Virgin Media - HD Television


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A quick overview of what HDTV is and what Virgin Media has to offer. We hope you like it.

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Virgin Media - HD Television

  1. 1. Virgin Media HD TV
  2. 2. What is HD TV?High definition (HD) is a TV revolution. Itcombines super sharp images with digital soundto create a fantastic viewing experience.Its like when TV changed from black and white tocolour. The era of digital TV has arrived! Our TVscreens went from dull and uninspiring to brightand exciting. Well, HD does the same and somuch more, with rich and vivid colours, a pictureso sharp you can see every detail and sound soclear youll never miss a word.
  3. 3. What is HD TV?See the detail With five times more detail than standard TV, the picture is so clear you’ll see beautiful sets, landscapes and costumes in all their glory. Action will feel more intense, soaps will seem more real and documentaries will be even more eye opening.
  4. 4. What is HD TV?Intense colour HD TV delivers brighter, more vivid colour that brings everything to life. Dazzling scenery, bright explosions and vibrant voyages make watching HD TV electrifying.
  5. 5. What is HD TV?Fantastic sound Thanks to high quality Dolby Digital sound, HD TV is a feast for your ears as well as your eyes. Get drawn into the action with waves of clear, mesmerising sound. Whether its the chink of swords, the latest hit song, or a hilarious punch line, youll hear everything perfectly.
  6. 6. What can I watch in HD? TVs never been so exciting, with loads of brilliant programmes available in HD. There are many TV packages to choose from. Theres Saturday night movies, the latest celebrity talent shows and fascinating documentaries, all to enjoy in crystal clear HD. Plus, with Virgin TV On Demand, you can watch HD programmes and films whenever you fancy.Fantastic HD channels
  7. 7. HD entertainmentWe know youve grown up with BBC, ITV and Channel 4 shows, which is why wevegot your terrestrial favourites in super clear HD. From Doctor Who to TheApprentice, Britain’s Got Talent to Coronation Street, enjoy the shows you love onBBC One HD, ITV 1 HD, Channel 4 HD, Channel 5 HD and E4 HD.
  8. 8. HD sportWatch your sport of choice in vibrant HD colour with Eurosport HD and ESPN HD.With coverage of NBA games, UEFA football, live rugby and Australian football youcan watch all the games you love. And of course, you can get Sky Sports HD for alittle extra.
  9. 9. HD moviesWhen the silver screen becomes the small screen why compromise on quality?With Film4 HD you get fantastic picture quality, intense colour and awesomesound. Add Sky Premium HD to your Sky Movies bundle to get your favourite SkyMovies channels in glorious HD. And, for the latest pay per view HD filmreleases, try FilmFlex.
  10. 10. HD documentariesIf you like your programmes to be more fact than fiction, then Discovery HD and NationalGeographic HD will give you plenty to choose from. Whether its World War Two in HDcolour, Deadliest Catch, or Air Crash Investigation, there are loads of fascinating programmesto sink your teeth into.
  11. 11. HD musicWith MTVN HD the fantastic sound quality of HD TV really comes into its own. Revel in everynote of a live concert or festival performance, or feast your eyes on the latest dazzling musicvideos in vivid HD.
  12. 12. HD lifestyle Sky Arts 1 HD and Sky Arts 2 HD bring you everything the arts have to offer. Watch stunning rock performances, beautiful dance, flamboyant operas and amazing visual arts documentaries. Whats more, because its in HD, youll see every costume, every set and every interview in staggering detail.Your much loved Sky channels in HD We’ve got the Sky channels you love in HD too. Sky 1 HD brings you top US shows, fantastic comedy and amazing music performances in brilliantly clear HD. On Sky Living HD youll find great shows like Greys Anatomy and Cougar Town.
  13. 13. How do I get HD TV?We love making TV better, so we include HD TV as standard with all our TV packages. All youneed is an HD ready TV. Just follow these three simple steps and youll be up and runningwith HD TV. Time to move into the era of digital television!
  14. 14. Step 1 – Choose your TV packageAll our Virgin TV bundles include HD channels as standard. Both TV M+ and TV L boast six HDchannels, while TV XL gives you a whopping 23 HD channels. These include Sky TV favouritesin HD, like Sky 1, Sky LIVING and Sky Arts.
  15. 15. Step 2 – Choose an HD TV boxAll our TV boxes are geared up for HD. With our V HD Box you can pause, rewind and recordlive TV, and our TiVo® boxes let you store 50 or 100 hours of HD TV.
  16. 16. Step 3 – Get an HD ready TVYour TV will need to be geared up for HD too. It will have an HD ready logo if its built toshow HD. Once youve got the TV sorted, all you need to do is decide what to watch.
  17. 17. Add Sky Sports & Movies in HDIf you want to enjoy Sky Sports and Sky Movies in HD, check the HD for Sky channels boxwhen you build your order. Its only £7 a month to see all the action in super sharp detail.Existing customer? Just call us free on 150 from a Virgin Phone number or on 0845 840 7777to add Sky HD channels.
  18. 18. The choice is yours. Enjoy!