on the next slide shows the areas where FlippAR would add value to a retail business. The mind map has 3 components: 1. What retailers are looking at today and in future 2. Behaviour of the millennials 3. How FlippAR bridges the gap using Augmented Reality, iBeacons technologies
  6. 6. Demo Download FlippAR app: Android: iOS: Open the app, click Scan and point your device to any of the images: ' | 98456 87447 360 view of a product Engagement with kids to try on mask Note: The images used are only for demo purposes Try the watch on your wrist, share with friend and buy Point & Buy Offers
  7. 7. Thank you For more information, feel free to reach out to: Vivek Mahaveer +91 98456 87447 | or Rakesh Kumar +91 96865 79579 | If you would like to try out FlippAR - you can download the app from here: Android: iOS: | 98456 87447